What is VALA?

Not trying to reinvent the Vegan Revolution, and not arrogant enough to think we can start it, we are just small players in a big world, doing our part.

Just a small group of people, at the end of the world, trying to get the Vegan message out there.

The only message is that of Vegan, not abolition, not MDA (MilitantDirectAction), not liberationist, not non-violence, but Vegan.

We see no reason to hyphen vegan. Abolition-vegan or liberation-vegan. That feels like aligning yourself with personalities rather than defining vegan.

If you are vegan and follow vegan principals, why do you feel the need to define yourself?

There is no reason to say you fight for ‘animal rights’ if you fight for veganism. You can’t be vegan without being for animal rights. Veganism is more than diet, the use of animals by humans is in almost every aspect of our lives, so the fight for veganism is a world-wide fight.

Fighting for a vegan world. If it’s worth fighting for it, it’s worth fighting hard for. Whatever it takes, the animals cannot wait for humans to get together to decide on a philosphy, they just want to be free.

Animals exist for their own reason, and not for us to use for any reason. Vala seeks to end all animal cruelty and exploitation by encouraging the adoption of veganism.

Feedback welcome.


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