No Words…. for this Vegan blogger celebrating latest Suicide Bombing deaths

Camille Marino, animal advocate recently tweeted

“More Good News… Suicide Bomb Kills 10 at Afghanistan Dog Fight!!!”

from the Did She Really Just Say That files

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Camille Marino: Vegan, Blogger, seems to be enjoying the work of a suicide bomber. (links to her blog post: NEGOTIATION IS OVER – More Good News… Suicide Bomb Kills 10 at Afghanistan Dog Fight!!!)

Have I missed the true meaning of “vegan”?


10 Comments to “No Words…. for this Vegan blogger celebrating latest Suicide Bombing deaths”

  1. Who cares about those mothafuckas???

    Men making dogs fight fo’ money??
    Who cares brotha!

    Kill ’em all

    Buy they’re already dead to me.

    • What about the dogs, they were all safe? No babies, no passersby?

      • The dogs already were not safe. They were being fought, hurt, killed.

        If they had babies at a damn dogfight, then they are responsible for the deaths, not the bomber.

        Vegan may mean respect for all life….but assholes who commit cruelty no longer qualify in my eyes. They deserve whatever negative consequences they get. I respect all INNOCENT life, but not all life. Some people simply don’t deserve to keep breathing.

      • Dogs and babies deserve to die… I don’t understand this new veganism.

  2. Just because you’re vegan doesnt mean you have to respect all life. Im a vegan and i dont respect all life.

    Several scumbags that support dogs fighting each other have been blown to pieces, GREAT!!!! Who the f**k cares about scumbags like them.

    The important thing here is no more dogs will be made to fight each other by these idiots 😀

    • You dont respect all life? You respect a principle rather than life – wow, Im learning so much about what vegan is with this post, and that is vegans seem to love death.

  3. These kinds of vegans make me ashamed! Hate Hate Hate. I thought vegan is a moral philosophy transcending diet. But theses crude remarks and primitive tactics do not promote ahisma-they engender enemies.

    • I agree absolutely. I have no joy of people being killed and I don’t really understand how someone who does can be a true vegan. Perhaps they hate humanity and their love turned towards animals… or they are just hypocrites with a need to feel morally superior… whatever.

      I hope these posters don’t actually celebrate someone dying. Most probably, they just look at phenomena as if the were simple – but every single thing is complex. I mean – it’s a shame that those Afghan people have died, but it’s fortunate that they won’t torture any more dogs.

      So NO to oversimplifications! :-))

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