Alert: Seal Shepherd is back


Every year, when the annual seal slaughter in Canada rolls around, so do the warnings against the man known as “Seal Shepherd”.
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For continuing and breaking updates regarding this fraud: follow @sealshepherdlie on twitter

The profile picture he tends to favour most often is a generic image of a 2009 Suzuki GSX R1000 K9,

if you see this image on any save the seals / Animal Rights social media accounts and the person is not talking about motorbikes, proceed with caution

One of the best blogs that go into great detail, with lots of research is SpookieCats

Seal Shepherd – One Man, Dozen Of Accounts, Emails, Profiles and Personalities

Michael McDade aka Seal Shepherd aka Seal Shepherd aka Seal Shepherd X: SOCIOPATH
(although, where is the consistency, killing seals is bad, wearing leather is good as he does in one of the pictures on this page – because he is not about consistency, he is about cyber bullying women, abuse, and raising money to “save seals”)

Seal Shepherd – the New Stalker, Bully and Cyberpath

Seal Shepherd. Confused Animal Savior or Manipulating Sociopath?
here he claims he is not an animal rights activist, and thinks such people are ridiculous,

This: is Rescue Ink’s warning against Seal Shepherd


the exact same Negotiation Is Over post is reproduced here “Cyber Stalking by Michael McDade (Seal Shepherd)
(Btw, Ann Berlin, completely off topic, but since Ive had to put up with your abuse before and hope to reference you as little as possible, Im taking this opportunity to say that defending the use of animal products, such as butter, even if it is by the real Sea Shepherd doesn’t make it vegan, regardless of how many whales Sea Shepherd saves, And how different is your claim to be “Animal Liberation Front Worldwide news and information resource” any different from McDade’s claim to be the boss of ALF in Canada?)

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