Sexual Politics Of Meat V The Sexual Politics Of Peta (images)

not my original image: this is from a burger king ad in the Netherlands

Women buy fashion magazines all the time which feature how to do your eye-shadow in different ways, so how is this bad. Tasty? oh right, comparing women to a piece of meat? Sorry, this vegan is not offended by the Burger King ad.

However, this Peta ad, that compares going vegan to becoming an abuser, who will bash the women in their life – this does offend me.

The pimping of women has been discussed extensively by vegans and non-vegans alike, their I’d rather go naked than wear fur might have been effective the very first time it came out. But now they have women getting naked for everything I’d rather go naked than be a meat-eater? How does being naked sell vegetarianism – because Peta do not advocate veganism

And why is this celebrity – of some sort – naked for circuses?

I’m assuming Olivia Munn is a celebrity, Peta love naked celebrities in their advertising. Because it is so empowering to be naked, that’s why Obama turns up to the Oval Office in just his tighty-whiteys.

Who goes to the circus wearing no clothes? Peta have lost the plot.

Give me a Burger King ad anyday, at least it is only the woman’s eyelid that is being exploited (!)

And, let’s not forget, Burger King has the Alicia Silverstone tick of approval

text of image below: if you are in a crunch and need a super quick yummy flirt meal, the burger king veggie burger is so yummie… (10:48 AM – 13 May 2010)

athough at the time of the tweet, BK veggie contained eggs and milk, the recipe may have since changed, I don’t know, but then I don’t eat them

*The Sexual Politics Of Meat is a phrase made famous by Carol J Adams


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