UK Counter Insurgency Operations Doctrine 2007

One person’s freedom fighter is another’s terrorist.

This original document first published on Wikileaks details the UK response to insurgents, in various places, including in Northern Ireland. It covers strategy and operations.

It provides an insight into how people within the government of United Kingdom think about those they are now calling “insurgents”.

Another name for Insurgency could be rebellion, anarchy, mutiny, revolution, sedition, irregular warfare, guerrilla war, the resistance. Depending on your perspective.

The quote accompanying this document is from Capt Sir B Liddell Hart’s 1944 ‘Thoughts On War’

“If you wish for peace understand war, particularly the guerrilla and subversive forms of war”

The oppressed always knows the oppressor better than vice versa, if you wish for change understand those in who have power. Learn how the other side thinks.

For the full article: UK Counter Insurgency Operations Doctrine 2007

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