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31 October, 2011

I became homeless because I was Vegan (my story)

This is a rather personal story, inspired in part by a girl I follow in twitter and tumblr – Selena, who is a 16 year old vegan, and I often think, how smart she is compared to me at that same age. So I began looking back, and this is my story….

When I was about 10 or so, there was a girl at my school who was vegetarian, and I was always asking lots of questions about what she ate, there was also a 7th Day Adventist family, and I asked them a lot of questions too.

One day, I mentioned this “nut meat” product that my vegetarian friend at school would eat, my mother warned me, “Don’t think you’ll be allowed to go vegetarian”.

When I was 11, I was at luau in Hawaii, with my family, and part of that was a whole pig on a spit, roasting over an open fire. I took one look at it and knew then and there I would be vegetarian.

It wasn’t just “pork” – It was a pig!

It didn’t look like a pork chop… It. Had. A. Face.

I refused to eat any of the pork at the luau, and my mother told me she was so ashamed that I didn’t eat this wonderful food, what would people think.

When I got to high school, a big event happened that changed my life completely. I was brutalised and terrorised by a teacher. This man was a famous football player, back in the day when teachers still had real jobs.

He was my maths teacher. He was also a Parramatta Eel, NSW State Of Origin, Australian representative in Rugby League, and we were so annoyed that he wouldn’t even take a day off school during State Of Origin, not even when the games were in Queensland. (From this point on, he shall be named as Mr Win-At-All-Cost)

Anyway, I told my mother about it, she told me “don’t make a fuss”.

I told my principal about it, Did I have evidence? No. Then it didn’t happen.

The being targeted by this man continued, I told my mother that if it happened again, I would scream so loud, that the whole world would hear, my mother said “I am so ashamed you’re my daughter, now go apologise to Mr Win-At-All-Cost”.

I had been getting a lot of detentions, both as a result of this mans brutality, which led to me not co-operating with authority, but also because of being vegetarian, which the school decided was yet one more example of my bad trouble-making ways.

Apparently I had behavioural problems – at school, because I refused to co-operate with the man who brutalised me,
and also at home, which in my mothers’ world, that meant, I wouldn’t eat meat.

And wasn’t my mother ashamed that I was her daughter.

These two events happened about the same time in my life. They are inexorably linked. The brutality from the teacher, which lasted for a few months, and the standing up for myself as a vegetarian.

At this stage, if there was meat in something, I would take it out (yeah, I thought I was vegetarian). If it was on a sandwich, I would take the meat off. If it was on my plate I would eat around it.

I also cooked the family meals. I would come home from schools, while my siblings did sport or other activities, I had to do housework, cook dinner and clean up from dinner. But my mother would leave detailed instructions about what to cook.

If a recipe called for 150 grams of ham in the fried rice, it better be 150 grams, not 149 grams, not 151 grams.

In those early days of my vegetarian experience, I had to cook a lot of meals like goulash, spaghetti bolognaise (minced beef in tomato sauce with onions), things where it was almost impossible to take the meat out.

I didn’t dish up the meals, just cook them. So I couldn’t put more vegetables on my plate and less meat. No.

There was many nights when all I would eat was plain boiled spaghetti. For example, if the meal was bolognaise, I would push all the meat aside and wash the spaghetti off. My mother didn’t like that, she would hold my face down and tell me to clean off my plate, she didn’t like a messy plate.

Everything had to be clean. I often sat at the table until 9 or 10 o’clock, refusing to clean the meat (eat) off my plate.

This only reinforced my mothers views that I had behavioural problems. I was a messy eater.

That was my mothers big thing, if something was messy she would throw it out. If my pencil sharpener was a millimeter out of alignment on my desk, it was too messy, she would throw it out. If my book had a page that was bent or folded, it would be too messy and thrown out. If I hanged my clothes with the coathanger facing out instead of in, that item of clothing would be too messy and thrown out.

Meanwhile, at school I was always, always getting in trouble, I spent more time in detention that in all other classes put together, almost.

I got detentions for dodging maths class (hey, who could have predicted that)…

I got detentions almost every week for not being in uniform – no I’m sorry, but your policy that girls had to wear skirt, and no pants allowed, uh-uh – no one is getting access to under my skirt, I don’t care who they are, I wore pants, and the detentions continued.

or the time when it came to selecting subjects, I chose metal work, I got put in home economics (cooking) because I was a girl and girls didn’t do metal work.

Although I was the most popular kid in that class, I would pay the same money as everyone else, but when it came to eating the food, I ate the vegetables, and the rest of my table ate the meat, they loved that.

In one class we had to kill, dehead, scale and gut a fish.
Yep, that is right, there was like this bucket of fish swimming around, we had to choose one, kill it, chop its head off and scale it, and slice it open and pull its insides out.

The 7th Day Adventists were excused. This girl who cried and cried was excused. I was told I would fail the class if I didn’t.

“But I’m vegetarian, I don’t eat animals”
“Fine,” my teacher told me, “you don’t have to eat it, but you still have to …..”
“But that’s not fair, Anna doesn’t have to, and she actually eats fish”
“But she cried”

I failed the class and had to get my parents to sign a note. Oh boy, was I in trouble that night. I was such a continued embarrassment to my mother. Brought such shame to the family.

