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13 November, 2015

Michelle Bridges – Your Best Body (Review)


Was at my local library picking up some vegan / vegan friendly books – Dr John McDougall and Dr Caldwell Esselstyn and saw this on display. I laughed. The librarian said Bridges books were among the most stolen book items. So I picked it up to review.

I’m long time vegan, so I didn’t think I would get anything out of it.

I was right.

The first odd thing I noticed in some photos Bridges has a tattoo and in others she doesn’t (and its hard to miss, the entire book is full of Bridges posing), this makes me wonder how old some of the photos really are.

It opens with a story about deer hunting in New Zealand – just what every women wants with her starvation diet books, a cheery story about slaughtering animals.

Later on she tells the reader to ‘man up’ and lift weights – seriously its the 21st century, aren’t we sick of these gender stereotypes yet?!

She has a whole section on foods she recommends then follows that up with ‘I’m no biochemist, nor am I a dietician’ (p108) with the amount of animal products listed as heart foods, I can see that clearly.


In another book of hers she says that she eats a really low daily calorie intake – so I don’t think there is anything I can learn from Bridges, back to the library you go, hopefully someone steals you so nobody else can borrow you.

Michelle Bridges – Losing The Last 5 kilos: Your kick-arse guide to looking ad feeling fantastic (2011) “I keep my calories at around 1200-1300 per day” (p3)

Eat Carbs and Carrot On

12 November, 2015

Secret Celebrity Summer Smart Beautiful Sexy Curves Bikini Body Diets (are self starvation)


  1. Here is the secret: Starvation Diets DO NOT WORK. Eat. If you are paying $50 a week for an Instagram model to send you a starvation diet and some bikini photos, then you can afford to see a qualified dietitian and buy some nutritious vegan food.
  2. Be the best You that you can be. Wanting the same shade of eyeshadow as a celebrity is one thing, wanting their eye colour and hating yours because they’re different, is another thing.
  3. Be patient, no matter how long it took you to get the shape, health you have now, a 12-week, 1200-calorie starvation plan might transform your body for summer, but afterwards, the damage to your health, happiness and metabolism is going to take a lot longer than 12 weeks to recover from.
  4. Get informed, be smart and keep an open mind, but sceptical of what you read, see, hear, watch especially if someone is trying to sell you something. Get educated, get a second source, preferably backed up scientifically. If you have done all the research, got information from a qualified source, and still think something is right for you, do the experiment, and if it doesn’t work for you, then it isn’t right for you.
  5. Beauty comes from the inside out, not the outside in. Beauty products that test on animals are not beautiful. An eating plan that is full of dead and tortured animals can never nourish a beautiful body. No matter what image is presented in magazines and Instagram, if you are eating cruelty, using animal tested cosmetics or wearing dead animals, you are not beautiful inside.
  6. Fuck the thigh gap! Seriously, fuck it. It is an arbitrary measurement of your commitment to starvation – unless that is your natural body shape, then good for you. Sexy is your natural body shape, sexy is confidence and happiness, sexy is eating when you are hungry. Starvation is not sexy.
  7. Curves are nothing to be ashamed of, if that is your natural body shape. Some people are naturally leaner and that is also nothing to be ashamed of. Starving on 1200 or 1500 calorie a day diets will destroy your natural shape.
  8. What is better than being miserable on a starvation diet to get a “bikini body”? apart from Everything! Being happy with who you are and putting a bikini on your body, if that is your hearts desire. If you wear a bikini, you have a bikini body, regardless of what the magazines and social media models says.
  9. We only get one body, and if we are lucky we will be living in it for a very long time, look after it, nourish it, love it, treat it well and live to a healthy old age.
  10. Starvation diets do not work.

Eat Carbs and Carrot On

Further reading: Minnesota Starvation Experiment

31 December, 2012

Easy Chocolate Ice-cream – Vegan (recipe)

★ Easy to make and even easier to eat. This chocolate ice-cream is a good substitute for those who miss it, or just want something that they can make at home to avoid the commercial products (which require a science degree to understand the ingredients list).

This recipe does not require an ice-cream machine. All measurements are rough-guides, adjust for taste.

