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4 May, 2012

The Things You Learn About Activists on Social Media

Having recently seen a celebrity round up a posse to abuse someone who said that the celebrity wasn’t taking the issue of violence seriously, I’ve noticed how often celebrities and people who think they are celebrities over-react to people who disagree with them.

Clementine Ford: This is a self-described feminist – which I assume means she fights for women’s rights, not just her own. So what trolling did she experience? Someone called her a “bitch”. Oooh, harsh.

Classic #FirstWorldProblems

Meanwhile, Animal Rights Activists, Human Rights Activist, Earth Rights Activists, Online Rights Activists, Economic Justice Activists, Freedom and Independence Activists are being thrown in prison for standing up for their beliefs, being shot, tortured, detained under house arrest, “disappeared”, abducted…. of the “crime” of trying to make the world a better place. Imagine if anyone ever called them “bitch” – all the activism in the world would come to a screeching halt.

No, wait – it wouldn’t. Being called a bitch, is not trolling, and if that is the worst thing someone experiences in their day, boohoo for your first world problems.

She then publishes his email address. And adds the following “So, I say, use it. Send him links to feminist articles, email him really large photos that take ages to download. Send him daily philosophical thoughts, suggestions for discounted holidays.”

Using her fame and celebrity (whatever she is famous for) to harass someone who disagreed with her. Meanwhile George Clooney uses his fame to bring peace to Sudan, and Brad Pitt uses his celebrity to help with housing in hurricane ravaged New Orleans.

That is harassment and abuse. Must remember to add that to my arsenal of feminist tactics, how could I have missed that one.

Having seen Ford in action, I will pre-emptively state this: I have never contacted Ford, never tweeted her, never reblogged her, until 5 minutes ago, the only Clementine Ford I’d ever heard of was the actor from The L Word, Cybill Shephards daughter. If she does find this blog post, and calls it trolling. She will be wrong. If she directs anyone to come here and abuse me, she will be just as guilty as the person doing the abuse. And if anyone does come here because she told you to, think about your actions, think about her actions, Not Mine.

source of Tweet: here
Image of the trolling: here

4 May, 2012

If you protest, you may get shot by your government

May 4 1970, in Ohio state, USA, at Kent University, unarmed college students were shot by the Ohio National Guard. Guards fired 67 rounds in 13 seconds leaving four dead and nine wounded. The victimes were protesting the USA invasion of Cambodia, watching from a distance, or randomly walking past