Or the times, that they had fund raising barbecues – “But I’m vegetarian, I don’t eat sausages, I don’t eat butter or margarine, and I don’t eat white bread, you expect me to pay the same money as everyone else, to lick up $3 worth of tomato sauce?” I said …. and off to another detention I went.

Detention was fun, I got to hang out with all the bad boys – “and what are you in for?” would usually be the start the detention sessions. The boys would be in for fighting, graffiti, smoking, skipping class…. and me? Oh I’m vegetarian.

When I was about 14 going on 15, I started experimenting with vegan days, where I would secretly not eat any animal products while still pretending that I did, and hoping no one would notice.

I would still have to prepare and cook meals with meat and other animal products.

One day, when I was barely 15 still in my occasionally eating dairy and eggs (I didn’t eat honey) sometimes, and vegan meals other times phase…. my sibling bit me.

I turned up at the meal table, my arm was bleeding, big mistake. My mother forced my head onto the floor and told me to clean up the mess. One drop of blood was just too messy. So I licked up the blood that had fell on the floor from my bitten arm. Then sent to my room without dinner.
What? but my sibling bit ME!

My mother responded if my sibling bit me, I must have deserved it.

I wasn’t allowed dinner, or any other food the next day either. Or the next.
On the 3 day of no food, one of my friends gave me a cheese sandwich. I ate it, and threw it up soon after, it was so greasy, all margarine and white bread and cheese slices, and I hadn’t eaten in three days by this stage. But it was possibly one of the greatest sandwiches I’d had in my life at that point.

But I fell over in class. I was walking to my desk, and its like I took a step and the floor came up to face, I didn’t have the sensation of falling. I must have fainted or something.

So of course I get a note sent home, my parents had to sign it, to give the school permission to keep me back late for afternoon detention. For “being a disruption to the other members of class”.

My mother went out of her brain. Accepting food from strangers, like I was a charity case, she was “mortified…. so ashamed that I was her daughter”. And I got no dinner that night either.

On the 4th day without food, my friend, the wonderful, adorable Sonya, whose parents had a farm, brought me in a container full of the luscious, plumpest, juiciest, reddest strawberries that have ever existed. And I ate them, every last one.

When I got home from school, I went straight to my room, like I had to, only allowed out to cook. Lamb chops, mashed potato (with one and a half potatoes each person), and three tablespoons for each person of frozen peas, and sliced carrots, no wider than 5 millimeters each slice.

After they finished eating, and I went out to wash the dishes, my mother called me out of the kitchen.
“Is it true, that you were seen eating at school?”
“Just a strawberry, Sonyas family own a strawberry farm”
“How dare you, I am so ashamed that you’re my daughter, accepting charity…. do you want people to think we don’t feed you?”
(Well, you don’t)
“If you ate food like a normal person, you would be allowed dinner, now here, have a chop”

There was a plate with a lamb chop on it. It was cold and the fat had started to congeal. It smelled like burnt flesh.

I refused.

My mother didn’t like that, can’t leave food on a plate, it’s too messy. She shoved my head down and I refused to eat it.

“But I work so hard to put food on the table, and you think you can just be ungrateful, that you refuse to eat it?”

“But I don’t eat meat”

So my mother dragged me into my room, and began packing my things into whatever bags she could find. I didn’t have much, most of possessions had been thrown out over the years as being “too messy”. And, I was pushed out the door and the door locked.

I slept that first night in the garage. I snuck back in, in the morning to get ready for school. I hadn’t eaten in days, and the food cupboards were locked. But the fridge wasn’t. I opened the fridge, and was about to drink some milk, in my head the phrase “meat is murder, milk is rape” kept going through my mind.

I didn’t drink the milk.

I was never allowed back in the house again.

For the first few days, I kept thinking, “I’ll be asked to come back, won’t I?”

Was I really so messy, that I had to be thrown out as well?

There was an abandoned car under a bridge at an abandoned farm, “The Poderosa”, I lived there. I would go to school really, really early, shower in the locker room, dry myself with paper towels, then stay in the local library until that closed then go sleep in the car, and hope like hell that no one would come around and harass me.

In the hotter weather, when more people would be around The Ponerosa, I would sleep in an empty church, the Country Womens Association Hall, in the park, any place where there was no people. Sometimes I would go to sporting grounds and use their change sheds for a shower.

It was hard, it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

When I finished year 12, I had actually topped the state in 3 subjects (but not Maths, I barely scrapped by with a pass). That meant 100%, there was people from other schools too that got 100%, but it was actually a big deal. There was an awards night at the school, and I went to the local op shop and bought a cheap old bridesmaid dress and got all pretty and went.

I collected my awards, and after the ceremony, one of my favourite teachers ever, Mr James, asked me where my family was, did I really come alone? I had topped the state, didn’t any celebrate with me?

Mr James was the first person I told, I said “my mother kicked me out of home when I was 15, I’ve been living in the park”.

“But your siblings, they go to this school too, are they homeless?”

