This is a personal blog
VALA, is not an official group trying to speak on behalf of the animal rights community.

We do not represent any other organisation, group or the Animal Rights community as an entity. We represent ourselves. Our opinions are our own. And that is what they are, opinions. We am not journalists. While we do research what is posted, this is unpaid, for the love of and the fight for Animal Rights, but being unpaid, cannot fact check every little thing, but that’s ok, we are providing opinions and not advice. Do not send hate mail, saying AR needs informed voiced not opinions, we say what AR needs is for you to stop hate campaigns against small people and actually save an animal. This is from one perspective only, yours may be different. Differences are what makes the world go round.

All links to blogs, groups and organisations are those that inspire us, and do not speak on their behalf or represent them. But they still have great stuff. Your opinion may differ from our, and we are fine with that.

We are in no way am providing dietitian, law, medical, psychic or any other advice. We can, however, offer advice from past learnings regarding whats worked and what hasn’t. In that case… e-mail me! Or comment.

ALL feed back is welcome.

On the other hand, constructive criticism is welcome, if you truly wanted anyone to change their mind you would tell us where we are wrong. Only people who never make anything never make mistakes. It is always great to learn new things, not be insulted, as has happened in the past.

Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.

However, there is no obligations to publish hate-filled diatribes full of bad language making personal attacks against anyone who publishes here, from people who merely disagree with veganism or animal rights or methods of fighting. There is no obligation to be fair, if you harass us with constant hate mail, you will be marked as spam, because life is too short to deal with hateful stalkers (not that I am suggesting people would do that, except trolls have been known to occasionally hunt in packs).

Although, merely disagreeing will get your comment published. So if you disagree, feel free to tell me why, leave a comment stating clearly why, and it will get approved. Or give us the links to your blog and we will read what you have to say there.


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