This chocolate ice-cream stays smooth when frozen, does not form ice-crystals, and if left in a serving bowl too long melts into a tasty chocolate milk drink

Medium sized saucepan
Tablespoon – for measuring
Spoon – for stirring
Freezer-safe container with a lid
Grater (optional)
Measuring jug (optional)

4 heaped tablespoons of cocoa powder
3 heaped tablespoons of brown sugar (or char free sugar of choice)
2 heaped tablespoons of corn flour
pinch of salt
pinch of spice, eg. cinnamon, nutmeg
100 grams of grated chocolate (chocolate bar style chocolate)
conversion: 100 grams = 3.5274 ounces
3/4 of a litre / quart Milk of your choice (eg, almond, soy, rice)
conversion: 1 litre = 1.05669 US quart

Add some of the milk to the saucepan, heat over a very low heat

In the same bowl that ice-cream will be made in, mix the cocoa powder, brown sugar, corn flour, salt, spice

Add cocoa mixture to the slowly heating milk, mix well to remove any lumps

Chocolate milk mixture will start to thicken, stir well so it does not burn on the bottom

Add rest of the milk

Add the chocolate, grated or choc-chip sized to the milk, keep stirring. Do Not let the chocolate burn

When chocolate is melted, transfer to a freezable container.

Freeze, this will take a few hours

add cherries to give it a hint at Black Forest flavour
add alcohol-soaked raisins for a more adult variety
add chopped banana and flaked almonds
grated chocolate for choc-chip chocolate ice-cream

14 April, 2012

Is This What Abolitionist Veganism Has Come Down To?

I can honestly say that I don’t know anything about Randy W. Sandberg, but I have seen people tweet him into my twitter feed. But some fast research (google) has showed that he is / was Gary Francione’s webmaster (

There is no mention of veganism or anything even close in his bio!/randywsandberg although, he may have a separate account for proselytising, I mean, being vegan.

Ayn Rand, the darling of the Tea-Party in the USA, of the Religious Right Wing Republicans cutting a swathe through women’s rights in parliaments and capital buildings across the USA.

There isn’t a lot of compassion contained within the writings of Rand, and I’m sure there are a vegan Tea-Partiers, vegan is outside of politics, and are left, right, centre and every shade in between. But Ayn Rand?

And while everyone is perfectly entitled to their own political views, this just reinforces what I have been told about certain Abolitionists, who no longer identify as such, but when they did, in my experience used threats of force to raise money (I have screen shots of these incidences)… wouldn’t it be better to just get back to saving some animals.

8 April, 2012

“cheerful” omnivore is an oxymoron, no? or are you genuinely cheerful about factory farming?

By X (I won’t use their name)

Dear Cheerful Omnivore,

Your name says it all. You’re cheerful about consuming animals that quite obviously don’t want to be consumed. Seriously, why do you even bother defending animal consumption? A reasonable justification for animal consumption (flesh or secretions) simply does not exist. I’m so very tired of pseudo-intellectuals like yourself rationalizing your selfish, willfully uninformed habits with a bunch of BS arguments backed by no legitimate science. Here’s the thing, Cheerful. You don’t NEED to eat animals or animal by-products in order to get enough protein, iron, calcium, etc. You don’t NEED to eat animals to live a long, healthy life. You know this. In fact, you know that consuming animals is the quickest path to cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, premature aging, etc. You know that vegans get plenty of fiber and consume zero dietary cholesterol. You know that you get insufficient amounts of fiber from animal products and plenty of artery-clogging dietary cholesterol. You probably also know that animal products are acidic. When you consume them, your body leaches calcium phosphate from your bones, uses the phosphate to neutralize the acidity and expels the calcium through urine. As a result, cheerful omnivores need to consume more calcium than vegans, because the calcium you consume from dairy products is not fully absorbed by the body. I’m guessing you insist on cheerfully eating animals because you like the way they taste. That’s it. That’s your only true argument. You cheerfully eat tortured animals because you either: a) don’t care or b) don’t realize the full extent of animal torture occurring on a daily basis.

Let’s start with birds. Male chicks never become adults. Instead, male chicks slide down a chute into a macerating machine that grinds them alive. Female chickens either spend their lives confined to small cages, unable to even spread their wings, or are kept in large warehouses (“cage free“) where they spend their entire lives in darkness. These are animals that are capable of understanding their place in a pecking order of as many as 90 chickens. Their confined living quarters, however, ensure the collapse of their natural social structures. Chickens are debeaked and their wings are clipped without anesthesia. Every single turkey consumed in America is the result of artificial insemination, as they are too obese to reproduce naturally. Farmers grab the turkeys, turn them upside down, splay their legs and jam a straw-like tool containing semen into their vents. That’s called rape.

Male piglets are castrated without anesthesia. Sometimes the farmer or factory worker accidentally cuts the piglet open, releasing the piglet’s intestines. The farmer will attempt to stuff the intestines back inside the piglet. If the piglet dies, the farmer removes the intestines and includes them in a gruel they FEED TO THE PIGS. Pigs are also subjected to tail docking, again without anesthesia. Female pigs are not allowed to make nests. They are confined to gestation or farrowing crates.

