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15 August, 2010

Animal Testing: pass or fail?

“Ask the experimenters why they experiment on animals and the answer is: ‘Because animals are like us.’

“Ask the experimenters why it is morally okay to experiment on animals, and the answer is: ‘Because the animals are not like us.’

“Animal experimentation rests on a logical contradiction.”

—Prof. Charles R. Magel

digitally altered ad for mascara, showing beauty hurts

Why do we accept that some of the most sadistic things are done to animals in the name of science?

Are we, as a human species so blindly superstitious, that we still believe in “sympathetic (or hunting) magic” like our cave people ancestors did, back inn the day, when they draw art on the walls of the animals. Modern theory suggests when this was teamed up with dancing and chanting while wearing skins and antlers of slain animal would bring good luck in the hunt. By imitation they animals in the hunt they would recreate the expected results of the hunt.

How little we have progressed as a species since the days of Paleolithic cave art. For this hunting rituals magic has long since been discredited for lack of evidence. We know better, or we should.

Yet we continue to conduct all variety of experiments on animals, from emotional (separating animals from their families), stimulus deprivation, to cutting their brains open and inserting electrodes in, to testing medication, cosmetics, floor cleaners and many other useless products we have no use for. Vivesection shows how hollow our claims for being an advanced civilisation are.

Not only are we testing consumer products which are “new and improved” and require testing by law, these products are often no better and even worse than the old products they are replacing. The medications are giving inaccurate results, making the testing not merely cruel but pointlessly cruel.

The British Medical Journal has said that animal studies are of limited usefulness to human health because they are of poor quality and their results often conflict with human trials
(BMJ-British Medical Journal (2006, December 18). Just How Useful Are Animal Studies To Human Health?. ScienceDaily. Retrieved August)

There are also fundamental flaws in the way the tests are conducted, producing results which are unusable in any scientific way, even if the testing was as necessary as these vivisectors claim.

And, if these test were conducted at even a basic level required to achieve usable date, (which they are not), they are producing results that reflect how chemicals or conditions affect animals, and only those animals that are being tested. Testing doesn’t reflect how it affect animals in real world conditions. So these tests are useless even in for producing animal results, without trying to apply it to humans. (

On top of all this there is no guarentee of how these chemicals and products will affect humans, making the results of this deliberate cruelty, irrelevant.

As this article points out, Five out of six new prescription drugs don’t work, doctor claims, and they offer “few if any new benefits” to patients. Yet Big Pharma push these new wonder drugs, government regulatory agencies pass these drugs, in order to keep the profits rolling in. New and Improved, is really just Cruel and Horrific. These drugs are useless, and may actually be harmful, but the animals are tortured anyway, with no benefit to human health, which is the raison d’être “scientists” give us for this experimentation.

So, there are poorly designed tests, inaccurately carried out, producing irrelevant data, from cruel and useless tests on animals that have no clear correlation between how these products will affect humans, and after that, they still have to run human trials. Often the human trials are conducted at the same time, regardless of animal testing.

And in cases where animal testing has produced negative results, the companies can ignore it and proceed to human trials regardless. Such as with Proctor & Gambles testing of Olestra a fat substitute on mice and rats. These test shows that mice and rats developed liver tumors, and P&G decided to ignore these findings are rats and mice are different to humans.

Proctor & Gamble, the worlds largest producer of consumer goods, when we buy their products we are telling them that we agree with their testing policy. P&G has been the subject of many boycott attempt from consumers (for a full list of their products, their site provides a handy list of P&G products (US brands) ethical consumers and those who oppose animal testing may like to avoid

and why boycott proctor & gamble

P&G admit that guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, ferrets, rats and mice are among the animals used in their ‘product safety research’, as well as cats and dogs in pet food experiments.
Source: uncaged: protecting animals

As long as a company is making money, and P&G is making billions of dollars annually, they do not have the consumers health as their number one consideration. In fact, corporation law requires them not to, the law corporations to put profits for shareholders before all else.

The testing of our food on animals must give people cause for concern about what we eat. Food that has been around for hundreds of thousands of years gets adulterated in the labs and this raises safety issues for consumers.

