Vegan on Vegan Bullying

There is an growing movement within Vegan Animal Rights to talk about “education” as being the ONLY way to achieve animal liberation and freedom from slavery for animals.

However, this education quite often takes on many forms – from harassing vegetarians and those deemed “less than pure” to retweeting Dear Leaders ramblings about “education” and “non-violence” and thinking that because they throw the words Peace and Non-violence around, like throwing bird seed at weddings, that are somehow themselves more peaceful and non-violent.

This obsession with non-violence is a strange form of hypocrisy, given the absolute horrific way they bully everyone else, it is on par with sunday-christians, who are also the meanest, vilest people on the planet for 6 days a week, but say that their behaviour is acceptable, as they attend a Church on sundays. This is NOT education, this is bullying.

They have completely changed what Animal Liberation or Abolitionist Vegan means. To these people, animal liberation has become the new peace movement, and the animals have become irrelevant.

The only reason the way animals are used and abused comes into conversation as a tactic to bully and torment others.

Would this behaviour be acceptable in other rights, justice or freedom movements? For example, would people fighting for gay rights harass people who identify as gay, and yet, choose to not wear rainbows and be gentle and kind to straight people? Would Black or Asian community leaders berate and insult other Blacks or Asians for having white friends? Would Pacific Islanders demand that other Pacific Islanders spend all their online time harassing Islanders who don’t conform to some arbitrary idea of what it means to be Islander?

This is not a legitimate use of our time.

This harassment of non-vegans is counter productive – has insulting anyone ever caused them to change their minds about anything? And the harassment, abuse, tormenting, singling out and abusing other vegans is BULLYING.

Even more shocking, this vile, nasty behaviour tends to come from those who claim they are doing it in the name of “non-violence”.

Does it ever seem strange to them, that they claim “mean words are violence, and violence is not vegan” yet, in the very next breathe, harass, insult, slander, and bully other vegans. This is what passes as “non-violence” in your world?

If you upset them, or don’t agree with them, they resort to leaking your personal details, such as your real world phone number, or address over the online communities, they contact real world friends, family, bosses, they contact your children and threaten them or send them sexually explicit material. You cannot hide once they have decide that You (rather than animal abusers) are the Enemy.

This is a simplistic world view, such as that espoused by George W Bush, in his response to terrorism – “you are with us or against us”. Forgive me, for not liking you, or agreeing with you, but since when does that mean I am “against” you?

I pity these people, they must still be stuck in High-School-World, where they were once dissed by the popular kids and have never gotten over it.

These bullies are not only a disgrace to Animal Rights, they are a disgrace to human beings.


3 Responses to “Vegan on Vegan Bullying”

  1. Here here.
    Abolitionists spend so much time preaching and being divisive, it makes one wonder what their goal is, to feel right, or to give rights to animals?
    I think the former.
    Appeasing ones conscious is not the goal of the AR movement – it is as you say, counterproductive.
    The bullying and exclusive tactics are increasing as these pockets of abolitionists become secular and of this closed mindset of all or nothing. No movement has EVER “won” their battle with this approach. They wish to discount EVERY single issue and bundle it into one lets liberate animals tomorrow.
    In the meantime…..?
    I know out of the 100+ Vegans I have encountered only 1 went from omnivore to Vegan overnight – so do they all discount their pasts and seek to judge others who are doing the same, for what outcome?
    Pffftt I say.
    Work to liberate all animals, work on your campaigns, start small, start big, do it all.
    All of the parts to make the whole. That is where we are headed and the rest of this nonsense just paints the AR movement as the crazy extremists that people fear. We don’t need it and the animals certainly benefit NOTHING from it.
    Get over your egos and go grass roots, educate, inform, protest, rally, lobby, DO, ACT!

  2. Ew i like this, it’s spot on…..


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