Camille Marino – why do people keep asking me about her?

Camille Marino does not know me, and I do not know her.

We are both vegan bloggers, but each of us write about very different things.

I would doubt that there is any issue that would cross paths on.

I do think that her blog Negotiation is Over and the facebook site for have very many valuable things to offer Animal Rights and Vegan theory.

She is a tireless campaigner for animals and also justice, not just in her own neighbourhood but around the world.

She is a brave and courageous outspoken woman, who I believe put animals first, and what people think of her second. (This is what I believe based on her writings, never having met, I can’t know for sure)

This is why her comments yesterday about suicide bombers left me and my activist friends, asking “is this a joke?”, “did we miss something in the translation?”

I disagreed with her, I said so. But on other occasions I have agreed with her, and also said so.

A couple of times I have disagreed with things she has put on her blog, but that does not mean I disagree with her personally or what she is trying to achieve. And most of the time, I don’t disagree with her tactics.

However, just because I disagree with things she says on her blog sometimes – and I only notice these things because others are talking about it, does not mean I am trying to suggestion I am perfect or tear her down.

I also disagree with Abolitionist Vegans and Gary Francione on occasion and speak out. Not to cause divisions, but to provide more than one view point.

If I truly thought she was a disservice to Animal Rights, I wouldn’t provide links to her blog. All voices in the fight are valid, even if we disagree sometimes.

Just sometimes I speak out against things I disagree with. If people are talking about issues of veganism and animal rights, that’s a good thing. The more voices the better. Who knows what one thing might trigger someone to take that step to becoming vegan.

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