PETA, objectifying women… again

From the PeTA degrade Women archives

Is it surprising to anyone that PeTA comes out with more of the same. Images that degrade, objectify and otherwise stereotype women.

The use of women’s bodies, such as this ad, which got banned from Superbowl, and resulted in an avalanche of publicity without the million-dollar pricetag for airing a commercial during Superbowl.

Or, the use of women’s bodies, in the picture at the top of this post… how exactly will that save any animals.

In both cases PeTA are promoting a VEGETARIAN diet. Maybe someone should force them to watch their own videos of dairy cows and egg-laying chickens…

Sidebar: have PeTA ever done any ‘anti-honey, save the bees’ exposé videos?

As an anti-censorship feminist, I don’t always understand the criticisms levelled against PeTA, for their use of women. PeTA is not a feminist group, they are not NOW (National Organization of Women) so they do not have feminist goals as their main objective. Their objective is animal… welfare? liberation? (I’m not sure what their objective is, other than promote PeTa).

I think that activists that use a diversity of tactics, a range from non-violent education to direct action may stand a better chance of ending the exploitation and enslavement of women, than those who narrow their arsenal down to an extremely limited range of tactics.

However, PeTA aren’t about Animal Rights, if they were, then it might be easier to overlook their exploitation of women, by justifying it, as – “if it saves an animal”.

PeTA, though, are not promoting Animal Rights, Animal Liberation or the end of animal slavery in any way at all.

Could someone tell me what all this “Go Vegetarian” nonsense is??

Among their many anti-animal-rights activists, they don’t even advocate people “Go Vegan”

I’ve written about PeTA before:
Celebrity Vegans And Vegetarians: their use of fur-wearing celebrities in their campaigns, 9.6 million dead animals… business as usual: PeTA (and other brand-name welfare groups) euthanising healthy but unwanted animals, and, PETA, you are not the voice of Animal Rights (so stop talking): a deeper look at the hypocrisy and failings of PeTA…
and it continues to astound even the most casual of animal activists, how PeTA continue to get away with their stunts.

And yet, the more moral outrage PeTA cause, the more publicity they attract, at the expense of real animal rights organisations and people. Leaving the general public to think that PeTA are representative of “Animal Rights Activists”. And leaving feminists to fight the exploitation of women.

Would it be acceptable to promote feminism – career success and a fulfilled life, by using the image of a fur-clad woman, stepping out of her luxury car with leather seats? No. So why is the degradation of women an acceptable tactic to promote animal welfare?

I have said it before, and I’m sure I will say it again… “PETA, you are not the voice of Animal Rights (so stop talking)”


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Written by RedGlitter of VALA

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4 Comments to “PETA, objectifying women… again”

  1. I like the analogy re promoting feminism with fur-clad ladies in power. one of Ingrid Newkirk’s books is titled “Free the Animals” – it’s apparently okay not to free milk machines and egg makers… they may seat in the back of the bus. Maybe Ingrid can call the new edition “Free some of the Animals”?

    I don’t believe the end justifies any and all means. With PETA an end isn’t even in sight!?!

    • Agree, PeTA are pretty much irrelevant in my country, so I never pay them much attention, it’s mostly their naked women campaigns, they even use naked women to promote anti-circus cruelty – it’s a stretch to see the “naked rather than fur” thing, but “I’d rather go naked, than participate in circus cruelty”. They are just irrelevant to animal rights people, and collect way too much in donations from people who think they are doing something to help the animals.
      Thanks for your insights.

      • Hi,
        I just came across your site, so I am not familiar with everything you have posted, and I apologize if you have already covered some or all of this before. But I have an honest question that I hope you could reply to me via my email or here…First I just want to say that I have seen a few of your posts that are critical of PETA, parts of which I agree with, but I don’t understand the attacks on them not being vegan — everything I ever receive from them is all about veganism, they are totally opposed to eggs and dairy. I’m a long time vegan and use their recipe database all the time, it’s all vegan. As for the Go Vegetarian campaign, they may call it just vegetarian but it is definitely vegan, this is the site: The pledge is 30 days vegan, the info is all about dairy industry too…I don’t work for them or anything but I am a member and give them money, so I am just wondering if there is something I am missing, at least on that topic.

        That notwithstanding, as I said I do agree with a lot of what you say, about the stunts and the celebrities and exploitation of women, and I am totally conflicted about all the euthanasia, so I am wondering — you say they are distracting from real animal rights organizations, are there some you would recommend? I am not sure where you are if Peta isn’t a big presence in your country, but I am in the US and would really like to know of any other organizations that would be more deserving of my contributions? Or really any thoughts you have; I am vegan, most of my friends are vegan or at least vegetarian, several of which I can say are thanks to my influence/example, I volunteer at my local no-kill and I do online advocacy, but I would like to do more! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

      • It sounds like you are doing a lot as it is. You are making a huge difference in the world.

        I am in outback Australia, where PETA has absolutely no presence except for its campaign against mulesing. Although mulesing is an important issue, it affects very few people in this country. They have chosen as main presence in this country one thing which is going to have very little impact on the suffering of all animals. This is not to imply that sheep don’t suffer, or that the suffering of sheep is inconsequential, it says, campaigns against eggs, dairy or meat eating would reduce the overall suffering in the world.

        However, PETA, run No vegan campaigns, they run No vegetarian campaigns. They distribute No brochures, pamphlets or other literature. I have never seen a PETA stall at the various Cruelty-Free, Vegan, Green Life or Alternative festivals that run here throughout the year.

        I would be interested to know why you continue to contribute to PETA when they have a 90% kill rate of animals brought in to their shelters (they are not a rescue group, I don’t understand why they have shelters) – when you already do volunteer work for a NO KILL shelter.

        My personal opinion, and others may disagree, PETA have the resources (and so they should with all the money they get in donations), they have the videos, the brochures, the enthusiastic volunteers (and also high paid executives) and apart from the celebrity based stunts, many of their volunteers do staff stalls that can do great outreach work, volunteers for PETA make great connections, network with other animal people, learn how to run a group, I imagine they would provide some kind of training or allow people to develop their skills, which they can then transfer these skills to working with other animals groups.

        But groups such as MFA (Mercy for Animals) and AFA (Action for Animals) also do great work, they do it without the media attention grabbing stunts or naked women.

        The way that Animal Rights is fracturing into various groups, I don’t think vegans can ever please everyone. There will always be someone that thinks “you’re not vegan enough” or “new welfarist”. Do what feels right for you, if it feels wrong, don’t do it, and accept that you can’t do everything. But, wow, you do alot already.

        Thank you for your response.

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