Alien Life On Earth has been found!


Finally, after years of indepth study, I found evidence of alien life on earth!

For millennia, this has been speculation, from religious and political leaders, to scientists and students. And now the evidence is irrefutable.

The principal stars of the constellation Lyra,...

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My years of pouring over books and journal articles about quantum physics, linguistics, mathematics, philosophy, theology and thealogy. I believe I have made a break through.

Alien life, from the star Vega, is here, these Vega-beings walk among us!
(Vega is a star in the Lyra constellation, and only 25 light-years from Earth, in a North direction)

These beings come in peace. Although, they have been known to display warlike characteristics, but apparently, only when dealing with others like them. They have been known to exhibit fierce tendencies with other Vega-life forms, but rarely, almost never to non-Vega-beings.

Once it would have been rare for most people to know a Vega-being, unless they lived in small isolated communities, that had a tolerance for anyone who was different. But now, it seems that almost everyone knows one, even if they aren’t aware they are from Vega.

These Vega-extra-terrestrials have been coming here in small numbers for centuries, but their numbers are increasing.

The Vega-beings walk among us, and although they look like us, completely indistinguishable in almost every respect, except they have an extraordinary level of energy, and a little sparkle in their eyes.

They have been known to use secret symbols so that others of their kind can recognise them. One such symbol is a “Ⓥ”.

These alien life forms also show a higher level of awareness, respect for life, compassion and kindness. And for this reason, there are many humans that feel threatened by the existence of these aliens.

Being more highly evolved, and coming from a different part of the universe, they still have much to learn about our Earthling ways. They have no desire to harm humans, but extend that compassion to all life on this planet. They see that a cow, dolphin, dog, frog or human child, are all worthy of life.

The implications of this discovery may be huge. As the world renown astronomer, astrophysicist and cosmologist, Carl Sagan has said “Religious leaders worried that Vegan values, however alien, would find ready adherents, especially among the uninstructed young” (Contact).

These VEGANS are increasingly spreading out across the surface of the Earth, in their quest to find other Vegans and Earthlings willing to adopt Vegan values and a Vegan way of life.

These Vegans have said they will show the world that it is not necessary to eat other Earthlings, to hunt, wear their skins, or torture them in numerous other ways.

And when the cruelty to other Earthlings has faded into history, the human race may extend that compassion to other members of the human race.


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