When peaceful revolution becomes impossible

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable
John F Kennedy

When I read this, I always think the that this quote should read “those who make peaceful reSolution impossible…” but this is only version of the quote I can find.

To me, this means, when you squash all avenues for people to express grievances, when you strip away a communities or persons rights, and give them no recourse to address imbalances in justice, those feelings of injustice won’t go away. They might be crushed for a moment, but they will end up exploding in revolution that in unstoppable.

Unfortunately, with the fight for animal rights, those who are the most vulnerable, are also those with no voice. It is up to people to take up the fight on their behalf.

The peaceful revolution (or the peaceful resolution) has been made impossible, activists are being locked in prisons and raided by the police and law enforcement agencies through out the world.

So, why are these some animal rights activists who insist on fighting for “peace” and pretending they are fighting for animal rights?

Why are so many animal rights activists not angry about the way animals are being treated, they express no outrage, no anger, no desire to fight… instead they are “correcting the behaviour” of other animal rights activists.

The peaceful revolution has been crushed not only by the State, the law, the animal abusing industries who profit from exploitation, brutality and cruelty – the peaceful revolution has been roadblocked by others who call themselves Animal Rights Activists, yet talk only about peace and not animal liberation.

The peaceful revolution is impossible, that leaves one alternative….

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