“Nope, just me”

Yes, I still went to the same school as my siblings, the people who were not too messy and allowed to stay. I would pass them in the halls occasionally, that was weird.

Maybe all those hours and hours, I spent at the library, doing nothing but reading everything that had a printed word in it, did have some advantages. I didn’t watch television or listen to the radio. All I did was read.

How different my life would have been if I never looked at that poor pig on a spit roast at the age of eleven and decide that I was meant to be vegetarian.

How different my life would have been if I just ate that lamb chop at fifteen that my mother tried to force me to eat.

But I am vegan, it’s who I am, and I refuse to change that for anyone, for any reason.

23 October, 2011

Decadent Vegan Chocolate Cake with Ganache or Chocolate Buttercream (recipes)

Cookbook:Chocolate Sour-Cream Icing after melt...

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Chocolate is the first luxury. It has so many things wrapped up in it: deliciousness in the moment, childhood memories, and that grin-inducing feeling of getting a reward for being good.
Mariska Hargitay 

Cake Recipe

(all ingredients vegan)

1 1/2 cups of Self-Raising flour

1/4 cup of cocoa powder

1 cup brown sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1/4 cup light oil (oil of your choice, eg sunflower, macadamia)

1 cup of water

1. Preheat oven to 160°C / 320°F.

Line with baking paper and grease a cake baking tray

2. Sift together flour and cocoa, add sugar mix well.

3. Add vanilla extract and oil.

4. Add most of the water (better to reserve some water, than add all in one go; it is easier to add more water if the mixture is too dry than add more flour if the mixture is too wet).

5. Blend by hand, 4-5 minutes (or with electric mixer), until the mixture is a velvety smooth batter.

6. Pour into prepared baking tray, tap the sides with a wooden spoon to make an air bubbles come to the top.

Bake 40-50 minutes or until a wooden skewer comes out clean. (I like to spin my cakes around half way through baking, to ensure that it cooks evenly from all sides).

7. Cool in tray for 5 minutes, then remove and transfer to a wire rack to cool completely before adding ganache and / or chocolate butter cream.


100 – 150 grams of vegan chocolate (such as a block or choc-dots)

1 tablespoon vegan margarine

1. Melt the chocolate in a microwave (in 10 second bursts) or in bowl over a saucepan of simmering water (double-boiler) ensure no water gets in the melted chocolate, stir until melted.

2. Add margarine, mix.

3. Spread over cake as an icing / frosting.

Chocolate Butter Cream

1/2 cup of icing mixture or icing sugar (powdered sugar)

(icing mixture is icing sugar with corn flour, icing sugar is very fine sugar)

1 tablespoon cocoa

1 tablespoon vegan margarine

1. Mix the cocoa and the sugar, til blended, add enough margarine til mixture is spreadable.

2. Adjust the quantities to taste or til desired consistency.

3. Spread over cake instead of ganache or as a filling.

Dry ingredients for a Wacky Cake - ingredients...

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Optional extra

Top cake with crushed chocolate biscuits, sliced strawberries,

or a light dusting of powdered sugar.

* Tip

Wait for cake to cool completely before removing greased baking paper.

11 October, 2011

UPDATE: Warning: Theft of Goods meant for #Occupy – #OCCUPYSYDNEY IS A SCAM

An Update following on from my previous post Warning: Theft of Goods meant for #Occupy and theft of goodwill – #OCCUPYSYDNEY IS A SCAM.

I received contact from 4 separate people claiming to be members of #OccupySydney, 3 claimed they just wanted to help, but did not even ask for basic information, such as the address I took the goods to. Surely that would be one of the first questions you would ask, in case it was a member of the organisation who was storing them and had not yet got around to telling the other memebrs.

I have been patronised, harassed, and even after I asked to be left alone the harassment continued, Ive been insulted and trolled. And I’ve been called names and slandered in a public social networking sites.

But the most laughable thing after all of this was, I was contacted by someone claiming to be in charge of collecting donations for the occupy group (I’m sure he would have trouble actually spelling “logistics” though) and did he want to help sort the scamming of donated goods. NOOOOOooo, he wanted to insult me some more and then ask for me to donate more free stuff to their little elitist princess tantrum.

And to say that I am some how a [bunch of insulting names] and your proof is because I refuse to use Facebook, is deflective of your own defectiveness.

They claim their accounts must have been hacked – yes, for the entire length of time it took for me to discuss a location to drop off donation items…. and then apparently the hacker left them alone without doing anything else.

These people have done nothing but turn my online life upside down.

— The harassment, the insults, the spiteful vindictive comments, the trolling and harassment, the begging for more donations yet claim they are “helping” to sort out what happened to my previous donation, then harass me and insult me while asking for more.

Not to mention what they have done to my real world life.

— Misplacing a uteload (like a pick-up truck) of donated goods.

I will say it again – you people are nothing but a scam, you are a sham, you are doing not one single thing for support or occupying but sucking donations and goods out of good, hard-working honest people while living it up in your Baulkham Hills lifestyle (for those outside of Sydney, think…. Beverly Hills 90210 or Chipping Norton 0X7 or Toorak).

