Thanks all those vegans out there for the death threats

Wishing me to die, die in a horrible accident, meet the same fate as the dogs involved in dog fighting is just one more example of why I love vegans so much.

Much love back to you all, such a wonderful example of what vegans are like to all the aspiring vegans out there.

You dont actually seem to want anyone to change their mind, to convince anyone to agree with you by constructing coherent arguments. It seems to be just hateful, vile insults.

Way to go vegans

2 Comments to “Thanks all those vegans out there for the death threats”

  1. I don’t agree with a lot of your views, I’m not especially impressed with your writing, and I was very offended that you would call me racist for no reason, but I’m absolutely against any death threats you received. That’s fully ridiculous.

    • I didnt mean to call you a racist, i probably did, i was just so frustrated that no one seemed to mind a suicide bomb being called “good news” and so many people said to me, its ok they die, theyre not like us. So many innocent people get caught up in things like bombs, and for a politician – 2nd comment – to say if there were babies who got caught up in the suicide bomb, then its the fault of the parents for taking them there – it drives me crazy that no one has a problem with that kind of attitude- especially from a democrat politician

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