If you start a debate with “I fight for animal rights, but I’m no vegan” don’t expect applause

If you fight for animal rights, you fight for the rights of all animals, there are no exceptions for those you think taste good.

Apparently my previous post upset a lot of people. (Justifying Meat Eating – ridiculous things meat-eaters say), even more so than my anti-vegetarian posts or where I point out that eating cheese isn’t actually vegan.

But the comments and insults are the same….

– Cut the vegan-cheese eaters some slack. Cut the meat eaters some slack. You are too militant and give vegans a bad name.

I even had one person say that I am too critical of meat eaters and that makes me a bad vegan. She justified her OPINION saying:

“I fight for animal rights, but I’m no vegan…”

Say what?

No really, say what? You fight for animal RIGHTS by EATING THEM??? or wearing them??

Did I miss something? How is it that you think consuming any animal product contributes to their rights?

I do not understand how someone who says they believe in animal rights can consume a product that is produced from slavery and torture and murder.

Perhaps they don’t truly believe at all.

Seriously, I do not understand – perhaps someone can explain it to me.



Eggs, consumed by animal loving vegetarians…
Does this look like “animal rights”?



How about dairy production?
What part of this Mercy for Animals video represents the rights of these cows?

Yeah, I can see how some animal rights activists might confuse this for liberation… um, no, I don’t.

Like a vegetarian who sees nothing exploitative with consuming, dairy or eggs or honey (some thoughtful reasons why this is a confusing rationale for a vegetarian to make, here: Why Veganism is a Feminist Issue). There seems to be a disconnect when people say they fight for animal rights, but continue to personally consume their corpses or products from their bodies.

If someone willingly and knowingly consumes any commercial animal product and does not see they horror behind it, they either cannot know where their food (and other consumables) comes from or they know and simply do not care.

As this previous post discusses, Cheese: The Other White Meat (why cheese eaters are problematic for vegans), the problem with cheese / dairy is that there is so much death involved. Similar stories are found in egg production and honey production.

And these are the people I’m not being NICE enough too?

You have got to be kidding me!

If you want someone being NICE about the reason people consume corpses, perhaps a blog called “vegan animal liberation” is not the place to go looking for it.

and, Why is it that VEGANS are always having to modify what they do, so they don’t “offend” those who eat the corpses of slaughtered animals. Ooh careful, don’t want to upset the very people whose selfishness is the direct cause of this exploitation, cruelty, slavery and murder.

Oh, and is it even possible to be too MILITANT when it comes to fighting for justice and liberation for animals, all animals.

Why must I, as a vegan, compromise. (As I am so often told I must)

From a vegan viewpoint, people who say they fight for animal rights, but aren’t yet vegan, make the fight a whole lot harder.

Outsiders who look at these people see them eating animal products or wearing animal products, may think that it is acceptable.

This is a common complaint that vegans, and in particular abolitionist vegans make against groups like PETA. When PETA campaigns for larger cages for the chickens used by companies like McDonalds or KFC, the message that non-vegans get is that animal rights activists think that there is an acceptable size of the cages. A concept that Gary Francione has called “New Welfarism”.

New welfarists … believe that welfarist reforms such as making cages bigger will eventually lead to empty cages

These welfarist campaigners are a worse than people who do nothing, that just make it a lot harder for real animal rights changes. (Imagine it from the other side – the meat producers say “what? you want no cages? no meat? no eggs? only last week, you said that if we increased our cages by an inch, you would consider that a victory”… such as the ludicrous demands from PETA to Sonic that “The company just agreed to begin purchasing eggs and to double the amount of meat it purchases from suppliers that use less cruel production methods.”)

I’m not laughing.

Although, I do appreciate what they do, I appreciate that they can contribute to fight, and I accept that meat eaters can do a lot, I don’t understand how they can say what they are fighting for is animal rights, but rather “animal welfare”.

So, all that remains is for me to ask these people – if you know all that know, why are you not vegan?