You are harassing, you are trolling, you are slandering, you are all (at least the four of you that I have had the misfortune to come across) lying cheating deceptive thieving nasty pieces of trash.

And if you take offence to this, I am so sorry, I was aiming my comments at the person who hacked your account for 3 minutes.

8 October, 2011

Warning: Theft of Goods meant for #Occupy and theft of goodwill – #OCCUPYSYDNEY IS A SCAM

Pawn Shop at Sherman Way & Reseda Blvd., Resed...

pawnshop: Image via Wikipedia

Following my previous post, I’m showing solidarity with supplies for #occupy – for earth, animals and people, I wrote a comment on twitter that I was disappointed that I had heard no follow-up from anyone, not even to my question of what other supplies do #occupysydney need? – nothing.

I tried to contact some organisers to get a list of other items they might need, and got absolutely no response, no one would talk to me. It was like now they had my donation I had ceased to exist.

So I wrote that I would cease all publicising of OccSyd events, if they wanted to act like me and my donation had ceased to exist, I would return the favour, and I would treat them as the joke that they are.

In my experience, I believe #OccupySydney to be frauds, thieves and multi-level-marketers conniving to get goods out of working people… it was only at this point that I had contact on twitter.

Clearly OCCUPY are quite happy to accept a uteload of goods, including blankets, a generator, and computer equipment, but Im not good enough to talk to, wow, talk about elitist.

I told the person representing @OccupySYDNEY that I wish they would leave me alone, and I would stop mentioning them either negatively or positively, but I wanted them to stop talking to me.

And I got bombarded with patronising tweets, about how the “convergence” this and “intention” that and “facilitate” something else.

Using them big ole fancy words you learn in your posh schools is absolutely the way to show solidarity with us peasants, ey?

Of course, they denied receiving my goods. Even though it was arranged via the Facebook group. …. So either the twitter account is monitored by frauds or the facebook group is monitored by frauds, either way, I made a donation of about $1000 worth of goods collected from my local community and they deny they have it, so how  much of that will end up at the local pawn-shop or in someones back room. My advice, stay safe and give #occupySydney a very width path.

@occupysydney did say “sorry-we honestly don’t know who you dropped that off to..& are VERY concerned”

They are sooooo concerned that they have yet to ask me any question about where I went, who I dropped my goods off to, what were they names, their appearance, phone numbers, vehicle licence plate numbers, in fact they are SOOOO concerned they haven’t asked me even a single thing about this incident.

This leads me to infer / assume that they know exactly who those people were …. remember the OJ Simpson murder trial, the Defence lawyers forgot to try and locate the “real” owner of the bloody glove, because they already knew.

Because without a doubt, if someone was using my name to con about  $1000 worth of goods out of someone, and who knows, there might be more, I would ask a question or two -unless I already knew who the bloody glove belonged to.

So how does this go again – you expect people to give you stuff, but you refuse to answer their questions – hey, they have been learning from the 1% how to be complete, capitalist, blood sucking, elitists.

Do I feel cheated? Mostly of any good will I had towards the occupation, most of the goods had been donated from people in my small country town, I feel bad that somehow I unwittingly deceived them. I bought some vegan food, and spent about 9 hours driving and bought petrol, but that was a small outlay.

Do I feel disappointed? Meh, I never had high expectations in the first place, this just proves my initial scepticism was not entirely misplaced.

Seriously, if you are ignoring the question – what else do you need and I will collect it for you?, then perhaps you dont really need any more stuff.

But I did get told by someone who I didnt realise was connected with the occupy, if they are at all, that if I have more supplies to donate to call a certain number, yep cos that has been so successful up til now.

I have not seen any evidence that anyone knows what they are doing (‘were leaderless, no one is in charge, now make a donation and youll feel better’)

and I dont need anyone to say Im just being a little whiny bitch, because when I asked, what do you need?, I dont even get someone sending me a link to a list of supplies they would like.

So, I am putting this word of warning out there, people can use my experience to give them more information in order to make more informed decisions

In My Opinion – I would caution everyone who is thinking of getting involved with #occupy sydney, Australia, to seriously think twice:

    – think really hard about donating goods unless you personally know the person who is collecting them, and you know for a fact they will be occupying
    – think twice before donating anything that can be onsold, especially electronics or new clothes
        – think twice before turning up to occupy, you might just be there as background to legitimise the event so that the “organisers” can continue collect donations
        – think twice before you publicise events, if they are a scam, do you really want to be promoting that?
        – think twice before retweeting, reposting or reblogging anything that gives them any more publicity

If anyone would like to dispute what I have to say, or ask me any questions about who the people were that I delivered my goods to, like their name or address, leave a comment.


For anyone who doesn’t know Sydney – Baulkham Hills is one of the Richest areas in Australia, it also has one of the lowest levels of unemployment, it is also politically one of the safest LiberalNational seats (in Australian “Liberal” is the party of right-wing, neo-cons) – which just reinforces my original belief, #OCCUPYSYDNEY is a scam, by the same demographic that most occupiers want to protest against.

[Edited to Add: perhaps I should say alleged scammers are allegedly using alleged occupysydney to allegedly get free stuff, but really, I dont have any proof of that.

