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4 April, 2012

Ask the vegan: What Do You Call…?

These are some of the questions that I get asked, so I will answer in one block

What do you call…

a vegetarian who eats cheese?
a vegetarian

someone who eats bacon and chicken wings? a chickenwing-atarian?

no, an omnivore

what do you call a vegan who eats fish?
what do you call a vegetarian that eats fish?

an omnivore, some people who eat fish but no other animals might give themselves a fancy label such as aquatarian or pescotarian, but they are not vegan, they are not even vegetarian

what do you call a vegan who eats eggs?

a vegetarian, if they eat no other animal products, they might consider themselves an ovo-vegetarian

what do you call someone who is vegan but eats cheese?

you don’t call them a vegan, they are a vegetarian

what do you call a vegetarian who eats cheese?

a vegetarian

can vegans eat chicken?

they can, but they wouldn’t be vegan, they would be an omnivore

what do you call a vegetarian that eats chicken?

an omnivore

does alicia silverstone ever cheat on her vegan diet?

you can’t cheat on a vegan diet, you are either a vegan or you are not, once you start eating a little cheese now and then, you are no longer vegan… and yes, she does, or has done previously: what do you call a cheese-eating vegan?… a celebrity (the Alicia Silverstone saga)

what do you call a person that doesn’t eat animals but eats cheese?

if they are vegetarian, and eat no other animal products, such as honey or eggs, might consider themselves lacto-vegetarian

what do you call a person that does not eat?

a breathatarian, starving, hunger-striker, famine… depends on the context, this is not related to veganism

what do you call a vegan that eats chicken and fish?

anything but vegan, not even vegetarian, they are omnivore

For more on this choosing the label that you want to wear, see: Vegans, Vegetarians and Lacto-Ovo-Meli-Pesco-Pollo-Porcine-Ovis-Bovine-atarians

or the definition with explanation of vegan

if you would like to know the code for installing the vegan background, ask me, leave a comment, tweet me, or if you would like a custom background, let me know

31 October, 2011

I became homeless because I was Vegan (my story)

This is a rather personal story, inspired in part by a girl I follow in twitter and tumblr – Selena, who is a 16 year old vegan, and I often think, how smart she is compared to me at that same age. So I began looking back, and this is my story….

When I was about 10 or so, there was a girl at my school who was vegetarian, and I was always asking lots of questions about what she ate, there was also a 7th Day Adventist family, and I asked them a lot of questions too.

One day, I mentioned this “nut meat” product that my vegetarian friend at school would eat, my mother warned me, “Don’t think you’ll be allowed to go vegetarian”.

When I was 11, I was at luau in Hawaii, with my family, and part of that was a whole pig on a spit, roasting over an open fire. I took one look at it and knew then and there I would be vegetarian.

It wasn’t just “pork” – It was a pig!

It didn’t look like a pork chop… It. Had. A. Face.

I refused to eat any of the pork at the luau, and my mother told me she was so ashamed that I didn’t eat this wonderful food, what would people think.

When I got to high school, a big event happened that changed my life completely. I was brutalised and terrorised by a teacher. This man was a famous football player, back in the day when teachers still had real jobs.

He was my maths teacher. He was also a Parramatta Eel, NSW State Of Origin, Australian representative in Rugby League, and we were so annoyed that he wouldn’t even take a day off school during State Of Origin, not even when the games were in Queensland. (From this point on, he shall be named as Mr Win-At-All-Cost)

Anyway, I told my mother about it, she told me “don’t make a fuss”.

I told my principal about it, Did I have evidence? No. Then it didn’t happen.

The being targeted by this man continued, I told my mother that if it happened again, I would scream so loud, that the whole world would hear, my mother said “I am so ashamed you’re my daughter, now go apologise to Mr Win-At-All-Cost”.

I had been getting a lot of detentions, both as a result of this mans brutality, which led to me not co-operating with authority, but also because of being vegetarian, which the school decided was yet one more example of my bad trouble-making ways.

Apparently I had behavioural problems – at school, because I refused to co-operate with the man who brutalised me,
and also at home, which in my mothers’ world, that meant, I wouldn’t eat meat.

And wasn’t my mother ashamed that I was her daughter.

These two events happened about the same time in my life. They are inexorably linked. The brutality from the teacher, which lasted for a few months, and the standing up for myself as a vegetarian.

At this stage, if there was meat in something, I would take it out (yeah, I thought I was vegetarian). If it was on a sandwich, I would take the meat off. If it was on my plate I would eat around it.

I also cooked the family meals. I would come home from schools, while my siblings did sport or other activities, I had to do housework, cook dinner and clean up from dinner. But my mother would leave detailed instructions about what to cook.

If a recipe called for 150 grams of ham in the fried rice, it better be 150 grams, not 149 grams, not 151 grams.

In those early days of my vegetarian experience, I had to cook a lot of meals like goulash, spaghetti bolognaise (minced beef in tomato sauce with onions), things where it was almost impossible to take the meat out.

I didn’t dish up the meals, just cook them. So I couldn’t put more vegetables on my plate and less meat. No.

There was many nights when all I would eat was plain boiled spaghetti. For example, if the meal was bolognaise, I would push all the meat aside and wash the spaghetti off. My mother didn’t like that, she would hold my face down and tell me to clean off my plate, she didn’t like a messy plate.

Everything had to be clean. I often sat at the table until 9 or 10 o’clock, refusing to clean the meat (eat) off my plate.

This only reinforced my mothers views that I had behavioural problems. I was a messy eater.

That was my mothers big thing, if something was messy she would throw it out. If my pencil sharpener was a millimeter out of alignment on my desk, it was too messy, she would throw it out. If my book had a page that was bent or folded, it would be too messy and thrown out. If I hanged my clothes with the coathanger facing out instead of in, that item of clothing would be too messy and thrown out.

