Capitalism is the new religion, money is the new God

text of image: Capitalism is the new religion, money is the new God

text of image:
When I feed the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why the poor are hungry, they call me a communist. — Dom Helder Camara


2 Comments to “Capitalism is the new religion, money is the new God”

  1. Nothing new about the religion of money. Jesus told us we have a choice – God or Money. We can’t have both. However a lot of Christians conveniently forget this and think they can have both. Some think it’s OK if they do good things with their money. They just forget a simple thing. Our thoughts follow our choices. If we chose money there are all sorts of follow-ons: like chasing money to get more of it; reading the finance pages first to check our investments; putting a price on everything, even human beings; giving more time and thought to money than to people, the planet and other species. The ultimate follow-on is becoming immune to lives and suffering.

    If we are truly following a spiritual path, it will bring follow-ons from that choice. And we know we are followiing a false path if loving others as we wish to be loved is not a priority.

    • it was supposed to be based on those fashion saying ‘SOMETHING is the new black’ – navy is the new black, pastels is the new black, heels are the new black, skinny jeans are the new black, nothing sinister, sorry if it offended

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