More Vegan Infighting – aren’t we bored of it yet?

This is the conclusion of that frightful episode involving the person calling herself Vegaroo. My final word, as there is too much real work to do without needing to protect myself from racists and trolls. I don’t like the drama, and I don’t feel that I should defend myself, except the subtle racism should not be tolerated for any reason.

Because I have asked the people responsible to stop the harassing, and it has fallen on deaf ears, I am boring myself asking for it to stop. I am stopping it by choosing to ignore it from now on.

Because Vegan infighting is SO BORING, this is the last word. Sydney very far down the list of vegan friendly cities, in not just the world, but also Australia. And Sydney is too small to be fighting with other vegans. Except this is not my fight. All I have ever done is ask Vegaroo one question, which had nothing to do with being vegan, and ask her nicely to stop the harassment.

I find it ironic then, that she has repeatedly said she hates the vegan infighting, when I wanted no part of this, and she has carried it on. It is so typical that the people who are the most divisive are amongst the loudest to call to stop the fighting. I am beginning to suspect that means they expect people to agree with them 100% regardless of what nastiness they spread, because they play the “Vegan card”.

Vegaroo claims she tried to sort this out by giving me her email, which she never did. She claims she has asked her friends to stop the harassment, which she may have done, but it does not seem to have worked.

I, RedGlitter, have preferred to remain private on the subject, life is too short to waste debating ignorant people.

However, I help run an animal rescue service. And, because I feel that every animal life is important, I have a toll free number, I never want anyone to feel they are unable to call in an animal in need due to the costs.

I had my rescue phone number on my blog, and on my other blog, I also have my photo on my blogs, in order to put a face to a name, show that there is a person behind these words.

After the whole situation with Sharon Troy, “Vegaroo” I began to receive an occasional direct message on Twitter telling to stop my hate campaign against her. Annoying, but easy to delete and move on. So infrequent that it was a distraction and nothing that really bothered me. At that point, my only interaction with her had been something along the lines of “what is wrong with living in a suburb?”. That was it, that was all.

A couple of friends, began to publicly point out some of the more disrespectful aspects of her subsequent tweets. And so my dear friend, MacLeod, wrote a blog piece detailing what happened.

It was, in Vegaroo’s own words, “good natured teasing”.

It is a feature of blogs that the link people clicked on to arrive at the blog is shown at the management features. I can see what links people are clicking to get here. I could see that the overwhelming majority of people clicking on the Vegaroo article were coming from Sharon Troy’s private, locked twitter account. I can see that.

So when insulting, nasty comments began appearing on the blog in response to that article, some of which did quite helpfully point out that I am not Anglo, which may have surprised some people that I am aware of this. Comments ranged from I should stay in the suburbs with the other people of a similar background, ethnic and racial slurs, and comments that demonstrated how superior inner city hipsters are in their articular use of language I didn’t even hear when I worked with youth offenders.

These comments, which I am refusing to publish, because some of the language is so hateful that is doesn’t need to be perpetuated, nor do I want anyone to think I condone the use of racism to make a point, referenced the defense of myself and suburb against Vegaroos slurs. So I know why people were commenting, and I could see where they were linking in from.

Nothing I have ever written either here or on my old blog has received so many comments.

When I asked Vegaroo to call off the attack dogs, she oh so innocently said, but since I could see her twitter stream, I could see for myself that she had deleted the offending posts.

Except that is not true. The links were coming from her private, locked account so No, hun, I can’t see for myself what you are saying – all I know is that there is a link there.
This is her other account, so who knows what account she was talking about that I could see.

Later when I asked Vegaroo nicely, and then begged, for the linking and comments to stop. It didn’t. And the phone calls, to my rescue line were beginning to get annoying, I was paying for my own harassing phone calls.

The were starting to interfere with my rescue work. Well done vegans of Sydney, congratulations.

I have never seen such petty nastiness even from Animal Death Industries that I have over the past few days from inner city hipsters defending their right to use hatred to prove their geography-based superiority and veganism.

This must stop. I believe that there is a sense of self-righteousness within vegans that makes them think they can do anything they like to other people, i they finish with “but the animals!” is meant to excuse such appalling behaviour.

I am done with this. This is over as far as I am concerned. (It is a pity that you will not get to read this) Because your fans Vegaroo are truly wasting time that could be better utalised saving lives. You and your fans have taken too much of my time as it is. I can continue to see where the incoming links are from, and where the incoming calls are coming from.

You, Vegaroo and your fans are a waste of my time.

And nobody should have to put up with racism from anyone, for any reason, it doesn’t matter if someone is vegan, it is all racism. And, no, living in a city doesn’t give someone an out from being racist.

And it is over, because I am done with asking you nicely and begging you to make it stop. If that is how your friends feel they best make their point, let them, because it is a reflection on them, and not me. And as we all know, racism is just low class.

What I do find interesting Vegaroo, that you claim to speak on behalf of Australian vegans and Sydney vegans, you express nothing but pettiness against a whole range of people, then pretend like it has nothing to do with you and tell everyone else to stop the fighting. Also, aren’t you an employee of WSPA, which is a welfare organisation, and NOT a liberation/rights organisation. How is that vegan?

This is a fight I tried to stay out of until it began affecting me financially and personally. If you are the representative of veganism in Sydney, I am so pleased, you don’t consider me a Sydney vegan, I prefer to be associated with so-called boring and dangerous suburbanites, than the hateful and racists city hipsters.

What I also find interesting, is my only contact with you has been one innocent question and repeated requests to call off your fans, yet you describe that as “vegan infighting”. I hate the drama and for me it is now over. I have said my piece.

Situation closed. I shall be silent on this from this point on.

Rest in peace.

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