As Kate Hood MDAA and Isabelle Quinn, authors of Vegan Bootcamp (Redcliff publishing, 2005) state “Testing (for any reason, other than taste) is done to find out how much of a chemical they can that add before it it will kill you. In other words, how much can they get away with, before your family launches lawsuits on your behalf. … If food needs to be tested to pass product safety tests, your body doesn’t need it. If you can’t pronounce the ingredients, your body doesn’t need it. If it is produced in a lab and not grown in the ground, your body doesn’t need it.”

There is a saying which reminds us why we must oppose this at every opportunity. If anyone knows who said this first, I would be happy to attribute it.

Animal experimenters inflict so much torture on dogs in order to induce heart disease. A disease that dogs, being meat eaters, do not get naturally. Once they have heart disease “scientists” test drugs that will be used on humans who have heart disease. Often as a result of eating animal products in the first place.

While people are continuing to receive grants to conduct these experiments, it is more profitable for them to torture rather than to show compassion, logic, reasoning and common sense.

The things we do to animals, because we can, is shameful.
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8 October, 2009

Animal Experimentation – but it’s for good for everyone

Good scientists, altruistic and noble, good men and women, with only the best interests of their patients at heart. Seeking to find cures for diseases?

White-coat Nazi’s would be a better description.

The Tuskegee syphilis experiment was a experiment on poor, black men in Tuskegee Alabama that lasted 40 years (1932-1972), and refused to give treatments even after penicillin was invented.

Even when people tried to bring this issue to attention, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) over ruled them, and continued the experiment. The CDC wanted the Tuskegee study to continue until all the participants were dead.

The experiment only ended when a researcher went public, the spotlight of media attention was the only reason it ended. It is easy to imagine that these experiments would have continued if the media had not have found out.

This happened because the men involved were black and poor. It happened because people in charge did not care about the lives of those who were being experimented on.

People who do experiments on any living being, whether human or non-human, do not care about their patients, and they do not care about making a better society, they do these things because they can. They have a pathological cruelty and total lack of empathy, they do not see others as having any rights to life at all.

Animals and people become mere things, not individuals. The lives of a few are traded for some imagined good for everyone.

And if this is what they can do to people, imagine what they can do to animals, and people who have no rights. They do these things because they can.

If it is outrageous to do this to people, imagine what it is like for animals.

5 July, 2009

Vegan Extremism

Well, tonight thank god it’s them, instead of you
Bob Geldolf and Midge Ure

Think of the animal on the farm, it doesn’t matter if it’s free-range, organic, or factory, they all end the same way, hung upside down by the hind leg to have their throat slit.

Think of the animal in the lab, with electrodes in his head or shampoo in eyes or oven cleaner on its back or addictive drugs in its veins, or sensory deprivation.

Think of the dog tied up on a chain in the backyard, with no food or water, and cover in snow with concrete to sleep on. Think of the 200,000 bulls to be slaughtered for a religious festival to appease some goddess.

Animal husbandry

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Think of the sheep to be skinned and turned into shoes. Ugg!

Think of the cow to be raped and have her babies stolen for her to have them locked in a tiny cage then called veal.

Think of the battery hen, in a cage with three others, no room to turn around, breathing in ammonia and decaying chicken all day to produce eggs.

Think of the kittens turned into footballs, bound with gaffer tape and kicked by bored teenagers.

Blue Bottle Jelly Fish, Royal National Park, A...

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Think of the fish, turtles, birds eating tar and so covered black sticky oil they drown unable to escape, the turtles eating plastic bags thinking they are jelly fish, think of the baby seal creatures getting stuck in plastic 6-pack rings, and growing larger with that cutting into them.

Think of the insects crushed in the peanut butter machines.

Think of the hare or the fox or the lion or kangaroo hunted down by rich white elitists on horses or drunk hooligans in trucks and then shot dead while their babies starve without them.

Think of the bees, who fly the equivalent of a trip around the world, collecting nectar for their babies, to have that food stolen and turned into a teaspoon of honey, that’s it, that’s all, they are worked to death for a teaspoon of honey.

