Ask me why I’m vegan…

Or watch this video and you will know why

Rabbits on fur farm scream during slaughter

Narrated by Gillian Anderson, this undercover exposé of rabbit fur farms in China and France, that rabbit slaughter, no matter why or where it happens or for what brand name designers, it shows that Fur is always Cruel, and always unethical. Rabbits kick and scream during slaughter. After the skin is ripped from the rabbits’ bodies, it is sold to designers such as Giorgio Armani, who uses rabbit fur in his new designs.

Bunny rabbits, what have rabbits ever done to humans… what have they done to deserve this… some rich, out-of-touch fashion designer wants to skin them and put their fur on his clothes… and they kick and scream… they don’t want to die… and yet, it happens…

Do you agree with this? This is a good thing?

If you say No, then what can be done about it…?

The first step is the undertaking of a Vegan life…, stemmed from the refusal to contribute any kind of financial support for those who profit from the suffering of innocent beings. The second is action! Protest and direct action has been proven to work, but it takes more than one, it takes an army of like-minded individuals to form a revolution, and revolution is what social injustice needs to be defeated.
Death trains by xtotalxliberationx

Some people should be embarrassed to call themselves Human Beings

Feedback welcome.


2 Comments to “Ask me why I’m vegan…”

  1. Those videos are too much to watch. I’ve seen so many and it’s part of the reason I’m vegan. Now watching them just makes me wonder what others are missing.

    • great point, I agree, a lot of them I cant watch, and bunnies are so little, that we as humans do that to something so tiny (not that it is ok to do it to anything)
      thank you for your comment

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