Vegan AR or online forum words that some people might not always know.

ARA: Animal Rights Activist, Animal Rights Advocate, Animal Rights Agitator. A person who fights, acts or advocates on behalf of animal rights.

Big Pharma: Lobby groups for the top 20 largest pharmaceutical and biomedicinal companies, spend millions and millions of dollars trying to get the drugs passed. They spend more than any other industry. Your health is bad for their business. Your sickness is vital for their profits.

Canned hunt: a hunt for animals that have been raised on game ranches or farms until they are mature enough to be hunted by people with too much money they don’t know how to spend it, so they kill animals, some endangered for trophy collections

Civil War: in online AR, between militant direct action, or direct action and those who believe in education and blogging for a vegan world, the divides that separate vegans sometimes seems deeper than the divides between vegans and animal abusers

Collaborator: those people who call themselves “Animal Rights Activists” and yet spend all their time undermining, distracting, disrupting, harassing, bullying actual ARA’s. They are “collaborators” because the effect is — while people are busy fending off the attacks, they aren’t saving animals

Crush films: videos of animals, such as small mammals like kittens but other animals including frogs, reptiles, invertebrates, being crushed by being stepped on and impaled or squashed dead by women with bare feet or fetish heels for the sexual gratification of the viewer.

ETA: Edited To Add, particularly useful if something has been edited after someone has commented.

Freedom Food (RSPCA “quality assurance” label): an Orwellian concept where you name something the opposite of what it really is. No animal raised for food is free. A label granted to farms that pay a licence fee, means their animals are raised in larger cages or stalls. Minimal welfare reform.
Not connected to the gluten free, healthier foods company of the same name.

H$U$: Human Society of United States, sometimes written with dollar signs instead of the letter “S”. They are a large animal welfare that collects a lot of money in donations, but don’t seem to advocate animal rights, vegan diet, or ending animal cruelty and exploitation. The want bigger cages not an end to cages.

Hellth: When Big Pharma, AgriBiz, Animal Ag, GMO bio techs, Chemical companies, profit driven mega corporations make “foods” and medicine, that destroy health
(via @qutequte “medicine and food from hell”)

Rendered: manufacturing process which animal body parts are converted into other products. Animal parts can come from the unused parts during slaughter, but also the sick, diseased, cancer-ridden animals who have died on the farms. Products include, tallow used in beauty products and crayons, grease for commercial foods, and other consumer products. Rendered animals can also be turned into animal food for pets and farm animals. Turning vegetarian sheep and cows into, not just omnivores, but also cannibals.

Simulpost: a practice of stealing someone else’s blog post or a major website news story, copy and pasting the entire piece and adding ‘simulpost’ as in simultaneous + post (posting at the same time), a fancy name for plagarising or stealing. Often disadvantages smaller blogs by diverting traffic from their best posts.

Trophy hunts: hunting endangered species, usually by rich people, to add to their collection of other slaughtered, endangered species.

Vegan Big Brother: similar to the vegan police, but there is now hyper-surveillance within the online vegan community, say one wrong thing and Big Brother knows about it. (more about this concept here- Vegan Big Brother
online,activism,online activism,vegan big brother,surveillence,vegan

Vegan Police: Used by Welfarists to water down the meaning of vegan, as in “don’t criticise a vegan for eating cheese, what are you? the Vegan police”. Used by Abolitionists to put other vegans under constant surveillance of their vegan-ness.


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