Pigs confined in metal and concrete pens

Image by Farm Sanctuary via Flickr

Think of the pigs whose heart valves are cut out and put in the body of person who lived on a diet of bacon. And think, why is it the animals who are most like us, are the ones that we eat the most often.

Think of the whale with an exploding harpoon shot into their head so some scientists can discover a cure for ’empty menu syndrome’.

Think of the baby seal unable to run away having its head smashed open with a hakapik in the name of ’employment’.

Think of the horses made to sit on chairs, the monkeys made to drive cars, the lions made to jump through hoops of fire, elephants made to dance, and decide of that is “entertaining”.

Think of the dog kept in a cage its whole life until one day it has its skin cut off its back while it is still alive, feeling every stroke of the knife.

Think of the animal that will never know sunlight or peace or grass and dirt beneath its feet or clean air to breathe or know its mothers love.

Think of the animal as it takes its last breath in agony and wonders “why me?”

And to fight this is called EXTREMIST?
To be vegan is extremist?
To believe in animal liberation is extremist?


Feedback welcome.

30 June, 2009

21 Stupid Things People Say To Vegans

A collection of things people say to vegans, because sometimes you just have to laugh.

1. The number 1 stupid thing people say is “Where do you get your protein?” Arggghhh! People are not short on protein. If a healthy person eats enough calories on a range of foods, chances are they will meet their protein requirements. However, meat and dairy and eggs contain NO FIBRE, so the most logical reply to that is “Where do you get your fibre?”

2. But Hitler was a vegetarian. And the response is “How is that even relevant?” In online debates, the first person to mention the Holocaust loses, except when it comes to vegetarians and vegans, then Hitler is proof of … who knows what in the minds of people making this point. (And, by the way, NO, he wasn’t.)

3. If we didn’t eat animals first, they would eat us. Elephants, horses, bulls – some of the strongest animals there are, are also vegetarian. 65 Billion animals are killed for food (not counting those killed for other reasons) a year, there are less than 7 billion people on the planet, that’s a sort of disparity in numbers.

Highland cattle

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4. I like animals too… smothered in gravy, next to the mashed potato. Is there anything more moronic? Is there any response to that, except roll your eyes and walk away.

5. If God didn’t want us to eat animals, why did he make them out of meat? Ok, if God didn’t want us to eat people, why did he make them out of meat. Generally it is the same people who never set food in a place of worship who say this.

6. Oh, I could never be vegan, I like meat too much. How about a rapist saying, Oh I could never stop raping, I like it too much. or A drug addict, Oh I could never stop drugs, I like them too much. or, Oh I could never stop driving way too fast, I like it too much. Just because you like something does not mean that it is good for you, or good for others.

7. But vegetables feel pain too. I saw this on a vegan forum once, a response so brilliant, I wish I could take credit… “I tell you what, I will jab you in the eye with this carrot – let’s see who feels more pain, you or the carrot”. If plants could feel pain, they would have evolved a mechanism for avoid it. And meat eaters are still eating plants, it is just processed through the bodies of animals, so if they really cared about plant-rights they would give up meat.

8. But fish/bees/chickens don’t feel pain. They use this to justify eating fish, honey, eggs. Sometimes it is said by the same people who think vegetables feel pain. Any animal with a central nervous system feels pain, that includes bees and fish. I am at a complete loss where this idea that fish don’t feel pain comes from.

Macro Bee

Image by Antonio Machado via Flickr

9. and 10. On telling someone you don’t eat honey, they may say “Bees aren’t animals” or “but honey comes from flowers“. What? What do you mean, bees aren’t animals? Since when? Of course they are animals, and honey is produced from bee-vomit. They swallow the pollen and partially digest it, then regurgitate it. Honey comes from from flowers in much the same way that steak comes from grass and corn.

11. But god told us to eat animals, it’s in the bible. Well, actually, No, apart from the whole -how accurate is the bible?- debate. Page 1 of the bible, God puts all the good stuff right up front, it’s a long book, he knows some people might get bored and skip pages so, page 1 GEN 1:29 “Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.”

