Dr Steve Best “borrows” BBC homage to British Suffragettes

Dr Steve Best, animal activist, associate professor at a Texas University and one of the leading voices in militant activism in the United States, a man who I think has been good for animal rights in his fight for “total liberation”.

However, Dr Best recently blogged this fascinating piece about the British Suffragettes

Note to pacifists: the UK suffragettes used sabotage, arson, and CD to win their campaign, attributed “Filed under: Uncategorized by drstevebest”. (*CD= civil disobedience)

Screen shot

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This blog piece explores the history of the fight for women’s vote (suffrage). It shines a light on some of the leading figures in the women’s Suffrage movement, and some of their tactics – arson, violence, sabotage and civil disobedience.

It starts with “The votes-for-women movement exploded in popularity the UK in 1903 – hence this year’s centenary celebrations – but the story of the campaign begins before the reign of Queen Victoria.” (source: Steven Best’s blog article – Note to pacifists: the UK suffragettes used sabotage, arson, and CD to win their campaign)

This is what made this piece stand out, something in the phrasing didn’t sound right. The maths didn’t add up.

We are long past the centenary.

So let’s try that again
The votes-for-women movement exploded in popularity the UK in 1903 – hence this year’s centenary celebrations – but the story of the campaign begins before the reign of Queen Victoria.” (Source: The history of the suffragettes By Dominic Casciani BBC News Online http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/3153388.stm dated : Thursday, 2 October 2003, 16:07 GMT 17:07 UK

A quick string search found the BBC article, dated 2003, written by Dominic Casciani. I can find neither the name Casciani or BBC or a link to the original article in the Best blog article.

The a screen shot of end of the Best page is found here: graphic of the end of the article, to show that there is no attribution at the end of the blog piece either.

The original BBC piece was written in 2003, to coincide with the centenary of the “votes-for-women” movement, and uses the word “centenary”, which is what the year 2003 would have been.

Although it is possible that the BBC borrowed their piece from Dr Best and back-dated their website, I’m not sure that it happened that way

Even the images used to illustrate these pieces are the same.

This 2011 version of this article has been reproduced here: Negotiation is Over , using the title of the Best blog post, rather than the original title on the original 2003 web post.

It seems strange to me, that so many in the militant divide of the animal rights infighting, point the finger at the “Cult Of Francione”, yet fail to notice their own enthrallment with Steven Best, to the point that anything he says is taken and reproduced as if it was sacred words – without even checking if someone else had written them first.

A simple reading of the text of the blog piece should alert any reader that phrasing is odd. It is 2011, it seems strange year to be celebrating the centenary of 1903 event, not even the British would take that long to organise a celebration.

I am not out to cause trouble for anyone, lest of all a university professor. However, I have been a university student, and If I had have handed in a paper that was as similar to something else, as these two articles are, I would be given an automatic fail.

I am also sure if someone went through my blog they would possibly find instances of graphics and pictures that haven’t been attributed correctly (though wordpress has a function that allows you to insert public domain graphics, which makes this easier). I try hard to list sources, and if I cannot find a picture I like, I will create my own.

I am probably going to end up alienating every animal rights activist and vegan who I have ever respected in posting this piece, but surely the leaders of the animal rights movement should be held to higher standards than a teenage undergrad. I am probably going to lose every shred of credibility I have ever had as a blogger on animal rights.

I imagine I will get hate mail, saying why must I be mean to Dr Best. I hope not, I don’t think it should be sacrilege to point out the similarity between the two articles.

I sincerely hope that followers of Steve Best can respect my reasons for pointing this out. I did not enjoy writing this, I even put out a request of other animal activists, if they could double check for me, and see if what I read was accurate.

I will happily remove this post, if I am asked to
(Edited to add, I will happily remove this post, IF I AM WRONG and am asked to).


16 Comments to “Dr Steve Best “borrows” BBC homage to British Suffragettes”

  1. I read the article when it hit his blog, however perhaps because he posted the original information on his Facebook before posting it to his blog I never thought he wrote the information to begin with.

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/3153388.stm Is the link he shared.

  2. I keep stumbling on this absurd and divisive blog post, with posts by others still i do not even know personally, and a few perhaps Francione disciples exploiting this “scandal” for its full Owellian, hate-fest potential.

    I am going to ask you to kindly remove it, because it serves no purpose, it erroneous and slanderous, and also somewhat comical when you learn the truth of this egregious (!!) scholarly fallacy and breakdown, which is: I posted it to FB with full credits to the BBC, not too hard to do; someone posted it to my blog, not me, and they forgot to add the BBC link up front with the full credits and by-line.

    That’s it! That’s all that happened, and yet this is worth venemous posts bouncing around the net and even Twitter, denigrating 30 years of scholarly work and publications, based on something I myself never posted, and which was nothing but a referencing oversight and typo. Pretty clear where the real flaws and flawed ones are in this movement. Try to get a sense of priority folks: there is a holocaust and ecological .rapidly unfolding, other small items such as those marginalia.

    You had the information you needed thanks to the person who showed you the FB version of this to know it was a fabricated or non-story, and yet you ran with it, and kept it in the glaring light of defamy on this page.

    Enough already, no? Remove this blog and every other one replicating the same innane, baseless claims, if someone had just come to ask me, it could have been corrected and put to rest before the proverbial tempest in the teapot.

    We don’t need state repression and corporate power to destruction the animal liberation cause, this is symptomatic of how well a job the “enlightened activists” do all on their own.

    Thank you.

  3. I rest my case.

    “Steve Best, animal “rights” “leader” borrowed word for word his latest blog from a BBC 2003 article http://bit.ly/gPbmMi [CC @Carolyn2602 ]

  4. Whatever errors perceived in this article ought not dilute or take away the importance of its content.

    Also, I am stunned to learn that I am perceived as part of the “cult of Professor Gary Francione!!”Naively, I thought, he simply lays out the facts which are irrefutable, undeniable and cannot be disputed based on the reality of the every day ongoing and increased suffering of sentient beings. Using living beings for any and all incidental purposes to suit the pleasure of humans became the cultural norm. I liken this to smokers of cigarettes, you know, those people who become indignant and even outraged at the mere thought of losing their god given right to blow smoke into your lungs and your personal environment… It takes a paradigm shift…that simple…

    • No it does not take away from the article, and as for GLF, I like the guy, he says a lot of things that others dont, the phrase “cult of…” was in inverted commas, as that is an allegation that has been made by others

  5. O K Now I’ve calmed down, but just a bit. Something evil is always at the ready to raise its ugly head. Let it not be one of us.

    • Thank you for pointing out that I need to be more clear when using phrases such as that which defamed me by Steve Best, such as Francione Disciple, by attributing it or highlighting that I am using it in the context of what other say and not what I believe. I believe this will make me a better blogger, thank you

  6. Thank you Steve. I couldn’t have said it better myself; actually, I couldn’t have said it at all. Peace

    • Thank you for your comment, perhaps it might be better said on Mr Bests personal facebook for his “special” friends.

    • Wow you are an idiot, I mean, what a moron, that man was rude and disgusting and a bully, and you praised him, and then you are surprised the response is a sarcastic remark? If it was me, I would have told you to go f–k yourself, perhaps you should take your empowering skills and stop directing it at others, and go shove it

  7. hey mate stay WELL away and keep your family AWAY from london 2012 olympics … you helped me out in the past so i thought id give you this tip, when you watch it this summer youll remember this comment……. i dont mind if you delete this comment but you will remember what i said…. god bless you. Peace.

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