Why does promoting red meat feel so right?

From the woman who brought you “WEIRD AND EXTREME” to describe an almost vegan diet….

comes ads for Meat in her books – surely this must bring into question her neutrality in passing judgment on vegan/almost vegan diets.

In this Sydney Morning Herald article, dietician Catherine Saxelby said this about Bill Clinton:

his diet was extreme and not sustainable in the long-term.

People wanting to lose weight did not have to give up meat or dairy food, she said.

“There’s quite good evidence that low-fat dairy food can actually enhance weight loss through their calcium content,” said Ms Saxelby, who works with foodwatch.com.au.

“And meat is an important part of a lot of high-protein weight-loss diets because it’s very filling and satisfactory. But the meat has to be lean. It has to be trimmed of fat and it can’t be fatty meats like sausages or bacon or burgers, which is what I think Mr Clinton used to like eating.”

So, seeing Catherine Saxelby team up with a meat producer to advertise meat should come as no surprise.

Advertising is designed to sell products.

Currently in Australia we have our television screens cluttered by Sam Neill, star of Jurassic Park trying to convince an Orang Utan, the reason humans evolved was red meat.

But that is television – ads are to be expected.

And, every legal product should have the right to advertise.

However, what may come as a surprise is seeing ads for meat in her books. Like this one…

From the Eating Corpses file

Page 210 of the book “NUTRITION FOR LIFE by the authority on nutrition for 20 years Catherine Saxelby” features this ad for red meat.

Out of the goodness of her heart and her passionate belief that animals need to be slaughtered and their corpses eaten she provides this ad to the meat industry – with no remuneration?

I have searched this book cover to cover and found no reference to any sponsorship deal to help with the production of her book.

But most people who pay good money to buy a book, do they really need to see ads for red meat?

Perhaps, the question for Catherine Saxelby is “Why does promoting red meat feel so right?


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