Abolitionist Vegan Bullying

After my previous post (Vegan On Vegan Bullying), describing some of the online bullying I have seen within the animal rights “community” in general, I received a range of comments at @redglitterx, the strangest from someone who identifies as abolitionist vegan was “bullying has always happened, so what is the big deal?”

This update on my previous post is my reaction to that absurd comment.

I find this strange for one particular reason, this abolitionist vegan wants to “re-educate” the world to go vegan, this abolitionist vegan thinks “if you use mean words you aren’t vegan”, this abolitionist vegan is one of the most vilest people online, with the hatred she pours all over those she regards as “violent welfarists” (ie: violent welfarist is what they call people who don’t agree that abolitionists are the one true way).

Someone should slap this woman upside the head, not me of course, I believe in peace-love-and-kumbayah will solve the worlds probelms.

These people want the world to change in how animals are regarded as tools of the capitalist State. They want people to be educated out of treating animals as property, they want the cruelty, exploitation and abuse of animals to stop. …. But they are happy to inflict cruelty, bullying, and abuse of people?

Why do these abolitionist vegans think they will get the world to treat animals with respect and dignity when they treat humans as garbage, as pawns, as nothing, as toys to be abused.

You can’t expect people to change hundreds of centuries of behaviour that says abuse of animals is acceptable, and then say, “but bullying has always happened, so why is it an issue?”

I have no opinion either way, abolitionist or everyone else… however, the only nastiness from other vegans I personally have experienced has been from “abolitionists”… some of the most vile of comments, from threats to my family, trying to send me online porn (love those spam filters!) and racist taunts.

Although I would like to believe there are some good abolitionists out there, my past experience with them has been less than pleasant.

I don’t understand the need those people feel driven to be so divisive, but deliberately setting out to inflict hurt against other vegans, is not a productive way to win animal rights.

Oh yeah… “animal rights” that’s what we are here for…. isn’t it?

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