A female dairy cow is raped, i.e., artificially inseminated, in order to keep her constantly pregnant. Her udder becomes engorged and infected. When she gives birth, her child is immediately taken from her. Male calves are sent to slaughterhouses, so the mother never has the opportunity to spend any time with her child. Life isn’t much better for cows at the slaughterhouses. When a cow arrives at a slaughterhouse, its horns are cut off with bolt cutters. Legally cows must be stunned prior to slaughter. A metal bolt is injected between the cow‘s eyes. If done correctly the animal dies, but mistakes are common. It is not uncommon for improperly stunned cows to be hoisted upside down and dismembered while fully conscious.

The aforementioned atrocities merely scratch the surface. Perhaps you are already aware and simply devalue life. The animals that you cheerfully eat suffer because you actually believe animals are subservient to humans. If you did not believe this, then you would not eat them. Do a little research before you post. Oh, and spare me the anticipated retort: “I research the source of my animal flesh/eggs/dairy and only purchase from suppliers who offer free range animal products.” Free range is a misnomer regardless and hardly represents a moral high ground. Killing is killing. So go ahead and hide behind pretentious ten dollar words. Endorse speciesism. It’s between you and your conscience.

To the OP: Thank you!!

Source: comment#627

This was a brilliant, intelligent, logical comment left on my blog, in response to 21 Stupid Things People Say To Vegans, too good to be buried in the comments section on a really old post. I’ve copied it word for word, no editing at all. The original poster of this comment owns their copywrite to their words.

This was in response to CheerfulOmnivore, whose response seemed bitter and trolly (hint: You’re on a Pro-Vegan blog, what do expect, for me to pat you on the shoulder and say “there, there” at your corpse-eating ways).

The original post was based on comments I got from Facebook about why people eat meat, it was not a university essay on the ethics of eating meat.

I’m not sure of the ethics of taking a comment and featuring it as post, I’m not sure if it is their own words, or if they were quoting from books. Also I only have an email, and not a name, and I will not even fake a name from that, so I don’t even know how to give proper credit – except click the link to see the comment in its original… But I really wanted to share this comment.

4 February, 2012

Vegan Valentine’s Night (Adults only edition)

If you are not a vegan but would like to prepare a special night for your Loved One, these are just some of the issues to consider. If you are a new vegan this are some idea that you might not have considered yet.

Information: if you are a non-vegan and are preparing a meal, ask other vegans if you are unsure of something. There are many people who call themselves vegan, and some even write books, but that label is more aspirational than actual. Some people who claim to be vegan use leather and eat honey, neither of which are vegan.

So whether real life or social media, if you are not sure whether something is vegan or not – ask a vegan, most are extremely helpful in this area.

Candles: nothing says romantic dinner for two than gently flickering candles. However, there is nothing less romantic than those candles being made from the rendered fat of slaughtered cows – tallow.

Lead can be used in wicks, while not a vegan-specific issue, it is probably better for everyones health to not burn lead.

Look for tallow-free candles, with lead-free wicks.

via Flickr, creative commons licence, I make no attempt to assume copyright, or to connect the photographer with any aspect of my post

Air-fresheners: your Loved One, or potential Loved One, probably wouldn’t notice the brand of air-freshener you use, some of the larger brand names continue to experiment on animals. (For example, Procter & Gamble: see P&G Kills ).

Tablecloths, place-settings, napkins: Avoid silk, or better yet, try to avoid all animal-derived materials in decorating your home – silk, suede, down, leather, wool.

Bone China Flatware: Bone china really is made from bones. Yep, from the bones of cattle.

Recipes: if you are non-vegan and cooking a vegan meal, perhaps for the first time, keep a copy of the recipe close by. If asked, show it, and don’t be offended if your Loved One says “that’s not vegan”, just put the food in the fridge and enjoy it another time.

This is not a criticism, there was a recent magazine article that ran a “Vegan Meal For 2” story, which included a dessert recipe that called for the eggwhites from two organic, free-range chickens. No matter how free those chickens were, their eggs are not ever going to be vegan. So even people trying to do the right thing can be affected by food writers with an agenda.

Perhaps, keep some pasta and sauce in the pantry, for example, just in case you need a back-up meal.

Alcohol: part of the manufacturing process requires alcohol to be clarified or refined, sometimes this is done using isinglass (from the dried swim bladders of fish). Also may contain, dairy, honey, additives, gelatine, eggs. Rumours also have a particular brand of redwine using bull- or ox-blood to clarify their product.

For more information about particular brands:  @barnivore on twitter

Sugar: if you are preparing dessert, be aware some sugars are processed using bone char (bone charcoal), for whitening and decolourising. This does not apply to all sugar.

(sidenote: bone char is also used in refining crude oil during production of petroleum jelly).

Honey: no, it is not vegan.