Sometime later, I was contacted by someone via twitter, using the “official” @occupysydney account, I asked them repeatedly to leave me alone, and they refused, the harassment continued quite a few hours later, from both the “official” account, and one of the private accounts ( @lala_dolce_vita ) of one of the occupy elites. The trolling and insults kept up for about half an hour, “were just trying to help” she pouted.

(Um, would you like the address where I took the goods to? Nope.
Would you like to tweet from the official account a request for information from your followers? yep, apparently that is “help”.
Don’t you care that perhaps someone in your organisation, took these for themselves? nope.)

After a few insulting trolly tweets, she told me that the main account must have been hacked. Yep must have been. Of course, it is so obvious, they got hacked just long enough to send nasty patronising harassing tweets, and then apparently they got unhacked.
Oh please, blaming a “hacker” for your own actions is childish, take responsibility.

I will say it again: The whole #occupysydney farce is a sham, a scam, an elistist money making Multi-level-marketing scheme designed to increase the personal wealth of a few “organisers”,
If you are #occupysydney and think you have been defamed, take it to court, prove it.

And for anyone thinking of donating – ask yourself – do they really need your money? do you have so much money lying around that you can afford to just give it away to people whose sole contribution to this movement is sending a few tweets and a few facebook status updates?]

6 October, 2011

I’m showing solidarity with supplies for #occupy – for earth, animals and people

I have been outspoken in my reluctance to support my local #Occupy, however, I can’t let my lack of confidence in the organisers get in the way of showing my support.

This could be an important movement to bring attention to how animals and the planet are being abused and mistreated in the name of capitalism, not just people. (Tiger Tiger Burning Bright is one of the very few writers or blogs that makes the connection between all three liberation movements)

I spend a long weekend assembling supplies, an assortment of things that I traded, bartered, begged, cajoled, asked nicely, collected, was gifted, or in other ways found (except the vegan chocolates, I bought them, and will be very disappointed if they dont make it to the occupation) – and gathered a collection of items that could be useful to Occupiers.

It took nearly 4 and 1/2 hours of driving – one way – to get to my local capital city, with a small truck (ute) with supplies.

I have yet to hear back any response from anyone connected with #Occupy since I dropped off the supplies, so I am just going to go ahead and will be assuming they were appreciated and will be put to good use.

But the 9 hours of driving is worth it, knowing that I have done my part, and don’t have to give them another thought.

There were five twenty-somethings in Vendetta-style Anonymous Guy Fawkes t-shirts (you do know that Warner Bros and Time Warner are making money when you buy Guy Fawkes branded merchandise, right) and Anarchy shirts, who helped me unload, so a big shout of thanks to them.

This is what I delivered:

    • TARPS x16 and PLASTIC SHEETING x40

heres a tip for you city folks – the difference between tarps and plastic sheeting: tarps cost more than plastic sheeting, because it has eyelets which are used to tie tarps down, they also fray fast, so dont use tarps for sitting on, use plastic sheeting, also avoid umbrellas, they can poke someones eye out, if it gets wet, use the plastic sheeting as a poncho or instead of an umbrella, I know tarps are like gold, but they are also more expensive than plastic

    • LANYARDS – a whole bunch

places that do printing for promotions sometimes have orders that get canceled or spelling mistakes, these they cannot sell, so visit a bunch of places, you might get tshirts, caps, pens, etc, I got these because they were printed with “MY HAPPY PLACE” a cafe that went out of business apparently

    • YELLOW GARBAGE BAGS – lots and lots

yellow because it stands out, you dont want people putting rubbish in a bag someone is using to waterproof their clothes


I say second hand, because that is where I have just decided to keep my collection of workers songs, rebellion songs, protest songs, union songs, human rights songs, anti war songs, protest chants, PDFs on what to do if arrested, ideas for direct action, Gene Sharps 198 methods of non violent direct action, Saul Alinskys 13 rules for radicals, outdoor cooking for large groups, camping recipes, posters, etc – I am such a technological novice I just dont know how to delete them – I am not pirating music at all, definitely not


FOR telstra, optus, virgin (but NO vodaphone, these are active but not loaded with money)
suggestion to occupiers, get a new sim, take everything off that you dont want everyone to see, in case your phone gets lost, stolen or taken into evidence


those flashdrive size things you stick in the side of a computer, for mobile internet, active but not loaded


6 cotton blankets (wool is cruel) and a whole bunch of other blankets that may have a logo on them that happens to be the same as a certain airline


1 box of sandwich size plastic bags


individual 750ml bottles (lots) and large 20 litre containers (some)people can refill their individual bottles, really, youre not going to die if you drink from a plastic bottle more than once


– LEDA VEGAN TIM TAMS – 2 packets
– LEDA VEGAN SNACK BARS – 2 boxes (apple, mixed fruit)
– GLUTEN FREE snack bars – 2 boxes (apple, apricot)
– LONG LIFE SOY MILK – 2 x 1L containers

    • in a clear PLASTIC STORAGE CONTAINER (first aid items):

