RedGlitter (@redglitterx)
With degree in theology and feminism, am also a Ordained Clergy Person, I have a strong social justice and civil rights ethic. The fight for animal rights is one of the more important, how we treat animals is a reflection on ourselves.

Having blogged for a number of years, I split with my former partner who decided that vegetarianism was good enough, and so I decided to build a new team. Currently work for an animal rescue group.

I believe the reason I was put on this planet is to fight for animals, planet and people.



Former military, current New Zealander and recently turned onto Veganism. I can’t undo the past, but I can fight to make a better future. Born to be a fighter, just now I’m fighting for life instead of death.

“You can crush a man with journalism” ~William Randolph Hearst


Guest editor: Del

Opinionated, mouthy and ready to kick ass in the name of saving some animals.

Feedback welcome.

My little brag moment – I think that the Barbi Twins are incredible animal advocates, who don’t get the respect I think they deserve.
if you would like to follow the Barbi Twins, click on @Barbi_Twins in the tweet above


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