Meanwhile, at school I was always, always getting in trouble, I spent more time in detention that in all other classes put together, almost.

I got detentions for dodging maths class (hey, who could have predicted that)…

I got detentions almost every week for not being in uniform – no I’m sorry, but your policy that girls had to wear skirt, and no pants allowed, uh-uh – no one is getting access to under my skirt, I don’t care who they are, I wore pants, and the detentions continued.

or the time when it came to selecting subjects, I chose metal work, I got put in home economics (cooking) because I was a girl and girls didn’t do metal work.

Although I was the most popular kid in that class, I would pay the same money as everyone else, but when it came to eating the food, I ate the vegetables, and the rest of my table ate the meat, they loved that.

In one class we had to kill, dehead, scale and gut a fish.
Yep, that is right, there was like this bucket of fish swimming around, we had to choose one, kill it, chop its head off and scale it, and slice it open and pull its insides out.

The 7th Day Adventists were excused. This girl who cried and cried was excused. I was told I would fail the class if I didn’t.

“But I’m vegetarian, I don’t eat animals”
“Fine,” my teacher told me, “you don’t have to eat it, but you still have to …..”
“But that’s not fair, Anna doesn’t have to, and she actually eats fish”
“But she cried”

I failed the class and had to get my parents to sign a note. Oh boy, was I in trouble that night. I was such a continued embarrassment to my mother. Brought such shame to the family.

Or the times, that they had fund raising barbecues – “But I’m vegetarian, I don’t eat sausages, I don’t eat butter or margarine, and I don’t eat white bread, you expect me to pay the same money as everyone else, to lick up $3 worth of tomato sauce?” I said …. and off to another detention I went.

Detention was fun, I got to hang out with all the bad boys – “and what are you in for?” would usually be the start the detention sessions. The boys would be in for fighting, graffiti, smoking, skipping class…. and me? Oh I’m vegetarian.

When I was about 14 going on 15, I started experimenting with vegan days, where I would secretly not eat any animal products while still pretending that I did, and hoping no one would notice.

I would still have to prepare and cook meals with meat and other animal products.

One day, when I was barely 15 still in my occasionally eating dairy and eggs (I didn’t eat honey) sometimes, and vegan meals other times phase…. my sibling bit me.

I turned up at the meal table, my arm was bleeding, big mistake. My mother forced my head onto the floor and told me to clean up the mess. One drop of blood was just too messy. So I licked up the blood that had fell on the floor from my bitten arm. Then sent to my room without dinner.
What? but my sibling bit ME!

My mother responded if my sibling bit me, I must have deserved it.

I wasn’t allowed dinner, or any other food the next day either. Or the next.
On the 3 day of no food, one of my friends gave me a cheese sandwich. I ate it, and threw it up soon after, it was so greasy, all margarine and white bread and cheese slices, and I hadn’t eaten in three days by this stage. But it was possibly one of the greatest sandwiches I’d had in my life at that point.

But I fell over in class. I was walking to my desk, and its like I took a step and the floor came up to face, I didn’t have the sensation of falling. I must have fainted or something.

So of course I get a note sent home, my parents had to sign it, to give the school permission to keep me back late for afternoon detention. For “being a disruption to the other members of class”.

My mother went out of her brain. Accepting food from strangers, like I was a charity case, she was “mortified…. so ashamed that I was her daughter”. And I got no dinner that night either.

On the 4th day without food, my friend, the wonderful, adorable Sonya, whose parents had a farm, brought me in a container full of the luscious, plumpest, juiciest, reddest strawberries that have ever existed. And I ate them, every last one.

When I got home from school, I went straight to my room, like I had to, only allowed out to cook. Lamb chops, mashed potato (with one and a half potatoes each person), and three tablespoons for each person of frozen peas, and sliced carrots, no wider than 5 millimeters each slice.

After they finished eating, and I went out to wash the dishes, my mother called me out of the kitchen.
“Is it true, that you were seen eating at school?”
“Just a strawberry, Sonyas family own a strawberry farm”
“How dare you, I am so ashamed that you’re my daughter, accepting charity…. do you want people to think we don’t feed you?”
(Well, you don’t)
“If you ate food like a normal person, you would be allowed dinner, now here, have a chop”

There was a plate with a lamb chop on it. It was cold and the fat had started to congeal. It smelled like burnt flesh.

I refused.

My mother didn’t like that, can’t leave food on a plate, it’s too messy. She shoved my head down and I refused to eat it.

“But I work so hard to put food on the table, and you think you can just be ungrateful, that you refuse to eat it?”

“But I don’t eat meat”

So my mother dragged me into my room, and began packing my things into whatever bags she could find. I didn’t have much, most of possessions had been thrown out over the years as being “too messy”. And, I was pushed out the door and the door locked.

I slept that first night in the garage. I snuck back in, in the morning to get ready for school. I hadn’t eaten in days, and the food cupboards were locked. But the fridge wasn’t. I opened the fridge, and was about to drink some milk, in my head the phrase “meat is murder, milk is rape” kept going through my mind.

I didn’t drink the milk.

I was never allowed back in the house again.

For the first few days, I kept thinking, “I’ll be asked to come back, won’t I?”

Was I really so messy, that I had to be thrown out as well?

There was an abandoned car under a bridge at an abandoned farm, “The Poderosa”, I lived there. I would go to school really, really early, shower in the locker room, dry myself with paper towels, then stay in the local library until that closed then go sleep in the car, and hope like hell that no one would come around and harass me.

In the hotter weather, when more people would be around The Ponerosa, I would sleep in an empty church, the Country Womens Association Hall, in the park, any place where there was no people. Sometimes I would go to sporting grounds and use their change sheds for a shower.

