Racist Facebook Hater of the week

Just a diversion from my rants about animal rights, to highlight this racist email I received this week.
I am shocked that people still think this way.

Because no matter how vicious the fights get between animal rights activists, and the threats of violence and the people who wish me to die a horrible death, I rarely find racism in Animal Rights Activism, and for that I am grateful.

Someone I follow on twitter has a facebuck cause “I support Aboriginal Australia and I vote” (now generally I try to avoid facebook, but it is useful for signing into other social networks, such as scribd and photobucket) so I joined.

Soon after someone sent me this email

“Subject: Aboriginal
They are a bunch lazy and never done anything for Australia. The Australian government are gave everything the have free transport accommodation weekly wages, for doing nothing, the government has offering free Study, Jobs, etc. but only a 5% has accepted, the rest are a bunch of lazy. In North and South America the Indians have to work so they can bring food home what did you saying about (POLETICIANS) and by the way we are not racist.
Tito Perez

Seriously, racist morons out there, I joined a group called “I support Aboriginal Australia and I vote” why would you think I want your racist hate in my email.

So, if anyone wants to show their support to the groups owner, and show them that people like Tito are a minority, consider joining the cause I support Aboriginal Australia and I vote. Thank you


11 Responses to “Racist Facebook Hater of the week”

  1. Block and report this Tito. Do yourself and the FB community a favour! Or else, before you do send him to the recent UWS racism survey and let him know how typical and shameful his bigotry is.


  2. you need to worry and be activist against institutional and systemic white supremacy racism, not one uneducated nonwhite opinion who is probably the recipient of the same systemic racism but doesn’t fully grasp it.

  3. I would love to comment on this if I could read it
    Human ignorance never ceases to amaze me

    • Hey Evil Shannanigans – what do you mean if you could read it? I have it in text and a graphic screen shot – or is that a reference to his lack of spelling, grammar and sentence structure?
      anyway, thanks for the comment, agree, its ignorance

  4. Waycism. Say it with a lisp. That way we can tell you are a faggot who gets a hard on when walking into a public restroom where some dumper failed to flush.


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