This is not something real vegans debate. If you want to lick something off your… spoon, make it something other than honey.

Vegan whipped cream: yes, it is real, but involves a little bit of preparation, and involves coconut milk and maple syrup. Recipe found here – Mission Vegan: Whipped Cream

Chocolate: yes there is such a thing as vegan chocolate. There are many vegan chocolates out there…. and marshmallows, and candy/lollies, and cakes and biscuits/cookies.

My recipe for an easy, but decadent all-vegan chocolate cake with ganache and butter cream

Condoms: In some instances the processing of latex involves casein (a milk-protein). There are vegan brands available.

Massage Oil: Who needs commercial brands filled with article additives, alcohol, glycerol, stearates, tallow. A light flavoured nut-oil, such as macadamia nut, is much more healthy, and non-toxic if you happen to accidentally swallow some.

And, one last idea:

* * * NSFW * * *
10 Simple Tips For Better Tasting Semen
Suggestions including eating more spices, fruits and fresh vegetables.

10 January, 2012

The Vegan Community – why it is a myth

What is the vegan community?

And who is part of it?

And, who gets to decide who else can be part of it?

A recent discussion on social network sites revolved around an activist (I don’t know anything about the case, so I will be vague) who was in prison.

I commented on a forum, that I had tried for a couple of years to make a connection with this person, and over the space of those years got absolutely nothing back, not even one single “hello”. This was someone who did not want my support, someone who had rejected my support, but now was in trouble, suddenly I was useful?

I pointed this out, and the fact I thought it was strange that there were people trying to make me feel guilty that I felt nothing about his arrest.

That set off a storm on the vegan blogs. I was selfish, a failed human being, stupid – you name it, the insults came fast and furious.

I should support my community without asking for something in return, and if this prisoner has not even said hello in two years of supporting his causes, then I should just keep giving to him, more and more and more.

(and by the way:  it is laughable how often these comments come from people who are vegans of less than a year… give someone a copy of an Alicia Silverstone book and slab of Daiya and they think they are the Gods Of Veganism, lecturing to all and sundry about who qualifies for being vegan and what you have to do to Earn Your Place In Your Community.)

It was not surprising to me, just disappointing, at how many people said “I am unfollowing you” for not supporting “YOUR community”.

That doesn’t seem very supportive to me.

I jokingly said “I resign from the vegan community, as I don’t recall signing up”.

Talk about hate-mail avalanche!

It just demonstrates once again, how petty, nasty, spiteful, predictable, insular, cliquey, highschoolish, disgusting the behaviour is of some vegans towards other vegans who don’t faithfully fall in line behind the “gurus” or toe the line on doctrine.

This is the community that I am supposed to support?

These are the loving, caring, compassionate people, who lecture others on how a community treats its members.

It is hard to find the time to be a good community member when I’m too busy deleting the hate mail pouring in from the “real” community members.

By their reasoning, I am not a proper member for failing to support a vegan in trouble, because goodness knows, the vegan community is so talented with supporting its members (so clearly, I was  never one of them, which makes it “ok” for them to send me hatemail).

yes, I am looking at you

By defining an “us” and “them”, the Insiders and Outsiders, the real community members and the fakes, it is easy to hate others. Do exactly as we say, all of the times, and we will accept you. Have a different opinion, and you stop being a real member of the community, and you will become fair game. We will ignore you, hate you, belittle you, betray you, hack your accounts, because You Are Not One Of Us.

The same people attacking me were the same ones demanding I show more respect to others… because obviously the word “hypocrite” is not in their dictionaires.

The double standard of attacking someone who has supported you, for them not supporting someone who has completely ignored them for years – the double standard at work is laughable.

I try and try to be a good member, and get treated like, I don’t know… a melange of servant, moron, groupie, brain donor, ATM card, shitpile, football, doormat, yet when an animal activist is in trouble, I am supposed to reach out and do all I can to the very same people that have treated me like garbage.

My support has been rejected in the past, and I am a failed human being for going “you don’t want me around, I accept that, I will go away, like you want me to” and giving up… and here is the thing, you can only get kicked in the head so often before you say “I am not going to try anymore with that person”… until they are in trouble and suddenly they have a use for you.

People only pull the “be a good community member” card on you when they want something from you, and if you don’t do Exactly What They Want, When They Want It, then you are a failed human being!!!!

Being in a community is not, or at least should not, be a one way street. I find it hard to extend compassion to people who send me hatemail, or unfollow for a sarcastic comment, or take it upon themselves to be the final arbiter of who is a member of the vegan community or not.

I have seen little support and sense of community directed at me. And yet, I am asked to give more and more.

This is peer pressure at is more disgusting. Conform or you will be all alone.