Personally, I don’t believe it is possible to fight for animal RIGHTS and not be vegan.

This is not about being militant, it is about the suffering and cruelty and exploitation of the animals.

Feedback welcome

Some people may take offense to this, thinking that I am saying what they do is not good enough. I am just trying to add another side to the debate, and like this post The Dreaded Vegan Discussion… Critical Thoughts Encouraged… shows – the vegan community is large and diverse and all voices are (should be) encouraged.


14 Responses to “If you start a debate with “I fight for animal rights, but I’m no vegan” don’t expect applause”


  2. BRILLIANT!!! Strange way to show their “love”, if I was their partner I’d be scared. Animals have rights, and the first, imho, is to live. Period.
    I’m sharing, thank you

  3. I just transitioned to Vegan from vegetarian this year. It was a gradual process and vgeanism seemed like the next logical step. When I had to shut a video off of baby male chicks being ground up that was when I had to stop kidding myself that I was doing everything I could to stop animal cruelty. I find myself getting angry too at people who wont make the connection but have to remember that I was once where they are. However, nothing pisses me off more than people who say how awful it is, re: the meat industry, and how they cannot/will not watch a video on it, as they munch away on a dead animal. Hypocrites.

  4. Like you say, they know, but they dont want to Have! to know.

    Vegetarians are funny that way…

    they have blogs about “how to survive as a vegetarian”, or “how to deal with X as a vegan”… Imean, dont they just take the meat off, how hard is that for them?

    When I meet guys who try to impress me with “Im vegetarian”, I just want to say BFD!

  5. These welfarist campaigners are a worse than people who do nothing, that just make it a lot harder for real animal rights changes.

    I found that essay from Martin Balluch about how welfarist reforms can lead to abolition very interesting. Maybe you appreciate it too.

  6. Do you have a hate for all meat eaters then? I eat meat, I have vegan and vegetarian friends and it’s not a big deal for me or for them that i am not one. They have their own opinions which aren’t my own but I support what they are saying. You can usually spot the ones that are in it for life and the ones that do it to impress. About 5 of my veggie/vegan friends are now eating copious amounts of chicken and steak. Although I have never been one myself but i have been around it my entire life. I’d be interested to know your view on products I’m assuming you don’t use anything tested on animals? Would this include medication that had been tested on animals if your life was at risk? What annoys me is I believe if you are either veggie or vegan you should go the whole hog. What’s with vegetarians that eat fish? Fish is meat and vegans that wear leather? I can see thus frustrates you too and makes your argument seem fruitless. I had a friend that was vegan but “would turn a blind eye” to eat hairbo. You’re only kidding yourself really. If you honestly don’t have the willpower to do it I don’t think you can care enough about doing it.

  7. What about ethical or humane slaughter? Can you fight for animal rights while still participating in the industry of meat consumption (change from the inside argument)?

    Zuckerberg recently came out saying that killing animals himself helped him appreciate them, in this documentary a girl kills the animals she eats to see if it changes how she feels about meat. Are they still just using animals as a means to their ends, or would these animals have died in vain otherwise?

  8. I mostly agree with you, but have a bit of insight to share about being vegetarian and not vegan, but still fighting for animal rights. This is entirely my opinion and experience and. im not even arguing, but still want to share. *end disclaimer lol* I’m 28 years old, and have become aware and vegetarian for only 3 weeks. After being raised, trained, conditioned to eat meat regularly, and even. It believed it was necessary to maintain health. It is very difficult to undo a habit or lifestyle you’ve had your. entire life. I am sure if I decided to go from omnivore to vegan I would fail. By gradually changing my diet I am taking baby steps toward becoming a better person in regards to animal treatment. I support the cause and believe in it even though I’m not quite “there” yet. I’m learning, trying, changing every day. I figure instead of all or nothing approach, at least a little is better than nothing. I don’t pretend I’m awesome though, and certainly don’t criticize others fir being “militant” so maybe this doesn’t even apply to me… just wanted to share. 🙂


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