How many more Animal Activists are we going to lose…

On the first of January, came the AR news that Jason Miller, of Thomas Paines Corner, the tireless anti-deer hunt campaigner from Kansas was giving up activism Activism will no longer be on my agenda….

Not so long ago, fifth of November 2010, Vegans Of Color, carried this blog post So Long VoC the reason “…I also am no longer vegan”.

These was also the strange attention seeking stunt from “Tasha” about her return to eating meat with a vengeance, which was discussed here Tasha and her “meatgasms” – Vegan-No-More

These were all well known vegans and activists within the online community, and their leaving represents one more voice lost in the fight for Animal Rights.

Unless we find other strong, hard working people willing to speak up for animals, or become that persona ourselves, despite the personal sacrifices required, then this fight that so many people across the world are dedicating their lives too will become increasingly harder. Until it becomes futile.

Governments in all countries of the world, make life for vegans and animal rights activists, near impossible (USA invented their own special class of terrorist, animal activists, under the AETA – animal enterprise terrorist act).

yes, image stolen from Green Is The New Red

It’s a hard fight, and I understand why people leave activism, like Miller, (although I do not understand how anyone can resume eating meat like Tasha, or wearing leather)… and I am not questioning anyone’s right to choose to leave activism.

But I will continue for speak out for animals and other animal rights activists, because like so many others, I cannot quit this fight.

However, ever day, I see vegan people, ordinary people, who aren’t the usual Online Vegan Celebrities, keep doing what they can, being a living example that Veganism is not only possible, but it doesn’t require the effort that failed vegans think it does.

These people are inspirations without seeking the glory or counting the blog views, because one day, they might say something that makes a connection to someone and a new vegan will be created.

And the fight goes on… and I will be there!

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7 Comments to “How many more Animal Activists are we going to lose…”

  1. so do i!never give up!

  2. Until Every Cage is Empty…. Vegan for life

  3. veganism = domestic animal extinction

  4. I miss Jason, he was a very good activist, and that is why they pressured him out, bastards!! I will never quit!!

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