– single use eye washes
– roller bandages
– large gauze sticking plasters
– small gauze sticking plasters
– 1 box of latex gloves
– 1 box of non latex nitrile gloves
– 1 roll of adhesive tape
(there are NO medications, anti biotics, sterile swabs, ointments, blades or scalples)


– white cardboard sheets
– multi-colour marker pens
– regular poster paint
– neon paint
– polyester non-metal glitter (the kind that wont cut your eyes if you get a piece in stuck in your eye)
– a 30cm ruler
(there are NO paint bushes or glue (if people want them, they can supply their own, these are not easy to find vegan) or scissors)


they kind they use on planes; Im not sure what it is used for, someone gave me a roll of it


those big blue and red bags, the kind you get from a $2 shop; I call them storage bags, but Ive heard them described to me as refugee bags




a little bit old, but it works

Good Luck to everyone involved.

For more information, any of these links –


They seem unable to make up their mind, it seems like every second day there is a notification they are switching blogs, so I’ll include both blogs, and if they’ve switched, then hopefully one of them works.

2 October, 2011

198 Methods of Nonviolent Action from Gene Sharp

protestors outside a KFC restaurant in Royal O...

Image via Wikipedia

This list was taken from Sharp’s work The Methods of Nonviolent Action, and describes instances where each of these methods achieved the goals that protesters set out to achieve.

This list was originally written in 1973, and could not have forseen the advances in technology that led to Facebook-revolutions and Twitter-revolutions, television, mobile phones with cameras and internet, and satellites.

The fact this list is almost 40 years old does not invalid it, History is greatest teacher, and if something has worked in the past, it could work again.

Protesters should always use as many methods and tactics as needed to accomplish their goals, not just stop at one.

If you believe in something, it is worth fighting for.

Get creative, when one thing doesn’t work, use another, and another.

Sharp’s 198 Methods are a starting point, not a complete list.

Non-violence is not inaction. It is not discussion. It is not for the timid or weak… Non-violence is hard work. It is the willingness to sacrifice. It is the patience to win.
César Chávez

(from Gene Sharp, The Methods of Nonviolent Action, Boston 1973)
via Peace Magazine



1. Public speeches
2. Letters of opposition or support
3. Declarations by organizations and institutions
4. Signed public declarations
5. Declarations of indictment and intention
6. Group or mass petitions


7. Slogans, caricatures, and symbols
8. Banners, posters, and displayed communications
9. Leaflets, pamphlets, and books
10. Newspapers and journals
11. Records, radio, and television
12. Skywriting and earthwriting

Nonviolence is a powerful and just weapon. which cuts without wounding and ennobles the man who wields it. It is a sword that heals.
Martin Luther King, Jr.


13. Deputations
14. Mock awards
15. Group lobbying
16. Picketing
17. Mock elections


18. Displays of flags and symbolic colours
19. Wearing of symbols
20. Prayer and worship
21. Delivering symbolic objects
22. Protest disrobings
23. Destruction of own property
24. Symbolic lights
25. Displays of portraits
26. Paint as protest
27. New signs and names
28. Symbolic sounds
29. Symbolic reclamations
30. Rude gestures


31. “Haunting” officials
32. Taunting officials
33. Fraternization
34. Vigils

Nonviolence is fine as long as it works.
Malcolm X


35. Humourous skits and pranks
36. Performances of plays and music
37. Singing


38. Marches
39. Parades
40. Religious processions
41. Pilgrimages
42. Motorcades


43. Political mourning
44. Mock funerals
45. Demonstrative funerals
46. Homage at burial places

Nonviolence is the first article of my faith. It is also the last article of my creed.
Mohandas Gandhi


47. Assemblies of protest or support
48. Protest meetings
49. Camouflaged meetings of protest
50. Teach-ins


51. Walk-outs
52. Silence
53. Renouncing honours
54. Turning one’s back


55. Social boycott
56. Selective social boycott
57. Lysistratic nonaction
58. Excommunication
59. Interdict


60. Suspension of social and sports activities
61. Boycott of social affairs
62. Student strike
63. Social disobedience
64. Withdrawal from social institutions


65. Stay-at-home
66. Total personal noncooperation
67. “Flight” of workers
68. Sanctuary
69. Collective disappearance
70. Protest emigration (hijrat)

That’s all nonviolence is – organized love.
Joan Baez


71. Consumers’ boycott
72. Nonconsumption of boycotted goods
73. Policy of austerity
74. Rent withholding
75. Refusal to rent
76. National consumers’ boycott
77. International consumers’ boycott


78. Workers’ boycott
79. Producers’ boycott


80. Suppliers’ and handlers’ boycott


81. Traders’ boycott
82. Refusal to let or sell property
83. Lockout
84. Refusal of industrial assistance
85. Merchants’ “general strike”


86. Withdrawal of bank deposits
87. Refusal to pay fees, dues, and assessments
88. Refusal to pay debts or interest
89. Severance of funds and credit
90. Revenue refusal
91. Refusal of a government’s money


92. Domestic embargo
93. Blacklisting of traders
94. International sellers’ embargo
95. International buyers’ embargo
96. International trade embargo


