If you don’t know Steve Best or Camille Marino, you’re not really animal rights (say what?)

If fact, according to one comment on my recent blog post, if you haven’t read Camille Marino or Steve Best you can’t even call yourself “animal liberationist”.

ALF claim to rescue 129 rabbits from Highgate ...

not really animal liberation?

Here we go again – according to Carolyn Bailey, if you haven’t read every single word ever written by Gary Francione you’re a “fake” vegan; if you have a low IQ you are a not an activist; and if you happen to be an illiterate vegan… well that would just about give her a stroke.

And now we have the “redefining veganism” trend coming from the other side –

According to “Ryan”, my comment that I have never read Camille Marino or Steve Best is trash talk, and how dare I use words like vegan or animal liberation if I have never read these two.

I’m sorry, I seem to completely miss your point. Camille Marino who has been a vegan for probably 20 years less than me, now defines what my veganism is for me? “Ryan” are you serious? Are you kidding me?

I don’t want to get involved in the Best/Francione cat fight. To me that is not animal rights activism. It is pointless, and more to the point – really, really boring to 99% of the vegans in the world who are not USAmerican.

I don’t want to choose sides, I don’t want to align, but others keep insisting on doing that for me (much like the threats against my family and racist hatefilled comments I have received from abolitionists), people seem to have their own ideas of what “vegan” is, and if you don’t match that, then you are FAKE.

Oh please.

I have nothing against these people, I just have more local people blogging about animal rights in my country, issues that affect my life directly, rather than the abstract, which I read first and when I have time, then I will move on to people from other countries.

Or, is it case of Neo-Colonialism, as I said in my reply to “Ryan”.

If it is USAmerican, it is universal. When USAmericans speak, the rest of the world has to bow down before them, and go “oh you are so correct, how did I live my life before you blogged”. Ridiculous.

Someone should break it to “Ryan” that vegans exist in probably all countries in the world, some probably don’t read English, some may not even read, and some possible don’t have access to an internet or even a computer.

Much like Carolyn Baileys insane ramblings that if you can’t read you’re not an activist but you are a fake vegan, Ryan is now pushing the patronising view point that if you don’t read Camille Marino or Steve Best you really have no right calling yourself a vegan or even an animal rights activist.

I don’t really think I need to repeat my previous blog post, but Ryan seems to have missed my point before he rushed to judgement….

So, let us all stop worrying about what other people are doing, who is or isn’t vegan, who is or isn’t being read and concentrate on our lives. Vegan has a definition, let’s use it, and if you don’t like it, invent your own word, and we can all stop these pointless debates about the “fake” vegans who choose to ignore Francione.
If you’re not abolitionist, you aren’t really vegan

Or, as I now seem to have to add…. Let’s stop these pointless insults about the “fake animal rights activists” who haven’t read Camille Marino or Steve Best.


6 Responses to “If you don’t know Steve Best or Camille Marino, you’re not really animal rights (say what?)”

  1. I read Gary Francione; reading him does not make me vegan, or pro-animal rights.

    I read Steve Best; reading *him* does not make me vegan, or pro-animal rights.

    I read Camille Marino; reading *her* does not make me vegan or pro-animal rights.

    I’m vegan and pro-AR because it’s the right thing to do, not because I belong to the right faction.

    • i read yr blog, yesterday after our chat, and I agreed with a lot of what you said
      and thank you for your comment, I agree, vegan or ARA is unrelated to what authors we read, tho they can inspire us, they cant define us

  2. io sono molto piu’ indietro di tutti voi a livello culturale…e mi riferisco al vegano da poco approcciata ma da tempo..vegana…non sapevo nemeno che il mio stile di vita si chiamasse cosi’, comunque essendo poi difficile la traduzione e forse non completa nel dialogo tradotto…ancora prima che succedesse tutto..io seguivo steve e camille…a intuito o sensazione…… questo e’ per me’ decifrabile per compatibilita’ ……

  3. I don’t know about who I should be reading, but I wish the animal rights movement would acknowledge the growing trend of liberal “vegans” trying to force gay rights issues onto other vegans and shunning them when they refuse. Animal rights and gay rights are totally unrelated, and I find this situation obnoxious. It occurs to me that gays are busy infiltrating the animal rights movement in order to ride on its coattails. Sadly, I feel compelled to downgrade from vegan to vegetarian because I don’t wish to be associated with activists who are selling out to a non-related kook group.


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