Meat eaters are killing their children

Guest post: Del

This current generation of children, will be the first generation to live shorter lives than their parents. Up til now, each new generation has lived longer lives, due to advances in knowledge, medicine, health and hygiene practices, work practices. But we – in the Western World collectively – are killing our children.

De-evolution of Man

By letting large multinationals put profits before healthy nutritious food, by letting bio-tech companies engineer poisons and neuro-toxins and bacteria into food and calling it “genetically modified”, by allowing governments to irradiate food and grow it in toxic waste. By feeding children junk food because it’s easier for busy parents to acquiesce than cook a healthy meal. Because junk food has replaced real food.

Because meat and dairy producers feed their animals a chemical cocktail of growth hormones, rendered bodies parts of diseased animals (even to grass eating animals) even of their own species, road kill or euthanised pet dogs and cats; anti-biotics the same class used to treat humans which will leave humans vulnerable to the increase in antibiotic bacterias; toxic sludge, pesticides, insecticides, fertilisers; animal waste (manure) which can contain antibiotics and hormones, dirt, rocks, sand, wood; whatever junk is swept of the floor of the factory farms, plastic pellets for roughage as these animal diets contain little fibre. By the time the animal gets to slaughter or the milk is produced it may contain salmonella, pus, BLV (Bovine Leukemia virus), Mad Cows Disease (BSE – Bovine Spongieform Encephalopathy), Scrapie (a disease in sheep which is closely related to Mad Cows Disease), myco-bacterium paratubercolosis in milk.


By feeding children a diet high in fast food, they are getting excessive amounts of chemicals, saturated fats, trans-fats, salt and sugars and depending where the food is grown or raised nuclear waste. This is leading to increases in diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, anti-biotic resistance diseases, possible cancers, bacterias, viruses and toxins.

The end result is meat eaters are feeding their children a diet that will kill them.

Feedback welcome.


4 Comments to “Meat eaters are killing their children”

  1. I’m not a vegetarian myself, but part of my new diet/life style, I’m consuming less meat.

    I’m wondering what is your opinion on chemicals and molecular biology techniques used in growing and altering vegetables and fruits? How different do you believe it is from what’s used in raising animals?

    • Great question, thank you, I have studied science, and this is my opinion only (BTW, congratulations on the less meat)

      Large multinationals like Monsanto and Cargill are engineering things like weed killers (Round-Up Ready (TM) bacterias, anti-biotic resistance organisms, botulism, genes from who knows where, pesticides into foods, Yum – why? because they can’t own and patent a natural product. By messing with it’s genes they get to own it, control it, control anyone who buys it, profit it and dictate the future of the planets ability to feed itself.

      Their predator like business practices, taking legal action against farmers for having GMO strains in their fields, because of wind drift. They say they want to feed the world and these Terminator seeds will end famine, but how will stopping people from growing food end famine? There is more than enough food grown in the world to feed everyone but most of this is feed to animals raised for food.

      This food isn’t labelled, which doesn’t give consumers a choice, which is what I’m all about, consumers being given enough information to make informed choices. If they believe their products are so good, why hide them? Why lobby governments against labelling? Why have secret farm trails, then when the seeds drift and get into the wild environment say, well they’re out there now, why bother stopping them?

      Then there is the situation of do, does having one company own all the seeds of all the crops grown – 90% of the U.S. soy crop and 85% of the corn crop – this doesnt sound like healthy competition, and monopolies tend to not end well for the person at the bottom of the food chain, the small farmers and consumers. GMO Starlink (TM) corn is feed to animals, and they take on the mutated genes, which are then passed on to the people who eat the animals? And who knows what the effects will be.

      The effects of Round-UP (TM) which is engineered Into the food is known – they are allergenic, neurotoxic, carcinogenic, mutagenic and hormonal effects and are harmful to male fertility. They are oestrongen mimics, meaning they act on the body the same way that female hormones do, not only contributing to a decline in the male sperm count by 50% in the last 50 years, but caused fertility problems for women. Yah for Terminator genes.