Do what we tell you, and maybe you can be part of Our Community, because don’t think for one minute that just because you are vegan and animal liberation activist that you are part of Our Community. Oh No you are not.

In my experience, as someone who has been a vegan since I was 15, I have never experienced this sense of community with other vegans which people are always telling me I NEED to show to others, yet never extend to me.

Never, there has not be one single day, in the real world or online, when I have had that “I feel like I’m home” feeling.

In fact, every day that passes I feel more and more alienated from a cause which I work for practically every minute of my life.

Sometimes it feels like there is a rulebook, which all the vegans got, except me: the right forums to join, the right gurus to worshhip, the insiders, the outsiders, the right blogs to follow, you get that wrong and you just won’t ever fit in.

I often feel like I’m out here on my own, my own little vegan world of one or two, standing outside in the cold and the snow, rubbing the frost off the window glass, peering in, while all the other vegans are in a warm cozy room, huddled around a flickering fire, comfortable and secure.

Maybe I will never fit in, maybe I should sacrifice some of my beliefs (such as stop trying to convince people that leather wearing and cheese eating celebrities are not vegan; or vegans don’t necessarily need to have a USAmerican guru, and join the liberationists Or the abolitionists- must chose!), maybe it is time to compromise who I am in order to fit in better with a community that seems to constantly reject me.

It seems to be, that when ever I express an opinion, I am ostracised, and sent hate mail, I am called names, but do I really need to lie and say, “oh yes, celebrity in prison has my full support”, because he does not, and more to the point…. if I was ever in prison, I doubt he would take the five and half seconds required to give me a second thought.

So it seems my role in “my community” is to shut up, smile, reblog, promote other peoples causes, sacrifice my beliefs, never have an original – controversial – opinion, never disagree with anyone Ever, never ask questions, and suck up to the celebrities activists, and only then will I be accepted.

Only by changing everything about myself, is there ever any hope of fitting in with “my” community.

Because being part of a community is giving in to everyone unquestionly, and giving uncritical support every minute of the day, by pretending to be someone you’re not, so you can be completely ignored by everyone involved, except those sending you hate mail.

Yep, riiiight…. and people criticise me for saying, I don’t feel like part of THAT community?

Really? that sounds like something which people willingly want to be part of? And they wonder why so many distance themselves from “the vegan community”.

These side-shows, this online popularity contest, is best left to people who are still in highschool. The whole “I am unfollowing you” drama, really? this is how adults act? it’s time some people grew up (lunaselenaunicorn, I am looking at you, don’t just unfollow me, block me, because I don’t want to be reading about your mylittlepony obsession any longer).

If the spite, pettiness and nastiness is what it means to be part of “the vegan community”  the one, true, very beige, homogenous, group-think community – then I am pleased I resigned my membership from YOUR community.

Oh, I am still a vegan, and will always be, I have just given up trying to feel some sense of belonging, a feeling of kinship, searching for a community – Your Community, which does not seem to exist for me, from people who send me hate mail about how I am a bad member of the community.

Eternally an Outsider:


11 September, 2011

Vegans are immoral…. or perhaps amoral, or both, but definitely cause famines

Vegans put up with some illogical comments and questions from people who try to justify their meat-dairy-eggs-honey centred diets.

If the poster of this comment thinks vegans cause famine, then perhaps thinking is not their strong point.

Text version:

Veganism is cool and very healthy when approached properly, but this kind of anti-meat nonsense gets annoying. If you wanna talk ethics of killing animals to eat them, let’s talk about the ethics of destroying animal habitats to produce fruits and veg at a level that is unnatural and damaging to the environment on many many levels.

As long as we’re producing enough to feed 7 billion people (not even that many, when you consider famines all over the world), humans will always be raping nature in one form or another.

A good vegan will have a healthier heart than a meat/dairy eater… but healthier morals? Hardly.

What about the predators that are exterminated to protect livestock – wolves, dingos, coyotes, foxes, badgers?

What about the land cleared to raised animals for food, or to produce food?

Unless the animals raised for food, or to produce food are raised on air, then why does this meat-defender not care about all the land destroyed to grow feed-crops for cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens?

What about the collapse in the eco-system when the top-predators are taken out, because they interfere with livestock?

Does this meat-defender know that it takes 7-times more grain to produce the same amount of meat. (In other words, it takes 7kilos of corn or soy (and it is possibly genetically modified) to produce 1 kilo of meat)…..

So, if all the grain produced in the world went directly to feed people – instead of feeding animals – the world could feed 7 times the amount of people than if they ate a meat-based diet.

The amount of land needed to feed 1 person on a meat-based diet, could feed 20 people on a vegan diet.