97. Protest strike
98. Quickie walkout (lightning strike)


99. Peasant strike
100. Farm workers’ strike


101. Refusal of impressed labour
102. Prisoners’ strike
103. Craft strike
104. Professional strike


105. Establishment strike
106. Industry strike
107. Sympathy strike


108. Detailed strike
109. Bumper strike
110. Slowdown strike
111. Working-to-rule strike
112. Reporting “sick” (sick-in)
113. Strike by resignation
114. Limited strike
115. Selective strike


116. Generalised strike
117. General strike


118. Hartal
119. Economic shutdown


120. Withholding or withdrawal of allegiance
121. Refusal of public support
122. Literature and speeches advocating resistance


123. Boycott of legislative bodies
124. Boycott of elections
125. Boycott of government employment and positions
126. Boycott of government departments, agencies, and other bodies
127. Withdrawal from governmental educational institutions
128. Boycott of government-supported institutions
129. Refusal of assistance to enforcement agents
130. Removal of own signs and placemarks
131. Refusal to accept appointed officials
132. Refusal to dissolve existing institutions


133. Reluctant and slow compliance
134. Nonobedience in absence of direct supervision
135. Popular nonobedience
136. Disguised disobedience
137. Refusal of an assemblage or meeting to disperse
138. Sitdown
139. Noncooperation with conscription and deportation
140. Hiding, escape, and false identities
141. Civil disobedience of “illegitimate” laws


142. Selective refusal of assistance by government aides
143. Blocking of lines of command and information
144. Stalling and obstruction
145. General administrative noncooperation
146. Judicial noncooperation
147. Deliberate inefficiency and selective noncooperation by enforcement agents
148. Mutiny


149. Quasi-legal evasions and delays
150. Noncooperation by constituent governmental units


151. Changes in diplomatic and other representation
152. Delay and cancellation of diplomatic events
153. Withholding of diplomatic recognition
154. Severance of diplomatic relations
155. Withdrawal from international organisations
156. Refusal of membership in international bodies
157. Expulsion from international organisations



158. Self-exposure to the elements
159. The fast
– 1. Fast of moral pressure
– 2. Hunger strike
– 3. Satyagrahic fast
160. Reverse trial
161. Nonviolent harassment


162. Sit-in
163. Stand-in
164. Ride-in
165. Wade-in
166. Mill-in
167. Pray-in
168. Nonviolent raids
169. Nonviolent air raids
170. Nonviolent invasion
171. Nonviolent interjection
172. Nonviolent obstruction
173. Nonviolent occupation


174. Establishing new social patterns
175. Overloading of facilities
176. Stall-in
177. Speak-in
178. Guerrilla theatre
179. Alternative social institutions
180. Alternative communication system


181. Reverse strike
182. Stay-in strike
183. Nonviolent land seizure
184. Defiance of blockades
185. Politically motivated counterfeiting
186. Preclusive purchasing
187. Seizure of assets
188. Dumping
189. Selective patronage
190. Alternative markets
191. Alternative transportation systems
192. Alternative economic institutions


193. Overloading of administrative systems
194. Disclosing identities of secret agents
195. Seeking imprisonment
196. Civil disobedience of “neutral” laws
197. Work-on without collaboration
198. Dual sovereignty and parallel government

1 October, 2011

Join the Pseudo-Revolution, it’s time to #Occupy My Local Capital City

{I support #OccupyWallStreet, I do not support the #Occupy in my local city which is already asking for donations but refuse to tell me what they are fighting for – this is for them, this is not for #Occupy in other city or country}

You want a get rich scheme, forget “social security is a Ponzi scheme“, the ultimate Ponzi scheme is to put #occupy in a tweet or status update and BOOM!! watch the money roll in, watch the free rent and electronic gifts, free clothes and free pizza – it’s a party in the streets tonight (rather, YOU are in the streets, while THEY party).

Mining other people’s anger, desperation, and hopelessness will make you rich!

Cos, nothing says It’s a Revolution for a New Century like recycling tired old drug-induced slogans, don’t you know THE WAR IS OVER, long over….

almost as relevant as The Black Panthers Up Against The Wall, MotherF-cker! or the British Suffragettes Deeds Not Words (actually that last one is still relevant, that can stay)

In my local capital city, the request has already gone out for donations, of cash, electronics, food, and places to stay during the Occupation.

(By the way – what exactly will you be occupying if you want free places to stay, doesn’t that, like, you know, defeat the ENTIRE point of an occupation.)

And so Dear Leaders of the Occupy Revolution in my local capital city – what are you fighting for?

Um….. *crickets*

So, let me get this straight, you refuse to tell me what you’re actually in fact fighting for, or how you intend to spend the $$$ you want me to hand you – but you want me to give you things, lots of things, lots of shiny, pizzery things? ……. and in return you’ll be staying in someone’s inner city apartment, tweeting on your Blackberry® or iPad™ about REVOLUTION…. um, yep, that doesn’t sound like a fair trade.

In fact, wanting working-class people to pay your bills while you sit around doing nothing productive but telling them what to do, sounds strangely like the same system you claim to want to overthrow.

That’s what the Wall Street Banksters have been accused of doing – parasites of society, drinking sham-pain while the peasants are revolting.