It was hard, it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

When I finished year 12, I had actually topped the state in 3 subjects (but not Maths, I barely scrapped by with a pass). That meant 100%, there was people from other schools too that got 100%, but it was actually a big deal. There was an awards night at the school, and I went to the local op shop and bought a cheap old bridesmaid dress and got all pretty and went.

I collected my awards, and after the ceremony, one of my favourite teachers ever, Mr James, asked me where my family was, did I really come alone? I had topped the state, didn’t any celebrate with me?

Mr James was the first person I told, I said “my mother kicked me out of home when I was 15, I’ve been living in the park”.

“But your siblings, they go to this school too, are they homeless?”

“Nope, just me”

Yes, I still went to the same school as my siblings, the people who were not too messy and allowed to stay. I would pass them in the halls occasionally, that was weird.

Maybe all those hours and hours, I spent at the library, doing nothing but reading everything that had a printed word in it, did have some advantages. I didn’t watch television or listen to the radio. All I did was read.

How different my life would have been if I never looked at that poor pig on a spit roast at the age of eleven and decide that I was meant to be vegetarian.

How different my life would have been if I just ate that lamb chop at fifteen that my mother tried to force me to eat.

But I am vegan, it’s who I am, and I refuse to change that for anyone, for any reason.

11 September, 2011

Vegans are immoral…. or perhaps amoral, or both, but definitely cause famines

Vegans put up with some illogical comments and questions from people who try to justify their meat-dairy-eggs-honey centred diets.

If the poster of this comment thinks vegans cause famine, then perhaps thinking is not their strong point.

Text version:

Veganism is cool and very healthy when approached properly, but this kind of anti-meat nonsense gets annoying. If you wanna talk ethics of killing animals to eat them, let’s talk about the ethics of destroying animal habitats to produce fruits and veg at a level that is unnatural and damaging to the environment on many many levels.

As long as we’re producing enough to feed 7 billion people (not even that many, when you consider famines all over the world), humans will always be raping nature in one form or another.

A good vegan will have a healthier heart than a meat/dairy eater… but healthier morals? Hardly.

What about the predators that are exterminated to protect livestock – wolves, dingos, coyotes, foxes, badgers?

What about the land cleared to raised animals for food, or to produce food?

Unless the animals raised for food, or to produce food are raised on air, then why does this meat-defender not care about all the land destroyed to grow feed-crops for cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens?

What about the collapse in the eco-system when the top-predators are taken out, because they interfere with livestock?

Does this meat-defender know that it takes 7-times more grain to produce the same amount of meat. (In other words, it takes 7kilos of corn or soy (and it is possibly genetically modified) to produce 1 kilo of meat)…..

So, if all the grain produced in the world went directly to feed people – instead of feeding animals – the world could feed 7 times the amount of people than if they ate a meat-based diet.

The amount of land needed to feed 1 person on a meat-based diet, could feed 20 people on a vegan diet.

And, please, let’s not go anywhere near that old “how many animals are killed in the combine harvesters of grain crops” saying, because, again, unless animals raised for food are living on air, they are also consuming grains.

I say grains – but they are also consuming toxic sludge, sewerage waste, rendered bodies of their diseased companion animals, radioactive waste, manure, plastic pellets, genetically modified corn and soy, antibiotics, growth hormones and garbage.

Eating vegan is a more effective use of land for food production, with much, much less pollution to the air and water, less topsoil loss, and reduced use of fossil fuels.

So, meat-defender, if you really believe that vegans are immoral, amoral, or have sick morals, come over here to my blog and debate me.

and… I’ll win.

*One of the drawbacks of Tumblr is, it is never clear who posted the original, and who is reposting.

1 September, 2011

Vegans, Vegetarians and Lacto-Ovo-Meli-Pesco-Pollo-Porcine-Ovis-Bovine-atarians

Labels, we have them thrust upon us, and we do the same to others.

Generally, when someone uses a label, there is a common understanding of that word, example student, doctor, mother, pagan

But sometimes, the labels people use are more about how people wish they were, rather than how they really are.
Taking the words vegan and vegetarian, do these words mean the same for everyone who uses them – either to describe themselves or others, and what happens when they don’t.

Questions that I get asked frequently are variations on, what do people CALL themselves:

– what do you call a vegetarian who eats chicken?
– what do you call a vegetarian who eats cheese?
– what do you call a vegan who eats fish?
– what do you call a vegan who eats cheese and fish?
– what do you call a vegetarian who eats fish but not dairy?

Vegan, vegetarian, freegan, herbivore, locavore, plant-based diet, cheesatarian, cheegan, beegan, part-time vegan, part-time vegetarian, pesco-vegan, lacto-ovo vegan, flexitarian, strict vegetarian, Lebanese vegetarian, or the monstrously pretentious “plant-strong” (Esselstyn).

Argh!! make it stop…..  so many labels, so little time to read the dictionary

is a lacto-ovo-pesco-pollo-bovine-porcine vegetarian one who eats eggs and dairy, and occasionally fish, sometimes chicken, sometimes beef, and sometimes pork? The word loses all meaning when accompanied by so many qualifications.
– Dan Balogh: Hitler: Goose Stepper and Goose Eater

In some cases the use of labels for Vegan and Vegetarian can be problematic, especially when used strangely out of correct context:

  • My partner was introduced to a new work colleague as being the vegan of the office, you know, that’s a type of vegetarian.His response yes, much in the same way a Jewish person is a type of Buddhist, in that they both, you know, believe in Stuff
  • Or, the Facebook vegan warrior who tried to tell me I wasn’t entitled to call myself Vegan because I watched Jamie Oliver. And then proceeded to tell me about his diet, including a morning protein drink made with whey… (ah, sweetie, whey is actually a dairy product).
  • Or, a friend who tried to tell me that there are two types of vegetarians: those who eat meat and those who don’t
    and no matter how hard I tried, I could not convince her that No type of vegetarian eats meat, unless it is the pseudo-vegetarian
  • Or, the restaurant near me that lists prawn cutlets on their vegetarian menu, and they don’t mean faux prawns either
  • Or, a vegetarian couple I know, one eats bacon and the other chicken wings,
    (were they at least from a vegetarian chicken? I asked, to much scorn)

Every time a person calls themselves a vegetarian but continues to eat animals, the result is, it just makes life more complicated for the real vegetarians.