      The White House refuses to serve GMO food, as does Monsantos own cafetarias, why? Do they know something they’re not telling consumers? If it’s not good enough for the presidents family, why should it be good enough for yours? After all, Monsanto – the company that dumped the poisonous PCB onto the planet would have consumer health as their main goal not profits, right?

      These foods have genes engineered into them, DNA, herbicides, pesticides (and Monsanto makes Round-Up which they are engineering into their food, how does that not sound insane to the FDA and other food regulators?) but random mutations can happen, what will the effects be? Who knows, but we are doing the experiments right now, it’s called releasing these foods to the public and when enough people drop dead they might look at it. As it is, it’s more cost effective to go ahead and release their Frankenfoods and worry about the consequences, what ever they may be, later. The FDA requires no testing of these foods.

      And even if these foods turn out to be good – and nothing they have shown so far bares that out – why not wait for testing, why rush these things to the fields? Easy, because once these randomly mutating genes with unknown consequences are out there, there is no getting them back, they are out there for good. And if it turns out these things are as dangerous as scientists say, “oops, too bad, we f#cked with the food and plants of the entire planet? who cares we made lots of money”. Because the company that brought us AGENT ORANGE is definitely going to have our best interests at heart, right?


      One of the more egregious examples of cronyism is Michael Taylor. He was an FDA staff lawyer and Executive Assistant to the FDA Commissioner from 1976 to 1981. From 1981 to 1991 he worked at the law firm of King and Spaulding, acting as Monsanto’s lawyer and lobbyist. He was a major proponent for overturning the Delaney Clause, a 1958 law prohibiting the introduction of known carcinogens to processed foods, a law Monsanto hated and which was eventually overturned by Clinton in 1996. His main responsibility during this time was gaining regulatory approval of Monsanto’s genetically modified cancer-causing bovine growth hormone (rBGH).
      To complete his efforts on the bovine growth hormone issue Taylor went back to work for the FDA in 1991 with the title Deputy Commissioner for Policy at the Food and Drug Administration. He was directly responsible for writing the FDA policy on “substantial equivalence” which initially ushered in the rBGH era and to this day enables Monsanto to market its GMO mutated food with no appropriate oversight by the FDA as to safety. He also formulated policy that prevented milk producers from informing consumers that their milk was free of bovine growth hormone – intentionally preventing consumers from being able to tell what was in the milk product they were consuming.
      After accomplishing his dirty work, he left the FDA in 1994 and went to work for Monsanto as Vice President for Public Policy, working on Monsanto’s long range plans. More recently, he became a Senior Fellow at Resources for the Future (RFF) and Director of the Risk, Resources and Environmental Management division. In this role, he strategized how to get Monsanto’s GMO crops into Africa, working closely with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation. …
      You guessed it – now he is back at the FDA in a new position the Obama Administration created – Senior Advisor to the Commissioner, working primarily on issues of food safety! “I am pleased to welcome Mike Taylor back to the FDA,” Commissioner of Food and Drugs Margaret A. Hamburg, M.D., said in announcing Taylor’s appointment. “His expertise and leadership on food safety issues will help the agency to develop and implement the prevention based strategy we need to ensure the safety of the food we eat.”

      The food YOU eat, not THEM because GMO are banned at the White House.

  2. Thank you for the lengthy and informative feedback. Also thank you for quoting the FDA document.

    Having red your response, and I cant say I’m surprised with the White house, Monsanto, and any government position on allowing modified food to be released to the public without safe testing beforehand, I was surprised at how very little I knew about it.

    I’ve learned plenty from your feedback, and I wonder how many people out there are completely oblivious to what’s going on with the food they put on their table.

    Among the several excellent arguments you’ve delivered, two stood out; “companies that can’t own and patent a natural product.” They resort to modifying the foods genes so that “they get to own it, control it, control anyone who buys it, profit it and dictate the future of the planets ability to feed itself.”, and the White house not severing the food they allow the public to consume.

    Thank you again, I really appreciate the time you took to inform me.

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