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11 October, 2011

UPDATE: Warning: Theft of Goods meant for #Occupy – #OCCUPYSYDNEY IS A SCAM

An Update following on from my previous post Warning: Theft of Goods meant for #Occupy and theft of goodwill – #OCCUPYSYDNEY IS A SCAM.

I received contact from 4 separate people claiming to be members of #OccupySydney, 3 claimed they just wanted to help, but did not even ask for basic information, such as the address I took the goods to. Surely that would be one of the first questions you would ask, in case it was a member of the organisation who was storing them and had not yet got around to telling the other memebrs.

I have been patronised, harassed, and even after I asked to be left alone the harassment continued, Ive been insulted and trolled. And I’ve been called names and slandered in a public social networking sites.

But the most laughable thing after all of this was, I was contacted by someone claiming to be in charge of collecting donations for the occupy group (I’m sure he would have trouble actually spelling “logistics” though) and did he want to help sort the scamming of donated goods. NOOOOOooo, he wanted to insult me some more and then ask for me to donate more free stuff to their little elitist princess tantrum.

And to say that I am some how a [bunch of insulting names] and your proof is because I refuse to use Facebook, is deflective of your own defectiveness.

They claim their accounts must have been hacked – yes, for the entire length of time it took for me to discuss a location to drop off donation items…. and then apparently the hacker left them alone without doing anything else.

These people have done nothing but turn my online life upside down.

— The harassment, the insults, the spiteful vindictive comments, the trolling and harassment, the begging for more donations yet claim they are “helping” to sort out what happened to my previous donation, then harass me and insult me while asking for more.

Not to mention what they have done to my real world life.

— Misplacing a uteload (like a pick-up truck) of donated goods.

I will say it again – you people are nothing but a scam, you are a sham, you are doing not one single thing for support or occupying but sucking donations and goods out of good, hard-working honest people while living it up in your Baulkham Hills lifestyle (for those outside of Sydney, think…. Beverly Hills 90210 or Chipping Norton 0X7 or Toorak).

You are harassing, you are trolling, you are slandering, you are all (at least the four of you that I have had the misfortune to come across) lying cheating deceptive thieving nasty pieces of trash.

And if you take offence to this, I am so sorry, I was aiming my comments at the person who hacked your account for 3 minutes.