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4 February, 2012

Vegan Valentine’s Night (Adults only edition)

If you are not a vegan but would like to prepare a special night for your Loved One, these are just some of the issues to consider. If you are a new vegan this are some idea that you might not have considered yet.

Information: if you are a non-vegan and are preparing a meal, ask other vegans if you are unsure of something. There are many people who call themselves vegan, and some even write books, but that label is more aspirational than actual. Some people who claim to be vegan use leather and eat honey, neither of which are vegan.

So whether real life or social media, if you are not sure whether something is vegan or not – ask a vegan, most are extremely helpful in this area.

Candles: nothing says romantic dinner for two than gently flickering candles. However, there is nothing less romantic than those candles being made from the rendered fat of slaughtered cows – tallow.

Lead can be used in wicks, while not a vegan-specific issue, it is probably better for everyones health to not burn lead.

Look for tallow-free candles, with lead-free wicks.

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Air-fresheners: your Loved One, or potential Loved One, probably wouldn’t notice the brand of air-freshener you use, some of the larger brand names continue to experiment on animals. (For example, Procter & Gamble: see P&G Kills ).

Tablecloths, place-settings, napkins: Avoid silk, or better yet, try to avoid all animal-derived materials in decorating your home – silk, suede, down, leather, wool.

Bone China Flatware: Bone china really is made from bones. Yep, from the bones of cattle.

Recipes: if you are non-vegan and cooking a vegan meal, perhaps for the first time, keep a copy of the recipe close by. If asked, show it, and don’t be offended if your Loved One says “that’s not vegan”, just put the food in the fridge and enjoy it another time.

This is not a criticism, there was a recent magazine article that ran a “Vegan Meal For 2” story, which included a dessert recipe that called for the eggwhites from two organic, free-range chickens. No matter how free those chickens were, their eggs are not ever going to be vegan. So even people trying to do the right thing can be affected by food writers with an agenda.

Perhaps, keep some pasta and sauce in the pantry, for example, just in case you need a back-up meal.

Alcohol: part of the manufacturing process requires alcohol to be clarified or refined, sometimes this is done using isinglass (from the dried swim bladders of fish). Also may contain, dairy, honey, additives, gelatine, eggs. Rumours also have a particular brand of redwine using bull- or ox-blood to clarify their product.

For more information about particular brands:  @barnivore on twitter

Sugar: if you are preparing dessert, be aware some sugars are processed using bone char (bone charcoal), for whitening and decolourising. This does not apply to all sugar.

(sidenote: bone char is also used in refining crude oil during production of petroleum jelly).

Honey: no, it is not vegan.

This is not something real vegans debate. If you want to lick something off your… spoon, make it something other than honey.

Vegan whipped cream: yes, it is real, but involves a little bit of preparation, and involves coconut milk and maple syrup. Recipe found here – Mission Vegan: Whipped Cream

Chocolate: yes there is such a thing as vegan chocolate. There are many vegan chocolates out there…. and marshmallows, and candy/lollies, and cakes and biscuits/cookies.

My recipe for an easy, but decadent all-vegan chocolate cake with ganache and butter cream

Condoms: In some instances the processing of latex involves casein (a milk-protein). There are vegan brands available.

Massage Oil: Who needs commercial brands filled with article additives, alcohol, glycerol, stearates, tallow. A light flavoured nut-oil, such as macadamia nut, is much more healthy, and non-toxic if you happen to accidentally swallow some.

And, one last idea:

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