SAFE – Saving Animals From Exploitation

SAFESave Animals From Exploitation – – is a New Zealand animal advocacy organisation, and has been active in ending the exploitation of animals since 1932.

Their website has a lot to offer, for long-time animal rights activists and for the newly curious to animal advocacy looking for more information in local New Zealand issues and news from around the world.

From current campaigns for activists, alerts, newsletters, campaign victories, and information to help people make the step to a less-cruel lifestyle or re-affirm a commitment to a vegan life.

And, the SAFE site has an extensive collection of yummy looking recipes: Soups, Salads, Savoury and Main Dishes, and Sweets and Desserts….

including a recipe for a Caramel Slice like this one
Crunchy biscuit (cookie) base, sweet caramel centre and chocolate topping . . .




The @WellingtonSafe account is run by the Wellington (NZ) crew, with animal-friendly and earth-friendly tweets.

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