Meaning Of Life

sayings for the meaning of life, rainbow hearts

The meaning of life…
why is this here, on a pro-vegan blog? – the meaning of life is LIFE, life is sacred, the mere fact of a person or an animal being born and having life, it deserves respect, life should be cherished and revered. When life is gone, there is no getting it back, it is not our right to take the life of another person or animal. There is no such things as “just an animal”, if an animal has a life, they deserve as much right to keep that life as any person.

Being vegan is the highest value a person can hold, it makes the statement that from the “lowliest” bug to the “highest” mammal, all life is precious. A vegan is seen to be saying, that I don’t think I am any more important because I am human, than you because you’re not.

and one more…

♥ Smile: Happiness and health, not money and possessions, should be our goal

The meaning of life? That’s easy. The meaning of life is: to be happy, try not to hurt people and hope that you fall in love.” – Mallory Keaton

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