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8 October, 2011

Warning: Theft of Goods meant for #Occupy and theft of goodwill – #OCCUPYSYDNEY IS A SCAM

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Following my previous post, I’m showing solidarity with supplies for #occupy – for earth, animals and people, I wrote a comment on twitter that I was disappointed that I had heard no follow-up from anyone, not even to my question of what other supplies do #occupysydney need? – nothing.

I tried to contact some organisers to get a list of other items they might need, and got absolutely no response, no one would talk to me. It was like now they had my donation I had ceased to exist.

So I wrote that I would cease all publicising of OccSyd events, if they wanted to act like me and my donation had ceased to exist, I would return the favour, and I would treat them as the joke that they are.

In my experience, I believe #OccupySydney to be frauds, thieves and multi-level-marketers conniving to get goods out of working people… it was only at this point that I had contact on twitter.

Clearly OCCUPY are quite happy to accept a uteload of goods, including blankets, a generator, and computer equipment, but Im not good enough to talk to, wow, talk about elitist.

I told the person representing @OccupySYDNEY that I wish they would leave me alone, and I would stop mentioning them either negatively or positively, but I wanted them to stop talking to me.

And I got bombarded with patronising tweets, about how the “convergence” this and “intention” that and “facilitate” something else.

Using them big ole fancy words you learn in your posh schools is absolutely the way to show solidarity with us peasants, ey?

Of course, they denied receiving my goods. Even though it was arranged via the Facebook group. …. So either the twitter account is monitored by frauds or the facebook group is monitored by frauds, either way, I made a donation of about $1000 worth of goods collected from my local community and they deny they have it, so how  much of that will end up at the local pawn-shop or in someones back room. My advice, stay safe and give #occupySydney a very width path.

@occupysydney did say “sorry-we honestly don’t know who you dropped that off to..& are VERY concerned”

They are sooooo concerned that they have yet to ask me any question about where I went, who I dropped my goods off to, what were they names, their appearance, phone numbers, vehicle licence plate numbers, in fact they are SOOOO concerned they haven’t asked me even a single thing about this incident.

This leads me to infer / assume that they know exactly who those people were …. remember the OJ Simpson murder trial, the Defence lawyers forgot to try and locate the “real” owner of the bloody glove, because they already knew.

Because without a doubt, if someone was using my name to con about  $1000 worth of goods out of someone, and who knows, there might be more, I would ask a question or two -unless I already knew who the bloody glove belonged to.

So how does this go again – you expect people to give you stuff, but you refuse to answer their questions – hey, they have been learning from the 1% how to be complete, capitalist, blood sucking, elitists.

Do I feel cheated? Mostly of any good will I had towards the occupation, most of the goods had been donated from people in my small country town, I feel bad that somehow I unwittingly deceived them. I bought some vegan food, and spent about 9 hours driving and bought petrol, but that was a small outlay.

Do I feel disappointed? Meh, I never had high expectations in the first place, this just proves my initial scepticism was not entirely misplaced.

Seriously, if you are ignoring the question – what else do you need and I will collect it for you?, then perhaps you dont really need any more stuff.

But I did get told by someone who I didnt realise was connected with the occupy, if they are at all, that if I have more supplies to donate to call a certain number, yep cos that has been so successful up til now.

I have not seen any evidence that anyone knows what they are doing (‘were leaderless, no one is in charge, now make a donation and youll feel better’)

and I dont need anyone to say Im just being a little whiny bitch, because when I asked, what do you need?, I dont even get someone sending me a link to a list of supplies they would like.

So, I am putting this word of warning out there, people can use my experience to give them more information in order to make more informed decisions

In My Opinion – I would caution everyone who is thinking of getting involved with #occupy sydney, Australia, to seriously think twice:

    – think really hard about donating goods unless you personally know the person who is collecting them, and you know for a fact they will be occupying
    – think twice before donating anything that can be onsold, especially electronics or new clothes
        – think twice before turning up to occupy, you might just be there as background to legitimise the event so that the “organisers” can continue collect donations
        – think twice before you publicise events, if they are a scam, do you really want to be promoting that?
        – think twice before retweeting, reposting or reblogging anything that gives them any more publicity

If anyone would like to dispute what I have to say, or ask me any questions about who the people were that I delivered my goods to, like their name or address, leave a comment.


For anyone who doesn’t know Sydney – Baulkham Hills is one of the Richest areas in Australia, it also has one of the lowest levels of unemployment, it is also politically one of the safest LiberalNational seats (in Australian “Liberal” is the party of right-wing, neo-cons) – which just reinforces my original belief, #OCCUPYSYDNEY is a scam, by the same demographic that most occupiers want to protest against.

[Edited to Add: perhaps I should say alleged scammers are allegedly using alleged occupysydney to allegedly get free stuff, but really, I dont have any proof of that.

Sometime later, I was contacted by someone via twitter, using the “official” @occupysydney account, I asked them repeatedly to leave me alone, and they refused, the harassment continued quite a few hours later, from both the “official” account, and one of the private accounts ( @lala_dolce_vita ) of one of the occupy elites. The trolling and insults kept up for about half an hour, “were just trying to help” she pouted.

(Um, would you like the address where I took the goods to? Nope.
Would you like to tweet from the official account a request for information from your followers? yep, apparently that is “help”.
Don’t you care that perhaps someone in your organisation, took these for themselves? nope.)

After a few insulting trolly tweets, she told me that the main account must have been hacked. Yep must have been. Of course, it is so obvious, they got hacked just long enough to send nasty patronising harassing tweets, and then apparently they got unhacked.
Oh please, blaming a “hacker” for your own actions is childish, take responsibility.

I will say it again: The whole #occupysydney farce is a sham, a scam, an elistist money making Multi-level-marketing scheme designed to increase the personal wealth of a few “organisers”,
If you are #occupysydney and think you have been defamed, take it to court, prove it.

And for anyone thinking of donating – ask yourself – do they really need your money? do you have so much money lying around that you can afford to just give it away to people whose sole contribution to this movement is sending a few tweets and a few facebook status updates?]