attention Camille Marino #vegan #animalRights

I dont like the woman, I think when she cheers for dead babies that is not any kind of animal rights that I want anything to do with, and her supporters are just straight up nasty bullies to me for disagreeing with her…

but I have been approached because people think I dont like her enough to take my disagreements with her outside my blogs and target her.

People have extremely personal details about her, that I think someone in some sort of anti-animal rights group or law enforcement, I dont know, is ramping up efforts to shut down her group Negotiation Is Over.

Over the past couple of weeks, what I am hearing is louder and more detailed than anything Ive heard before.

My suggestion to Camille, if they have tried to use me, they will try others – be aware of any new person who wants to be your best friend online.

This feels different from other times Ive been approached to dish the dirt on other animal rights activists.

In the past Ive been fed rumours that people have asked me to blog, in an attempt to discredit her, I think anyone who knows Marino has heard the rumous, but I refused to do that because they were not something I knew personally, and I doubt theyre true.

And just because I dislike her methods, doesnt mean that I agree with what appears to be an organised targeting of ARAs.

If someone knows her, possibly pass on the message.


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