Same with vegan, when someone eats dairy, or wears leather, eats sealife, but says, they are vegan, it just makes life much more difficult for the real vegans who try to convince others that – No, vegans don’t, in fact, eat fish, wear leather, drink milk, buy Cover Girl cosmetics.

Without discounting the possible good a mostly-vegetarian-but-not-quite could do….   If they eat meat they are not vegetarian.

So, perhaps, we need a new word for people who try hard – perhaps something like: potential-vegetarian, mostly-vegetarian, transitioning-vegetarian.

The same goes for people who claim the badge of VEGAN, yet deliberately consume animal products or wear animal products. (I do not count people who have their food spiked in this category, some chefs still think that is funny, what matters is intent).

Do people who call themselves VEGAN while wearing leather, or eating animal products, not know that what they are doing is Not vegan, or do they hope no one will notice, or do they just not care?

How about the vegetarian who consumes sea-animals, bacon, chicken – what does vegetarian actually mean to them? They don’t eat beef?

This is an example of label creep where the meaning of vegan degrades to mean vegetarian, and vegetarian degrades to mean someone who eats vegetables occasionally.

Like the social smoker, who never smokes during the week, but does a packet on the weekend, then tries to claim the label of non-smoker….

Or, the factory-owner who claims be a humanitarian, while paying slave-wages to children locked in factories for 16-hours a day, but for the other eight hours, they’re a true champion of human rights.

Perhaps they want to be vegan, but are unable to – however, if desire alone could make someone something they are not, like a Vegan of a person regardless of what they eat, wear, buy…. then I could call myself a world famous celebrity, but that wouldn’t make it true either.

But, if the desire is there to be a vegan or a vegetarian, then… good on them.

That is a lot more than most people. And perhaps with a little encouragement and a lot of support, these part-time vegetarians could go all the way.

What is a part-time vegan?

really my dear, as much as 90%!!

How is this even possible for a fish / sea-life eater to claim to be in anyway a vegan?
There is no part-time vegans, it just cannot be.

If Part time vegan refers to their diet only, then, in this case the label should be strict vegetarian, which means a vegan diet but non vegan lifestyle.

90% is good, rather, it is a good START, but the important thing is – what about the other 10%, I am not sure those fish and other sea-creatures would take much comfort as they are being shoveled down the throat of a pesco-vegan that for 90% of the time, other animals didn’t have to die.

Would we accept 90% for cases of wrongly executed death-row prisoners?

Well now, we got a strike rate of 90% guilty, and only 10% innocent people mistakenly executed, that’s a win-win situation.

Not likely.

People who eat cheese are not vegan, no matter how famous they are

People who eat cheese and eggs are not vegan, no matter how famous they are or how much more they do for animals than me. Fine, they’re bloody heroes, give them a medal, put them on a stamp, build a statue of them, name a bridge or a street after them – but if they eat cheese, they are not vegan.

Once we start making exception based on the career of people, where does it stop?

Or, are only commoners supposed to be actual-vegans, while celebrities can be almost-vegans?

And, for some reason, there are many vegans get personally offended when you say that eating cheese deliberately is not vegan.

And, almost as outraged when you say that wearing leather is not vegan. Some vegans get all uppity: But, but, but, but Anne Hathaway ate a vegan dessert once, shes one of us, where as you Redglitter are just some militant vegan, giving us a bad name.

The response is like: How dare you attack Alicia! She is our Goddess. You are a Nothing, hear me, You are less than Nothing Redglitter!

Fine, I’ll take that, Militant and Less Than Nothing, perhaps…. but I AM definitely vegan.

It seems, though, that what this defenders of cheese-eating vegans, and leather-wearing vegans, miss…. I’m not attacking an egg-and-dairy-eating, leather wearing, vegan, I am trying to defend the concept of vegan, before it becomes meaningless, before it dilutes into vegetarian, and vegetarian dilutes into ‘eats a vegetable occasionally’

So, to answer the questions that I set asked at the top of this post

– What do you call a vegetarian who eats chicken? Pseudo-vegetarian or Omnivore

– What do you call a vegetarian who eats cheese? A vegetarian

– What do you call a vegan who eats fish? A omnivore

– what do you call a vegan who eats cheese and fish? An omnivore

– what do you call a vegetarian who eats fish but not dairy? A dairy-free omnivore.

*Lebanese vegetarian – I’ve been called that when I try to explain what vegan is, I didn’t realise things were different in Lebanon

*Lacto-Ovo-Meli-Pesco-Pollo-Porcine-Ovis-Bovine-atarians  =  dairy, eggs, honey, fish, chicken, pork, sheep and beef – atarian

3 March, 2011

Thanks all those vegans out there for the death threats

Wishing me to die, die in a horrible accident, meet the same fate as the dogs involved in dog fighting is just one more example of why I love vegans so much.

Much love back to you all, such a wonderful example of what vegans are like to all the aspiring vegans out there.

You dont actually seem to want anyone to change their mind, to convince anyone to agree with you by constructing coherent arguments. It seems to be just hateful, vile insults.

Way to go vegans

21 February, 2011

Thanks to Animal Liberation Front…

In particular Ann Berlin – speaking on behalf of ALL of ALF, though If I was in the ALF, Im not sure I would be telling everyone, from a security point of view – but thank you anyway for your pointing out how little I know of veganism and animal rights from my perspective.