And, please, let’s not go anywhere near that old “how many animals are killed in the combine harvesters of grain crops” saying, because, again, unless animals raised for food are living on air, they are also consuming grains.

I say grains – but they are also consuming toxic sludge, sewerage waste, rendered bodies of their diseased companion animals, radioactive waste, manure, plastic pellets, genetically modified corn and soy, antibiotics, growth hormones and garbage.

Eating vegan is a more effective use of land for food production, with much, much less pollution to the air and water, less topsoil loss, and reduced use of fossil fuels.

So, meat-defender, if you really believe that vegans are immoral, amoral, or have sick morals, come over here to my blog and debate me.

and… I’ll win.

*One of the drawbacks of Tumblr is, it is never clear who posted the original, and who is reposting.

10 September, 2011

What people Really want to know about vegans

The following is a look at some of the search terms people have used to find this blog.

i am going to be deleting some so called animal activist, as they do nothing to help me in fight for the rights of animals info.
I’m right there with you.

Rage against the vegans
That might make a great band name.

is it possible to know that you are eating humanely slaughtered meat
Yes, it is possible to know, the answer: IT’S NOT. humanely slaughtered meat is an oxymoron, the taking of a life of a living being is never humane.

alicia silverstone eats cheese
Yep – (and there were many searches for that phrase)
If I was at a party and there was a tray of cheese sitting there and I had had drinks, then I might have a bite Alicia Silverstone.

alicia fake vegan
I’m sure if she ever stopped eating cheese she would be a fabulous vegan, but until then…

can vegans eat cheese once on a while
celebrity vegans can, and continue to be vegan. But for the rest of us commoners, that would make us vegetarian.

elsie shrigley
How many vegans don’t know who Elsie Shrigley was? Elsie Shrigley, along with Donald Watson coined the word VEGAN, and was one of the original founders of the Vegan Society, in the United Kingdom in 1944.

dolores huerta non violent protests
Never heard of Dolores Huerta? Have you ever heard of César Chávez?
Huerta co-founded the National Farm Workers Association along with César Chávez, and in many of the strike actions and non-violent protests, Huerta was side by side with Chávez.

who drink rat milk?
An episode of The Simpsons (Fox), used milking rats as an example of the way the local school was cutting costs, by buying rat milk from the local mobster, Fat Tony.

what are some of the things meat eaters are doing to fight back?
I didn’t know meat eaters were a recognised Oppressed group in todays modern society.

milk is murder go vegan
I’ve heard the saying Meat is murder, Milk is Rape but given what happens to male calves born to dairy cows (they become veal), I would say this is more accurate…. Milk is murder, so please, go vegan.

until every cage is empty. no compromise
Agree. 100%.

mcdonald’s planet destruction
That should be there new slogan, replace Over 1 billion served to planet destruction with every burger sold

morbidly obese vegan
Was someone looking for information about morbidly-obese vegans? I personally don’t know any. I’m sure they are out there.

human de-evolution to junk food
I love this one, I like to think it sums up so much of what is wrong with modern western society. Too much junk food is causing humans to de-evolve. As does this:
evolution of man to obesity

i am proud be a vegan
Yah! Me too!

animal liberation proud to be a vegan
Love it.

jamie oliver made me vegetarian
Then Jamie Oliver has achieved more than some people in this world.

I’ve been told that I can’t call myself because I watched Jamie Oliver, but, to each their own.

genetically modified children
Apparently, that’s Monsanto’s next step in their quest for world domination.

when can you start calling yourself a vegetarian
When you stop eating animal flesh – this does include chicken, bacon and all seafood.

girl power go vegan
This means something to someone, but I like it.

Cover of a comic book created by PETA as part ...

Image via Wikipedia

do you have to be a vegan to work in peta??
NO, but you do have to like killing animals to work for PeTA – they euthanise “unwanted” cats and dogs. If people donated to a no-kill shelter instead of PeTA there would be less animal deaths.

international vegan conspiracy
Yep, right up there with the faked moon landings and Tupac and Biggie working at a 7-11 in New Zealand.

On the other hand, maybe there is an International Vegan Conspiracy, a network of vegans secretly working to overthrow the capitalist Animal Agriculture industry.
…. When I write my vegan manifesto, I might borrow this phrase

howard zinn is more critical of civil disobedience than civil obedience.

civil disobedience. As soon as you say the topic is civil disobedience, you are saying our problem is civil disobedience. That is not our problem…. Our problem is civil obedience. Our problem is the numbers of people all over the world who have obeyed the dictates of the leaders of their government and have gone to war, and millions have been killed because of this obedience.
Howard Zinn: The Problem is Civil Obedience (1970)

we are not nonviolent because we want to save our soul
Is this a statement about the use of Direct Action?

