Is This What Abolitionist Veganism Has Come Down To?

I can honestly say that I don’t know anything about Randy W. Sandberg, but I have seen people tweet him into my twitter feed. But some fast research (google) has showed that he is / was Gary Francione’s webmaster (

There is no mention of veganism or anything even close in his bio!/randywsandberg although, he may have a separate account for proselytising, I mean, being vegan.

Ayn Rand, the darling of the Tea-Party in the USA, of the Religious Right Wing Republicans cutting a swathe through women’s rights in parliaments and capital buildings across the USA.

There isn’t a lot of compassion contained within the writings of Rand, and I’m sure there are a vegan Tea-Partiers, vegan is outside of politics, and are left, right, centre and every shade in between. But Ayn Rand?

And while everyone is perfectly entitled to their own political views, this just reinforces what I have been told about certain Abolitionists, who no longer identify as such, but when they did, in my experience used threats of force to raise money (I have screen shots of these incidences)… wouldn’t it be better to just get back to saving some animals.


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