Who knew that as a vegan – from some point way back in the misty days of the 1980s I would have learned nothing in all that time about what vegan means to me, and how AR feels to me.

Because heaven knows, we all have to experience everything exactly the same way and form the same opinions on absolutely everything and be in total agreeance about absolutely everything all of the time.

And anytime my experience of an event differs from anyone elses then someone HAS TO BE WRONG, because clearly two people cannot, simply CAN NOT experience the world in different ways.

So to all those VEGANS who continually correct me, how about we take a page from the dictator, cult, communist, fascist playbook, and you tell me what to think.

Ill just open my brain and you can wash it, all lemony fresh and indoctrinated.

And one more thing, for someone claiming to be ALF to be so hell bent on group think indoctrination – LAUGHABLE – isnt that one of your criticisms against Francione, don’t you call his followers ZOMBIES??

Really – you want me to think and write and believe EXACTLY LIKE EVERYONE ELSE, but when Francione’s minions do it, they are ZOMBIES?

Thank you.

Thank you for opening my eyes about the BRAINWASHING CULT OF ALF.

so, Ann Berlin, blah blah blah, you know EVERYTHING, I know NOTHING, in your opinion, so why don’t I just shut up and leave you as the only expert on this planet on everything vegan, how’s that?

Alienating people who could be your allies, charming woman you are.

2 February, 2011

Justifying Meat Eating – ridiculous things meat-eaters say

People who eat meat will say just about anything to themselves and to others so they do not have to face the reality of what it is they are actually eating.

For a start, they call it “meat”, rather than what it was before slaughter, a cow, calf, sheep, lamb, pig, fish, chicken. “Meat” puts some distance between what they are eating and the life their dinner used to have previously.

But the latest I was told recently was so bizarre, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

This person justified their eating animals this way….

A wise native person told me that we honour animals by eating them. They give up their lives for us. It’s the circle of life. When we eat animals, we gain nourishment, then when we die, we go into the ground and animals eat us


Where does a sensible person start with all the things so very wrong with that response.

For a start, the person telling me that was not a “native person”. So, my thought, is “so what?”. Maybe that is how things are for anonymous wise native people, but not for a white guy in the suburbs.

And we “honour” them? I honour my grandparents too, I respect them for what they have done for me. But, ah, I wouldn’t honour them by eating them.

I don’t see what is “honourable” with wantonly slaughtering a defenceless animal that has never had a chance to live and then eat it.

Want to know what is more honourable – Not eating dead animals!

After all, a dead animal is a corpse. If the idea of eating roadkill is so disgusting to people, what’s the difference between that and what is on their plate.

from the RoadKill archives

What about the whole “they give up their lives for us” – much like the similar “they sacrifice their lives”. Doesn’t this imply that the animals being eaten have some kind of CHOICE? That they have the option to live or be eaten, and choose to end their lives on someone’s plate?

No animal gives up their life. It is taken from them.

Now, about that “circle of life” – the whole circle of life has been severely disrupted over the past couple of hundred years. Industrialisation has changed things. Whereas previously people had to go out and hunt, and see for themselves the animal in their natural habitat, and watch as the life was drained from their bodies.

Modern industrial slaughter processes remove the killing part for consumers, so they don’t see the life and death.

This is an example of “cognitive dissonance”, where the mind denies what it already knows. People know where their food comes from, this is why they get squeamish if a vegan talks about “slaughter”. They don’t want to hear it, because then then would have to acknowledge what they are eating. They know, but the avoid, so can pretend they don’t know.

Humans have removed themselves from the “circle”, we are at the edge.

And as for our bodies providing nourishment for other animals – the animals that people tend to eat the most are not carnivores, they are placid herbivores.

I’ve never seen a cow chose to eat a dead human. I have never seen a lamb choose to eat a dead human.
Or a chicken, or a pig.

People eat far more animals, which necessitates the killing of huge numbers of animals, way more than their corpses would ever feed.

The excuses people make to continue their selfish greed of eating dead animals never ceases. They eat animals because they think it is their right.

*Oh, and, I know that all animal products involve cruelty and death, I am not saying that milk is harmless or eggs are harmless, because this post is in response to a comment someone made to justify their eating of meat.

Editted to add:
A comment on here, which I marked as spam, for it seemed like straight up trolling, criticised me for giving vegans a bad name for being militant. Um, moron, what exactly is militant about laughing at meat eaters. Seriously, dude, get a life, if you think that this post is militant, you clearly cannot be a vegan in the traditional Donald Watson Vegan Society definition of the word.

27 January, 2011

Cheese: The Other White Meat (why cheese eaters are problematic for vegans)

If you are a vegetarian, and would like to be vegan, my question for you is… what are you waiting for?

Vegetarians know the reality of where there food comes from – or rather WHO their food use to be, and it does not seem to bother them.

A lot of vegans, probably have at some point meet someone who says that they are “almost vegan” or “90% vegan – except for cheese”, or,

They may say something like – “oh I could Never be vegan, I love cheese too much” or maybe they do actually call themselves Vegan, yet has an occasional slip up, if they are at a party, and someone offers them some cheese, then they might “cheat” on their vegan diet

I met a “vegan” recently, who lectured me about how I was a “fake vegan” because I didn’t hate on ALF – animal liberation front – yet, this same person didn’t know that their morning protein shake made with whey wasn’t actually vegan.

Oh how I laughed!

Dairy is not benign, dairy involves huge amounts of cruelty and exploitation and DEATH.

And then these cheese-eaters pat themselves on the back, thinking that Vegan is just a different form of Vegetarian. I mean, we all love animals, right? It’s not like the animal has to DIE or anything, right?

Oh, but I never buy cheese myself! they protest. If someone offers it to me, or there is a pizza, or I’m hungry, or [insert excuse here]. That would be like someone saying “oh but I don’t smoke, I never buy cigarettes myself, I mean, if someone offers me one, or I get them off a friend when I’m at the pub after a late night, but, no, I’m not a smoker or anything”.

