Tweeting As Direct Action

I hate that Biteback say “News from the frontlines”, as if those not involved in DA are not on the “frontlines”. We are. We promote veganism

This is given to me by someone who saw this in their time line. All I can say is… hahahaha!!

Is this person seriously comparing what they do

This is from the Biteback website, for the beginning of September only

September 8, 2010 – Sweden – RED PAINT DUMPED ON FUR STORE
September 7, 2010 – Germany – MINK FREED FROM CAGES
September 6, 2010 – Northern Ireland – BUTCHER SHOPS, BETTING SHOPS SABOTAGED
September 5, 2010 – Ireland – CIRCUS POSTERS DESTROYED
September 4, 2010 – Italy – THOUSANDS OF QUAIL LIBERATED
September 3, 2010 – Sweden – BUSY IN ÖREBRO!
September 2, 2010 – Switzerland – CRUEL FESTIVAL TARGETED

Um, yep, I can see how you can think tweeting is exactly just like the same as being “on the frontlines” too.

I did some research (looked up WIKI) for the meaning of “front line” and this is what it said:

Frontline… is a term used by most armed force services worldwide. It is a battlespace control measure that designates the forward-most friendly and hostile forces that are presently on the battlefield during an armed conflict or war; whether it be regular infantry or reconnaissance. It can also identify the forward location of covering and screening forces

While I don’t doubt that tweeters are involved in “direct action”, I don’t see what “hostile forces” or “armed conflict” or “war” they are encountering.

And, to be fair, to this person whose name I blacked out, I am not really attacking them, their comment just made me laugh. How do you compare a group like Biteback, to someone who “promotes veganism”? Although, they probably do more than just tweet and retweet. And, promoting veganism, is a good thing, I’m not knocking their efforts, just their comparison to Biteback. And, if someone did the same to me, they could probably find things that can be taken out of context and pick it apart…. oh wait, they have….

H$U$ (Human Society of United States) recently had a petition against “cruel factory farms“, when I replied to their tweet, “how about: ending all factory farms?”. To say that there are cruel factory farms, implies that there are factory farms that are not. All factory farms are cruel, all farms are cruel, any use of animals for any reason is exploitation and cruelty.

The comments didn’t stop for days, accusing me of being a ‘welfarist’, ‘supporting animal abuse’, being an ‘abuse enabler’, ‘supporting farming’… wow, people, back off. Attacking other vegans, and with such vitriol and viciousness, and then claim to be about peace is just bizarre and does not do anything to promote the vegan message.

When using social network sites, particularly Twitter, be careful what you say, someone is always reading, and usually not the people you expect.

Or maybe Vegans need to just stop attacking each other.

Feedback welcome.


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