Celebrity Vegans And Vegetarians

The disadvantage with turning celebrities who say they are vegan or vegetarian is how quickly they can turn around, after they have been built up as heros of the vegan movement, making vegans look foolish for worshipping these people.

Drew Barrymore, once lauded as a champion of animal rights, from not shaving under her arms when a movie company supplied on Gillette products, to a few short years later, turns up wearing fur for Guess ads in Vogue magazine to eating bacon, promoting Cover Girl which tests on animals.

To point out that eating bacon and wearing cosmetics tested on animals isn’t vegan, and people shout you down, about being the “vegan police”. But where in the definition of veganism does it say that vegans exclude all animal products, for all reasons – except for celebrities.

If people see these celebrities who wear fur, eat cheese and claim to be vegan, it completely weakens what the word “vegan” means. It weakens it to the point that it ceases to exist, and might as well be meaningless if it does not mean what it means.

It also means, any celebrity buying a vegetarian-friendly product is now responsible for upholding the values that fans project onto them, whether they hold those values or not.

In this second video, Shania Twain is pictured wearing leather, and Pink also wears a lot of leather at various times in her career, although she has done anti-fur ads for PETA.

Pamela Anderson, a PETA pin-up model, for a range of causes, from anti-sealing and anti fur, as well as a lettuce lady, promoting vegetarianism… also wears uggboots, made from dead sheep. Pictured below is Pamela Anderson in her ugg boots.

Pamela Anderson, left, in Uggboots, and Pink, right

[ETA (edited to add the following twitter picture:

That is the thing with role models, they are humans first, and turning humans into role models means they can’t be human.

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