How is this any different? Just because you don’t buy it, does that mean it stops being cheese?

Here is my opinion… You know those old sayings “Milk – is liquid Meat” or “There is veal floating invisibly in every bottle of milk” or “Meat is murder, milk is rape” … vegans (by that I mean actual vegans, not faux cheeseatarian vegans) chose to not consume dairy in all its forms, because…

nothing could taste so good that it justifies rape and torture and slavery and murder.

That is what it comes down to:

If you consume dairy this is what you support

This PeTA video, shows the reality of the Land O’ Lakes dairy factory in Pennsylvania USA.

This is not an exception.

And don’t kid yourself – if you consume dairy products, and you haven’t personally met the cow, there is a very good chance that what you are eating came from cows just like this portrayed in the video.

And just why is that cow generously giving us her milk? Well she isn’t. Milk is meant for baby cows… it is baby food, for HER babies.

Like any mammal, she produces milk only to feed her babies.

Which means, she is forced to become pregnant against her will in order to create the baby that will get her body producing the milk.

And if people are stealing her milk (the cow doesn’t GIVE away anything), then there are babies out there, that are not drinking it.

So, what happens to those baby cows, which are surplus to requirements – if they survive the high infant mortality rate, they get sold into slavery, and become either milk cows or veal calves or pet food.

Pet food? Seriously, imagine telling that to a baby – your life is nothing, you are worth more to me dead.

or, Some may be shipped off to cosmetics companies to be turned into face creams or diet pills, because in some markets, it is illegal to use cows that are older than 30-months old in order to reduce the risk of spreading Mad Cow Disease (BSE – bovine spongiform encephalopathy).

Beauty products that are stuffed full with animal products are not beautiful. Nope, I do not want to be slapping dead calf on my face.

And this is a side effect of societies cheese-addiction.

Not much of a life, is it?

Then, what happens when the dairy cow gets too old?

After years of slavery, of being treated like a machine….

Cows that have been bred for maximum milk production, are unable to sustain the weight of their udders, which may be infected with mastitis, then what?

Is there a pension plan, and she goes off to a farm in the country to wander the hills and pastures and frolic in the clover… hell no, if she survives a couple of years of relentless torture in the dairy factory, she is shipped off to slaughter as soon as the milk production begins to slow up.

Thanks for the all milk, my dear, and don’t let the barn door hit you on the way out.

And then there is RENNET
Unless the label states “non animal rennet” – that cheese the vegan is eating, it isn’t even vegetarian.

Rennet is an enzyme used in cheese making, that is naturally present in the stomach of calves in order to digest the milk they are drinking.

Animal Rennet is taken from the lining of calves stomachs, and is often a by-product of the veal industry.

So when Vegetarians justify their continued animal consumption because “the animal doesn’t have to die”, What exactly do they mean? The baby cows that don’t survive to adulthood, the veal calves, the petfood calves or the cosmetics calves, the sick and dying milk cows, the retired cows who are sent to slaughter at 4 or 5 years old instead of well into their 20s which is the natural life expectancy of a cow.


This isn’t even going to go near the substances actually in the milk – pus, blood, leukemia cells, bovine growth hormone, anti-biotics, pesticides, herbicides, possibility of BSE prions, excessive amounts of protein and lots and lots of saturated fat.

Cheese eaters – what is the difference between that and eating meat for all the misery the production of milk entails.

And don’t get me started on vegans who eat HONEY……

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EDITTED TO ADD: There had been a MFA (Mercy for Animals) video in this piece, somehow it has been removed, and the link has been removed, without my knowledge. Even the text surrounding the video.

Is wordpress censoring vegan blogs now?

10 September, 2010

PETA, you are not the voice of Animal Rights (so stop talking)

PETA have always said and done things that get more attention for themselves rather than the animals they claim to support, however, the recent comments from the head of PETA, Ingrid Newkirk that Vegans “should be living in cave” show just how out of touch with mainstream animal rights PETA have become.

This is not just speaking a case of speaking out against a successful animal welfare organisation. My disagreement with PETA, is for several reasons: they don’t think being vegan is necessary to being an animal rights activist, they give awards to slaughterhouse designers, they take in shelter animals and then kill them, they chase celebrities rather than save animals, and think naked women (or “chicks” in PETA parlance) are powerful, this is all subsidised by tax payers and diverts money from no-kill shelters.

I will talk about these things, because I think it is important for people to know where their money goes when they donate to a charity or buy their merchandise. PETA might call themselves “People for Ethical Treatment of Animals” but they are nothing more than a welfare group.

While PETA-bashing is not new, there comes a time, when you say enough is enough. And this is why:

Firstly, they don’t think being vegan is important to them. I’m sorry, did I miss something? How can any organisation that claims to fight for animals, or at least give that impression, not support veganism. If you aren’t vegan, you don’t care about animals.

The goal for many {animal} activists is simply to get more people
to eat less meat. “Absolute purists should be living in a cave,” says Ingrid Newkirk,
president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).
“Anybody who witnesses the suffering of animals and has a glimmer of hope
of reducing that suffering can’t take the position that it’s all or nothing.
We have to be pragmatic. Screw the principle.”
Weekday Vegetarians: TIME magazine

There are no hyphenated-vegans. There is no such thing as Ingrid thinks, as a purist-vegan. You are either a vegan OR you don’t care about animals. There is no such thing as a little bit of cruelty being acceptable, a little bit of rape being acceptable, a little bit of slaughter is acceptable.

It IS all or nothing. If you are Not a Vegan, you have given up your rights to speak on behalf of those whose body you consume, wear, or any other way use.

As this video shows…

Ingrid is concerned about “misery” and “suffering” and “pain” or “anything like that” or “humane euthanasia” when her employees killed 31 animals.

