Wisconsin: lock up your puppies, Gov. Walker Is Selling them for $1 for “research”

Anyone who has been following the news of the Unionists protests in Wisconsin, USA would know about the attacks on teachers, fire fighters, garbage collectors, women, Nurses, Unionists, any person who works at a state job, anyone at all apparently.

They might even be aware that the bill being forced through in Wisconsin has provisions that remove protection from discrimination based on sexuality and sexual orientation.

But there is a little known provision that allows the State to sell homeless dogs to research facilities.

And ask any animal rights activist what “research” means – it is not running dogs through little mazes and rewarding them a piece of Swiss cheese upon completion.

No, “research” means VIVISECTION – it means testing chemicals or surgical procedures, shoving electrodes into various parts of their bodies to determine if animals feel pain, or giving them a fatal virus and seeing if they respond to treatment, it means cutting their brains open and seeing which parts respond to stimuli, or determining how much floor cleaner or mascara or “potato derived snack product” or Napalm it takes before death occurs.

This is what Governor Walker of Wisconsin wants for the dogs of his state.

And – if a research facility wants an animal, they get preference over the rightful owner.

The Democratic Underground forum has the contentious piece of legislation…

SECTION 2704. 174.13 (2) of the statutes is amended to read:

174.13 (2) Any officer or pound which has custody of an unclaimed dog may release the dog to the University of Wisconsin System, the University of Wisconsin– Madison, the Medical College of Wisconsin, Inc., or to any other educational institution of higher learning chartered under the laws of the state and accredited to the University of Wisconsin System or University of Wisconsin–Madison, upon requisition by the institution. The requisition shall be in writing, shall bear the signature of an authorized agent, and shall state that the dog is requisitioned for scientific or educational purposes. If a requisition is made for a greater number of dogs than is available at a given time, the officer or pound may supply those immediately available and may withhold from other disposition all unclaimed dogs coming into the officer’s or pound’s custody until the requisition is fully discharged, excluding impounded dogs as to which ownership is established within a reasonable period. A dog left by its owner for disposition is not considered an unclaimed dog under this section. If operated by a county, city, village or town, the officer or pound is entitled to the payment of $1 for each dog requisitioned. An institution making a requisition shall provide for the transportation of the dog.
174.13(3) (3) An officer or pound that has custody of unclaimed dogs shall maintain records as provided under s. 173.17
174.13(4) (4) It shall be unlawful for any person, except a person licensed or registered and regulated under federal animal welfare laws, to take or send outside the state or to purchase or otherwise acquire in this state for the purpose of taking or sending outside the state, any living cat or dog to be used for any medical, surgical or chemical investigation, experiment or demonstration.

Used as an example of research, and not suggesting that Gov Walker would personally do this to any animal, or that any facility that lost and homeless pets are sold to would do this

and, I wonder why the Animal Rights Activists have been so silent about this animal killing statute


18 Comments to “Wisconsin: lock up your puppies, Gov. Walker Is Selling them for $1 for “research””

  1. This is THE most contemptable bill that I can think of and it can not become law.
    The Gov. needs to be impeached.

  2. Please GO VEGAN !! To stop this Horror !!!

  3. Outrageous. His head is up the intestines of the University, he is a pimp for the vivisectors. This must be resisted, and if put into place, there need to be protesters with clipboards following the U. driver as he walks around to cages. Take notes on dates, times any animal taken and let them know every move is being watched. Take pictures if you can. That eventually helped discourage pound seizure at a shelter here in CA. If they make one mistake or take one animal that they were not supposed to, sue them all.

  4. Gov Walker you are so wrong about selling pups for a dollar. That is so wrong on so many levels.How would you like your kids sold for a dollar??? You disgust me and I was raised in Wisconsin and now I am ashamed that I was raised there.

  5. Gov. Walker & his Republican Party have no compassion period, not for the suffering of humans or innocent Animals! They are the Political Party of HATE! Obama may have his faults, but the alternative would be absolutely horrendous!

  6. That’s f-cked up! What is wrong with you evil idiots?????

  7. thanks to everyone for your comments

  8. Anyone who thinks selling homeless animals for $1, selling them to “researchers” who will, put quite simply, torture them, is a soulless piece of garbage.

  9. I am against Walker but this is not his provision. Has been a “law” since Doyle took office. Obviously it’s horrible and should be changed but, just clearing this up.

  10. This post is dishonest. The CURRENT Wisconsin state statue (http://www.legis.state.wi.us/statutes/Stat0174.pdf) reads precisely the same as the cited bill text, except for adding the phrase ‘the University of Wisconsin– Madison’ in two places. In other words, the State already authorizes animal control officers to sell unclaimed dogs to universities for research. Whether or not you find that a reprehensible practice, it as nothing whatsoever with anything the governor or the current legislature are doing right now.

    Truly: these guys are fascistic, creepy, and awful in so many REAL ways… why make stuff up about them?

    • Thanks for your comment.

      The text I included is in the budget? Yes
      Walker is the Gov? Yes
      Animals are being sold for research? Yes
      The Gov has the power to make laws, change laws or revoke laws? Yes
      Has he done this? No

      what part is untrue so that I can change it?

      • The part that is untrue is the implication of the blog that Walker and his current cabinet is responsible for the law in the first place. Yes, it is a statute that should be stricken and yes, Walker is a reprehensible man doing terrible things in his state, but this is simply a revision of something that already previous stands along with many other laws putting UW into them. Nothing is being “pushed” through anywhere.

      • Thanks for your comment

  11. This law is already on the books in Wisconsin – Gov. Walker had nothing to do with it. http://law.justia.com/codes/wisconsin/2010/174/174.13.html
    The only thing being changed is the wording as to which university would be permitted to purchase these animals.
    Abominal practice, but let’s be sure we’re holding the right people accountable for it, rather than demonizing a political figure or party just because you disagree with them on other issues. Sheesh……

    • Thanks for the comment. The current rules expire in 2011 (“current through 2011 Wis. Act 8 and February 4, 2011.”), the link you provided told me that, which means, regardless of what any previous rule makers said, this current administration has the power to renew or revoke these laws, theyve chosen to renew. So, I would guess that the current elected officials have a lot to do with it.

  12. Apparently, this law was enacted in 2010 by former Democratic Gov Tom Barrett.
    Maybe a more compassionate Republican governor can help repeal it?

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