Being vegan rips my soul out sometimes

Walking around, all I could notice was the animals, dead, being used. Is that all the value of their life is to us – things?

The people stuffing their faces with meat, dairy, eggs, because ‘it tastes good?’. Humans should hang their heads in shame, once living beings reduced to satisfying your taste buds for a few minutes.

It’s not even the meat, or the cheese. It is the fat, the sugar, salt, MSG, spices and sauces that people like. Have a nice piece of marinated tofu instead, fried with chillies, onions, garlic, black pepper, and a couple of slices of tomato, lettuce, avocado, on a wholemeal burger and you wouldn’t even notice the difference.

Green, white and black pepper.

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Dead bodies everywhere. And people don’t even give it a second though. Being vegan rips my soul out sometimes. But I just can’t be any other way. And if it was a choice, give up being vegan or give up my family and family, no contest, I would never eat animals for any reason.

I don’t care why people go vegan, I don’t believe in moral purity is the one true path, if someone stops using and eating animal products, who am I to question that. Do it for you appearance, to save money, because you say you are an environmentalist, because your kids want you to live longer, because your doctor tells you, to lose weight, to feed the world and save the forests, save on dry-cleaning cost, because old personal care products don’t work… Who cares why, find a reason, and do it.

Starting a new season of Vegan Reach-Out soon, maybe it might have an impact on someone.

Feedback welcome.

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