Thanks to Animal Liberation Front…

In particular Ann Berlin – speaking on behalf of ALL of ALF, though If I was in the ALF, Im not sure I would be telling everyone, from a security point of view – but thank you anyway for your pointing out how little I know of veganism and animal rights from my perspective.

Who knew that as a vegan – from some point way back in the misty days of the 1980s I would have learned nothing in all that time about what vegan means to me, and how AR feels to me.

Because heaven knows, we all have to experience everything exactly the same way and form the same opinions on absolutely everything and be in total agreeance about absolutely everything all of the time.

And anytime my experience of an event differs from anyone elses then someone HAS TO BE WRONG, because clearly two people cannot, simply CAN NOT experience the world in different ways.

So to all those VEGANS who continually correct me, how about we take a page from the dictator, cult, communist, fascist playbook, and you tell me what to think.

Ill just open my brain and you can wash it, all lemony fresh and indoctrinated.

And one more thing, for someone claiming to be ALF to be so hell bent on group think indoctrination – LAUGHABLE – isnt that one of your criticisms against Francione, don’t you call his followers ZOMBIES??

Really – you want me to think and write and believe EXACTLY LIKE EVERYONE ELSE, but when Francione’s minions do it, they are ZOMBIES?

Thank you.

Thank you for opening my eyes about the BRAINWASHING CULT OF ALF.

so, Ann Berlin, blah blah blah, you know EVERYTHING, I know NOTHING, in your opinion, so why don’t I just shut up and leave you as the only expert on this planet on everything vegan, how’s that?

Alienating people who could be your allies, charming woman you are.


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