Doesn’t that sound just like the how welfarists describe animals used for food, as long as they don’t suffer when you kill them, it is ok to kill and eat them.

This is not ethical.

PETA’s own website PETA Media Center

Approximately 6 to 8 million animals are handled by animal shelters in the United States each year. Even though some are reclaimed or adopted, nearly 4 million unwanted dogs and cats are left with nowhere to go. Shelters cannot humanely house and support all these animals until their natural deaths—they would be forced to live in cramped cages or kennels for years, lonely and stressed, and other animals would have to be turned away because there would not be room for them.

Turning unwanted animals loose to roam the streets is not a humane option. If they don’t starve, freeze, get hit by a car, or die of disease, they may be tormented and possibly killed by cruel juveniles or picked up by dealers who obtain animals to sell to laboratories.

Good and Bad Solutions
Because of the high number of unwanted companion animals and the lack of good homes, sometimes the most humane thing that a shelter worker can do is give an animal a peaceful release from a world in which dogs and cats are often considered “surplus” and unwanted. PETA, The American Veterinary Medical Association, and The Humane Society of the United States concur that an intravenous injection of sodium pentobarbital administered by a trained professional is the kindest, most compassionate method of euthanizing animals. The American Humane Association considers this to be the only acceptable method of euthanasia for cats and dogs in animal shelters.

LIES. or Creative truth telling?

Many good shelters, struggle to get by on extremely limited funds, that do not kill animals brought in to them. But, housing animals in good conditions costs more money than PETA want to spend on animals, that they could be spending on celebrities instead.

PETA also gives awards to slaughter-house designers.

In 2004 PETA awarded Temple Grandin with a Proggy (progress) Award, as a Visionary. This is part of the reason they gave for awarding a slaughterhouse designer a PETA award:

Dr. Grandin consults with the livestock industry and the American Meat Institute on the design of slaughterhouses! However, Dr. Grandin’s improvements to animal-handling systems found in slaughterhouses have decreased the amount of fear and pain that animals experience in their final hours, and she is widely considered the world’s leading expert on the welfare of cattle and pigs.

Ingrid Newkirk describe this as “I admire her work in the field of humane animal slaughter.”

When you design a more efficient slaughterhouse, the result is animals are slaughtered more efficiently, which means more animals are killed. This does not sound “visionary” to anyone who believes in Animal Liberation.

But then, PETA do take in shelter animals… and kill them, so it is easy to understand how they could be confused between “slaughtering” and “saving”.

As this website PETA Kills Animals
makes clear: Exclusive: PETA’s Pet Killing Program Set a New Record in 2009

During all of 2009, PETA found adoptive homes for just eight pets. Just eight animals — out of the 2,366 it took in. PETA just broke its own record.

The PETA Kill Animals website also features PETA’s kill statistics from 1998 to 2009, and that figure works out to 299/300 animals are killed by PETA.

While no-kill shelters manage to get by on a fraction of the money PETA get, they do, and they do it without killing 299/300 animals brought in by people who think they are doing the right thing.

Although, as PETA themselves do point out, it is expensive providing a basic standard of care for “surplus” (their word) animals, money that could be better spend chasing celebrities.

As Vegina (the well-respected animal rights activist, Ms Glasser) points out in her blog post
playing to the paparazzi , concerning a circus protest,

A celebrity appearance was arranged for the protest. Activists were not told who was coming but it was requested we not do any chanting until she arrived because she was “sensitive to that sort of thing.”

PETA’s use of celebrities is getting in the way of real activists, doing real work.

UK model, Naomi Campbell appearing in this PETA ad, under the banner, “We’d rather go naked than wear fur”, only to turn up on the catwalk a couple of years later, for Dolce & Gabbana wearing a fur coat… Oops.

DITA Von Teese, burlesque dancer and PETA model, loves her fur, and refuses to give them up, despite her work with PETA:

Dita, who wore fox fur when she performed at the Macy’s Passport AIDS benefit last week, told People magazine: “PETA is totally aware of me wearing fur. I’m not working with PETA to tell people to be vegetarians or to stop wearing fur. I am there to strictly speak about spaying and neutering your pets.”
Von Teese won’t give up fur despite working with PETA

Jenna Jameson, PETA model for pleather, yet, kills fish, people see the behaviour of celebrities and it weakens PETAs message, unless their message is “do what we say, and not what we do”.

But then, chasing celebrities is what you do best.
PETA’s 30th Anniversary – Gala and Humanitarian Awards:

PETA’s star-studded, once-in-a-lifetime event will celebrate 30 years of cutting-edge campaigns that have brought about monumental change for animals and are leading to even more progress. This memorable night will feature a celebrity awards presentation, wonderful musical performances and other top-notch entertainment, delectable vegan food, unique silent auction items, and more in a historic and famous Hollywood setting.

Will Temple Grandin be in the running again, has she designed any other ways of efficiently slaughtering animals, that PETA feels she should be award for?

These celebrity fueled events have been described as “Each year it holds a celebrity gala … which is attended by thousands and makes for great PR.” – oh wait, sorry, oh, sorry, that was a description of Scientology.

A website set up, to discredit PETA, I am currently researching who is behind this (another major anti-PETA campaign is funded by CCF, Centre for Consumer Freedom, an organisation that represents the meat and dairy industries), has a PETA vice president quoted on the Fox News Channel’s audience: “Our campaigns are always geared towards children, and they always will be.”

Where have I heard that “targetting children” phrase before?… oh yes, the Tobacco Industry, in this court ruling, (TOBACCO INDUSTRY: UNLAWFUL, DECEPTIVE AND LETHAL: 2006: US District Court Judge Gladys Kessler’s damning judgment against the tobacco industry), the judge found that, yes, Big Tobacco does target children.

Get them young, and you have a convert for life?

