Since when do vegans eat chicken?

Secret Society of Vegans has a secret . . .

The Secret Society Of Vegans, is a London shop, selling edgy and Cool Britannia style merchandise with a vegan theme.

But, they have a secret, do they ever….

found HERE and HERE

This was spotted by my vegetarian but non-vegan cousin, her response was:

Since when do vegans eat chicken?

I’m not sure what context this tweet is in, since the surrounding status updates / tweets are just as vague.

It is difficult enough trying to convince non-vegans (and some “vegans”) that honey isn’t on the menu for vegan eaters, and that yes, bees really are animals… this just makes it harder to tell people “NO, vegans don’t eat chicken!”

I agree with Isaac Bashevis Singer…..

I did not become a vegetarian for my health, I did it for the health of the chickens.

Perhaps it is mock-chicken, chicken-substitute, fake-chicken, or who knows. I don’t really need to know, I don’t shop in London.

… What I do know is, my non-vegan cousin was reading posts from a vegan group – and maybe one day soon, there might be one more vegan in the world.

5 Responses to “Since when do vegans eat chicken?”

  1. I’m certain this is vegan chicken…it’s definitely run and staffed by very cool, knowledgeable, and passionate strict vegan folks. It’s like a combo of Food Fight and Herbivore. I had a delicious pasty there, and even vegan profiteroles. I guess that’s the problem with Twitter and the internet–stuff gets abbreviated. I guarantee they would never, ever serve actual chicken, and hopefully most people following their feed are already vegan and won’t be confused. Check them out if you’re in London!

  2. What was the point in this article? Seriously… it’s why I am no longer vegan. Nothing is ever good enough. One single use of the word Chicken and there has to be negativity found in at least one place; it’s almost inevitable. Nothing is ever good enough for you folks.


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