or was someone looking for this:
If you are cut down in a movement that is designed to save the soul of a nation, then no other death could be more redemptive. – Martin Luther King Jr

jimmy cliff the oppressors are keeping me down
Jimmy Cliff, sang in The Harder They Come:
Well, the oppressors are tryin’ to keep me down
Tryin’ to drive me underground

cool animals to have as pets
Not on this blog – try a rock, or a potted plant.

bovine liberation
liberation fish and turtle
I support all liberations – Set the Cows Free! Save the Turtles! Ban the Fishing!

a tear fell down my face right now, literally.
Yep, I’m the same way watching anti-cruetly videos.

baby sheep ugg kill
Yep, that’s about it. Ugg boots kill sheep. Ugg boots are made from the skin of a sheep. And really, how unattractive is wearing dead-sheep on your feet.

palm oil animal death
Again, straight to the point in four little words.
The destruction of forests for palm oil, destroys the habitats of many species, the orangutan, the most famous.

most evil companies mccdonalds
Another four-word search that sums up the issue.

terrorism act against vegans
That would make a change, usually it is the animal rights vegans accused of being Terrorists.

militant vegan slogans
From other searches:

  • go vegan or else
  • animal liberation human liberation
  • those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable JFK
  • i am vegan
  • martin luther king jr one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws
  • animal rights it is time to act
  • animal eaters are killing the earth

alien alliance with earth
Yep, when humans find intelligent alien life, they’ll probably fire up the BBQ and eat them.

5 September, 2011

Gypsies, Jews and Palestinians – A Vegan Perspective

*I have used the word Gypsies in the headline, as that is the commonly known term in English, however, for the rest of my post, I will use the word ROMA

@BrokePimpStyles (♛Madame Of Content♛)… 5/09/2011
“It is a rare and revolutionary individual indeed that doesn’t use their own oppression as an excuse to oppress others.”

As a vegan, I am occasionally told by critics, “why don’t you care about people – the hungry, the homeless, refugees, war, famine? the environment?”.

I tell them, as a vegan, I care about all of those things, and being vegan is one way to do something about all the issues.

Being vegan expands my circle of compassion (Dr. Albert Einstein) to include all living beings and the planet that supports life.

animal liberation
earth liberation
human liberation

Being vegan does not automatically give me a unique point of view on anything, except that I choose to speak out against oppression where I see it.

The causes of one oppression are the same as all oppression, it is the group that we choose to oppress which change.

“Instead of allowing only one type of equality,
place the blame on each other, yeah,
we should be expanding our scope
of understanding and hope
… we only want one thing, and that’s UNITY”
Unity Of Oppression: Consolidated

The same reasoning people use to justify to themselves, sexism, agism, killing others in war, homophobia, classism, ableism, this all comes from the same place as SPECIEISM.

The ability of humans to categories those people / animals over there is our attempt to make Them less than Us, less equal to us, less worthy.

We take away the rights and lives of Others because they are not like Us. We don’t need to treat them with dignity and respect because in our eyes, they are not deserving.

And because they belong to a group that is Less than Us, they bring their Oppression on themselves, otherwise, they would be one of Us.

Don’t agree with that?

Hey, Gay-people – stop complaining about lack of Marriage Equality – if you want to get married, stop being gay and be straight!


So What? What has this got to do with Roma?
In 1942, the German Justice Minister Thierack removed Roma from the jurisdiction of the German courts, and into the hands of Heinrich Himmler ‘I do this because I realize that the courts can only feebly contribute to the extermination of these people.’ *

Yeah, again… so what?

Jewish prisoners of war, those who were forced into slave labour, those who had their possessions and land stolen, those who were experimented on were entitled to compensation after the war. They had been targeted on the basis of their religion.

Roma people of Europe, were also rounded up as early as 1936, had sadistic medical experiments conducted on them, sent to work in slave labour factories, had their lands and possessions stolen, and when they had served their purpose, they were executed.

However the Roma were Not entitled to any compensation, because they were sent to the Concentration Camps for being criminals, not on the basis of their religion or race.

the Gypsy cannot, by reason of his inner and outer makeup (Konstruktion), be a useful member of the human community. – Raul Hilberg, 1941

Roma were exterminated for the CRIME of being Roma.

That’s sad and all, but this is 2011, what does this have to do with Palestine?

Almost 70 years later, and nothing has changed.

The people of Palestine are being targeted for extermination from a country that is determined to steal their land.

Gaza has been turned into an open-air prison (Gerry Adams), an entire people have been made prisoners.

Palestinians have been found guilty for the crime of being Palestinian, and execution soon follows.

Israel has decided to treat the people of Palestine the same way that the Roma were treated by the Nazi’s during World War Two.