How much of peoples hard-earned dollars are being wasted on this garbage of celebrity worship? Money that people donate a few dollars at time, thinking they are making a difference in the life-or-death of an animal? Would they be disappointed to find out money they slave hard for doing their 60hours a week gets diverted to throwing parties for the rich and famous.

PETA rakes in the money through donations, but do they spend any of it on animals, any, at all? But why spend money saving animals, when PETA could be out there making soft porn to sell vegetarianism?

Vegetarians? Did I miss something? Dairy, eggs, honey, are all vegetarian food products which inflict intolerable cruelty on the cows, chickens and bees involved.

I think you meant GO VEGAN, didn’t you?

PETA quote often uses naked women to promote vegetarianism. These ads and promotions are so ubiquitous, that I will not repeat any more of them here. They use naked women to promote tofu, circuses, fur coats, and many more causes. There isn’t an issue that PETA doesn’t promote using naked women.

But then, PETA’s agenda is never about VEGANISM, as Ingrid Newkirk herself has allegedly said (quoted on the website TMZ)

PETA big cheese Ingrid Newkirk tells TMZ she’s got no beef with steakhouses — she’s been to the STK in New York herself.

STK, a steakhouse restaurant in New York, features foie gras on the menu, menu as of today.

Although, what is more likely, they are promoting PETA, rather than anything to do with animals.

How about some more naked women to promote VEGANISM, and actually make a difference on behalf of animals?

If being naked was a sign of empowerment, why doesn’t President Obama turn up to the oval office in his underwear, and on the topic of empowerment – Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Senator Hillary Clinton, former Governor Sarah Palin and Oprah, these are powerful women, and I notice they often wear clothes.

Comparing womens’ bodies to meat, does more to objectify women, or commodify women than it does to convince anyone to give up meat. It seems like all it would do is convince patriarchal meat-eaters to objectify women even more.

And yet, as a registered charity, what PETA does is tax-deductible. What they do is being subsidised by the tax payers, every publicity stunt, every naked woman, every dead dog, it seems from my perspective, that it is all about how much money PETA can make. And if I am wrong, I will be prepared to stand corrected.

While large groups, such as PETA, ASPCA, HSUS, allegedly kill almost 10 million animals a year, smaller groups do much better with a lot less money, but they don’t get the media.

What can someone say other than to quote Penn & Teller… Bullshit PETA

Attacking PETA though, feels a little strange, I mean, how often do Animal Rights Activists say we need to stop the infighting. On the other hand, I can’t just support someone because they say they are for animals, when clearly they are not. And, they do have some useful resources and by that I mean ‘free’, which does help some people, but there comes a point when they are not just merely getting in the way of real vegans and AR people, but they are doing more damage than good.

And no one should have to unquestioningly support a pseudo-Animal Rights group, just because they say they are for animals.


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Written by RedGlitter of VALA

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4 September, 2010

Meat Kills

Meat Kills: Consolidated

Warning: Slight Graphic Imagery.

A spoken-word track by Consolidated, called MEAT KILLS from their Friendly Fa$cism (1991) album, is nearly 20 years old, but still as important today.

Consolidated: Adam Sherburne, Mark Pistel, Philip Steir

This is what is being said. Reprinted here, is in no way meant to impinge on their copyright, or suggest that they endorse this blog, its authors, or its themes. They are here, only to make clear the words being spoken on the video clip over the sounds of the slaughter house.

Meat Kills

The driving force behind the destruction of the tropical rain forests is the American meat habit. The rain forests are cleared then planted with grass for grazing livestock to create hamburger for fast food restaurants.

More than half of all the water used in the United States is used for raising animals for food. 25 gallons of water is needed to produce a pound of wheat. 2500 gallons of water is needed to produce a pound of meat.

Dependence on foreign oil is one of the principle reasons for US intervention in the Persian Gulf. The length of time the world’s oil reserves would last if all human beings ate a meat-based diet would be approximately 13 years. The length of time the world’s oil reserves would last if all human beings ate a plant based diet would be approximately 260 years.

Feedlots and slaughterhouses are both major polluters of rivers and streams. Filling them with poisonous residues and animal wastes. 250,000 pounds of animal excrement is produced every second in the US and there are no sewage systems to treat the wastes.

In 1989, over 40% of the world’s grain harvest was fed to animals going to slaughter. If the same grain was fed directly to human beings, there would be more than enough grain to feed the entire world. Over 20 million people will die as a result of malnutrition this year.

In third third world private and government money has gone to developing cash crops for export while food production for the poor majority is neglected. 80% of the corn grown in the US is fed to animals raised for food rather than going to hungry people.

On a purely vegetarian diet the world can support a population many times its present size. On a meat based diet the current world population could not be sustained.

Cattle ranching has always competed with wildlife. Coyotes and wolves would not be shot and poisoned by ranchers if people did not eat steaks and lamb chops. Destroying the rain forests to raise cattle is causing millions of birds, monkeys, snakes and other species to lose their homes and lives.

In the US this year alone thirty seven and a half million cattle, eighty five and a half million
pigs, five and a half million sheep, two hundred forty two million turkeys, four billion one hundred forty seven million chickens will be murdered for the taste of their flesh.

Pain, frustration, stress, fear, abuse, neglect, and deprivation are realities of the raising of animals in today’s factory farms. Animals are artificially inseminated, fed growth hormones, overcrowded, chained and caged.

Raising livestock for profit is a competitive business and being humane means costs will go up. These animals are kicked, prodded, electro-shocked, dragged, and finally transported to their deaths.

A vegetarian diet promotes superior health, endurance, and longevity.

Animal products have 3 nutritional disadvantages. They contain too much protein, too much fat, and no fibre.

Do not believe the protein myth. It was based on a study done by the meat and dairy industries to rats, animals who need 1000 times more protein in their diet than humans.

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