12. Yeah, but god said, we have dominion over animals. GEN 1:26 “Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.” That says dominion, it does not say, “you have dominion, and eat them”. For Christians, god was pretty specific about what he meant for food – Every Tree That Has Fruit With Seed In It. It’s hard to believe that 3 lines later, he would forget to add that part about eating animals.

The Bible

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Besides, the bible also says, Ex 20:13 “thou shall not kill” it is one of the 10 commandments. It is actually number 6, why it is not in the top five commandments, is a debate for theologists. For people who believe in the literal translation of the bible (eg, the earth is 6000 years old, stone the homosexuals) seem to twist and turn this very basic commandment to mean whatever they want it to mean.

13. Animals were raised for food, to not eat them is disrespectful. How about all those children in Third World countries, that were sold into slavery or make 20C a day making sports shoes, to not buy them would be disrespectful. Or all those women who are abuses and raped in porn movies, to not watch them would be disrespectful. The animals didn’t raise themselves to be eaten or raped to produce milk, people did that, and they did it for money! It is only disrespectful to large multinational corporations that have their profits as a main concern and not your health, the planet’s health, or the animals welfare in mind.

14. Animals give their life for food, when I eat them I give thanks to their spirit and honour them. Ok, to be perfectly clear, animals don’t GIVE anything, they have their lives STOLEN from them, they have no say, they have no choice. And whether you give thanks or not, they are still just as dead, slaughtered, murdered. I would like to murder your child and cook ’em up in the deep fry, would that be ok, as long as I gave thanks and honoured their spirit? No? Really? What a surprise.

15. A wise native man told me once, that is the circle of life, we eat animals and when we die, our bodies are returned to the earth and animals eat us. Ok, I will give you this one, you are only allowed to eat your body weight worth of worms, bugs, insects, maggots and bacterial slime in the entire course of your life time. Fair trade? But sheep, cows, chickens, pigs being vegetarian animals are off the menu, they would not eat you, so they are not part of your life circle.

CAT combine harvester

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16. What about all those animals killed in the combine harvester, so in fact, vegans cause more deaths than meat eaters. Most grain in this world is feed to animals raised for food. U.S. Could Feed 800 Million People With Grain That Livestock Eat, Cornell Ecologist Advises Animal Scientists. So if someone cares so much about the mice and locusts that get killed during harvesting, they should stop eating meat and animal products as a first step.

16. If we didn’t hunt animals, the world would be over run by all the lambs and chickens and coyotes that we don’t eat. If animals weren’t breed for food, they wouldn’t be breed. Farmers don’t raise animals for fun, they do it for profit, if there is no profit, they won’t do it. And as for animals like deer, kangaroo, foxes, coyotes, these animals only appear to be over-running the suburbs with their increased populations because we are now putting subdivisions and roads in their homes. We are taking their land, there have no where else to go.

17. Fur is green, and leather is warm, by wearing animal skins we are keeping cheap synthetics out of the landfill. Fur is not green, it is the skin of a slaughtered animal, which takes masses amounts of chemicals to process, or it would decompose, like all dead bodies. And if land used to raise natural fibres was not being used to raise animal, there would be no problems.

18. I would be vegan, but I like ice-cream too much. So, give up everything except ice-cream. If ice-cream is the one thing stopping you from being vegan, why are you still eating meat, cheese, cream, honey, eggs?

19. My neighbours, cousins, brother-in-laws, sisters boss was a vegan once, and got very very sick, ate a steak and felt better. Ok that is anecdotal and if you don’t actually know this person, does that count? Most people I know eat animal products, and they get very very sick with cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes.

20. “If I go vegan, I’ll get weak, pale and ill” or “vegans are hard core terrorists“. Well, were you pale to start with? Make up your mind, violent and aggressive or weak and pale.

21. It’s my right to eat animals, wear animals, experiment on animals. Your rights stop where another life is affected, you don’t have the right to kill, abuse, torture, slaughter, any living creature, that is not a right.

Feedback welcome.