NEVER FORGET- they said, about the millions upon millions of people who were slaughtered during World War Two.

But this was not supposed to be so that some could learn the lessons and use them against others, the way they had been used against Jews and Roma (and so many more).

What Israel does to Palestine, on that basis that all Palestinians are terrorists, would be unacceptable if any other country did it to Israel.

A child throws a few rocks at an Israeli tank, and Israel throws a few missiles at homes in Gaza, killing a few people – because they are harbouring terrorists.

Now is this a proportional response to a child throwing rocks at a tank?

And because Gaza is harbouring terrorists, all Gazans are responsible – men, women, old people, children, babies, even the unborn are guilty of habouring terrorists.

The result is Gaza has become the largest prison in the world. Israel gets to decide who goes in, who comes out, who owns what land, who buys what, who sells what, who gets access to medicine, schools, shops, family.

Even though, collective punishment is expressly forbidden by the United Nations

No protected person may be punished for an offence he or she has not personally committed. Collective penalties and likewise all measures of intimidations or of terrorism are prohibited. Pillage is prohibited. Reprisals against protected persons and their property are prohibited.
Article 33 of the 4th Geneva Convention.

However, while Palestine continues to have its quest for Statehood opposed, these are not considered war crimes. They are considered self-defense by the fourth largest military (Israel) in the world. And the people in the occupied territories of Gaza are considered to be part of Israel.

The ICC (International Criminal Court) has NO jurisdiction over alleged / war crimes committed in Gaza. (Will Anyone Be Held Accountable for War Crimes in Gaza?). Palestinians living there have no recourse for justice.

is this a joke? I’m trying to show that crimes against Roma, Jew, anyone on the basis of their race, is f’kd up… And you bring up stereotypes that went out the 1970? (they were out of date stereotypes in the 1790s!)

What? What the hell? Are you serious?

no, really, are you serious?

Criminality is not linked to DNA.

To believe that it was justified to slaughter millions of Roma during the second world war because they are criminals, and deserve, even now, today…. How can anyone justify that belief.

It is not surprising that people in Palestine can be declared terrorists, or supporters of terrorists, and accused of harbouring terrorists, on the evidence of being Palestinian.

Some questions for you Mr MalleyScrub

If a Roma and a non-Roma have a child, is that child only half-criminal?

I mean, I think what I’m asking is – what percentage of non-Roma blood/ DNA is required before a child ceases to be a born criminal 50%? 25%? 12.5%?

Or, is there some other criteria, like skin colour and eye colour, or perhaps religion and nationality, which affects the criminality of the DNA?

Or, what if someone never commits a crime, we know that if they are Roma, they are still natural born thiefs, but does criminality pass onto their children anyway?

And, is it passed down on the mothers side, the fathers side, or both?

Does have a European relative boost the non-criminal DNA, more than say Asian (since Roma originated in India, not Egypt)?

How about, what happens if a Roma family adopt a non-Roma child, do they become tricky thieves by association or is it purely by blood?

Mr Malleyscrub, could you try replacing the word Roma in your tweet, with any other group – African-American, Asian, Aboriginal, Irish, Victorian, Catholic, Muslim, Atheist, Women… do we still believe this?

Oh, and Mr Malleyscrub, opposing racism and discrimination is not cute – it is the right thing to do – but from someone who apparently bases their belief system on the same system they use to breed race horse, I’m not really sure your opinion of me is valid.

Call the police – Is that your final solution on the matter, oops, I mean, final word?

Try this experiment:
When you hear someone make a comment about “all of THOSE PEOPLE do/act/believe/are……” (-those people– being which ever group you think you’re better than)
…. replace Those People with your own group

All working class are lazy
All white people are lazy

All Muslims are terrorists
All white people are terrorists

All public school educated people are stupid
All white people are stupid

All women are gold diggers
All white people are gold diggers

All Roma are thieves
All white people are thieves

No, we don’t believe ALL, every single white person ever born has those characteristics, so why is it acceptable to characterise an entire race of Roma based on stupid stereotypes.

Try this one….
Palestinians don’t deserve to live
White people don’t deserve to live

Is it acceptable now?

Why don’t we care that Palestinians are being slaughtered?

Is it because deep down inside, we see them as being less than human, less worthy, less deserving of rights.

Do we think that perhaps they really are born-terrorists – if our thinking of Roma people has not yet evolved further than the Nazi’s of World War Two, why should we see Palestinians any differently.

Is there some part of us that thinks that Palestinians have brought this on themselves, and hope that when Israel kills them all that we can stop listening to their whining for their own land?

WHY are we silent?

Why is still acceptable to express blatantly, obvious racism against Roma?

Something we would not tolerate against any other group…. except Palestinians.