And you Dear Leader of the #Occupy revolution are the same kind of PARASITES.
…… You have your hand out asking for donations for which you will do nothing.

(BTW, try googling® Dear Leader you don’t even need to know how to spell it, simply copy&paste)

You think we are naive, you think our only role in the revolution is to fund it, while you reap the benefits, hey, that makes us part of the 99 and you the 1%.

And I’m here for the 99, I’m not here to make the 1% rich/er.

It’s Your Revolution…. Everybody Dance Now (only if you want to)

Come the revolution, we’ll all need to know how to dance.
– Herrick (Being Human)

To all the Single Ladies, all the Single Ladies, put on those one-shoulder leotards and learn a few moves….

Because, as Emma Goldman never quite said
If I can’t dance, it’s not my revolution

For all the neo-con wannabe anarchists who are begging for money to support the #Occupy revolution – Emma Goldman was an anarchist, she was not on an MTV reality show.

I was tired of having the Cause constantly thrown into my face. I did not believe that a Cause which stood for a beautiful ideal, for anarchism, for release and freedom from conventions and prejudice, should demand the denial of life and joy. I insisted that our Cause could not expect me to become a nun and that the movement should not be turned into a cloister. If it meant that, I did not want it. “I want freedom, the right to self-expression, everybody’s right to beautiful, radiant things.” Anarchism meant that to me, and I would live it in spite of the whole world–prisons, persecution, everything. Yes, even in spite of the condemnation of my own comrades I would live my beautiful ideal. [Living My Life (New York: Knopf, 1934), p. 56]

And I wanna dance – I don’t want to buy the entry ticket and have someone snatch the ticket out of my hand, and watch them dance.

But I am not surprised most of these #occupy-pretenders do not know who Emma Goldman was, they don’t know names like César Chávez, Dolores Huerta, Emmeline Pankhurst, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Huey Newton, Angela Davis or Afeni Shakur.

César Chávez, does he like dress up as a Roman Gladiator at the local casino?

Afeni Shakur, is she/he, like, related to Tupac? sure I’m a white kid from the suburbs of Australia, but I’m so gangsta, I’m down with Tupac, when is he touring next?

Che Guevara? Hell yes, I know who that is – I have his face on a t-shirt, he wears a beret, right. He was Mexican or something? right?

The same people piling onto the overcrowded #Occupy bandwagon are the same failed script-kiddies who couldn’t find their way around an operating system and couldn’t take part in the Anonymous revolution.

They never had access to State-secrets and so their only contribution to the wikileaks revolution was to change their profile picture on their social-nerdwords to say “Free Julian”.

These are the same people who put a whole lotta distance between what they are fighting for and Marx and Lenin – UGH, communism is so messy.

What they are, they say, is “THE 99“.

Yah for you, you are the 99.

What is the 99?

Uh, something to do with angry people? perhaps?

In the United States, long-term unemployed are “the 99-ers”, a term derived from 99 weeks of unemployment benefits.

It coincides well with the saying that 1% own the wealth, 99% pay the bills.

In the end, it comes down to those who are willing to do the work of setting up a PayPal™ account and harassing others for donations, and hardworking but busy people contributing to it.

If you can’t be there in person, hand over your hard-earned weekly pay-packet and you too can be a part of the revolution.

But, isn’t that exactly what got us into this situation in the first place.

The more you spend, the better a revolutionary you are.

If you haven’t got the time, give us all your money, and let us be angry for you, the ultimate in out-sourcing.

Your worth to the movement is based exclusively on how much $$$ you are willing to give the organisers.

Now that’s a revolution I want to be part of – as long as I’m in the 1%

#Occupy is a multi-level-marketing scheme of the most creative order.

As A.Breeze Harper (of Sistah Vegan) says It’s problematic because we are not trying to get to the very root of the problem, which is, at least in the first world, overconsumption. We are not addressing our addictions.

#Occupy (at least where I am) has morphed into the very thing it claims to want to overthrow.

#Occupy has now become an event to be consumed.

#Occupy has been commodified.

It is time for me to walk away, turn on the TV, watch some soaps, eat some take away and SHUT UP, WORK, CONSUME, DIE and NEVER QUESTION AUTHORITY.

[Edited To Add;

In a recent tweet I used an @ instead of # and got the attention of @occupysydney

I’d been commenting that as I have organised Animal Rights demonstrations in the past, it takes time, and just how did #occupysydney manage to do it so fast. (You need permits, because there is no such thing as public space, everything is owned by someone, and so you need permits to gather / OCCUPY private space Regular laws about obstructing traffic, loitering, jaywalking, disturbing the peace still apply to regular citizens – even if you are demonstrating, permits give you different rights such as walking on the roads etc.

This is what I got back

So already, we see the standard operating procedure, people issue the orders, other people doing the work, while  organisers are strutting like they know everything.

So I do the work of dealing with the council, the police, putting my name and details in the database, you think “a link” is fair trade? (oh Lucky me!)…. and he/she the Great And Powerful of Oz Occupy still can’t tell me what “link you in” means


Teach me to pay more attention in future when I use an @ instead of #