Vegan Extremism

Well, tonight thank god it’s them, instead of you
Bob Geldolf and Midge Ure

Think of the animal on the farm, it doesn’t matter if it’s free-range, organic, or factory, they all end the same way, hung upside down by the hind leg to have their throat slit.

Think of the animal in the lab, with electrodes in his head or shampoo in eyes or oven cleaner on its back or addictive drugs in its veins, or sensory deprivation.

Think of the dog tied up on a chain in the backyard, with no food or water, and cover in snow with concrete to sleep on. Think of the 200,000 bulls to be slaughtered for a religious festival to appease some goddess.

Animal husbandry

Image via Wikipedia

Think of the sheep to be skinned and turned into shoes. Ugg!

Think of the cow to be raped and have her babies stolen for her to have them locked in a tiny cage then called veal.

Think of the battery hen, in a cage with three others, no room to turn around, breathing in ammonia and decaying chicken all day to produce eggs.

Think of the kittens turned into footballs, bound with gaffer tape and kicked by bored teenagers.

Blue Bottle Jelly Fish, Royal National Park, A...

Image via Wikipedia

Think of the fish, turtles, birds eating tar and so covered black sticky oil they drown unable to escape, the turtles eating plastic bags thinking they are jelly fish, think of the baby seal creatures getting stuck in plastic 6-pack rings, and growing larger with that cutting into them.

Think of the insects crushed in the peanut butter machines.

Think of the hare or the fox or the lion or kangaroo hunted down by rich white elitists on horses or drunk hooligans in trucks and then shot dead while their babies starve without them.

Think of the bees, who fly the equivalent of a trip around the world, collecting nectar for their babies, to have that food stolen and turned into a teaspoon of honey, that’s it, that’s all, they are worked to death for a teaspoon of honey.

Pigs confined in metal and concrete pens

Image by Farm Sanctuary via Flickr

Think of the pigs whose heart valves are cut out and put in the body of person who lived on a diet of bacon. And think, why is it the animals who are most like us, are the ones that we eat the most often.

Think of the whale with an exploding harpoon shot into their head so some scientists can discover a cure for ’empty menu syndrome’.

Think of the baby seal unable to run away having its head smashed open with a hakapik in the name of ’employment’.

Think of the horses made to sit on chairs, the monkeys made to drive cars, the lions made to jump through hoops of fire, elephants made to dance, and decide of that is “entertaining”.

Think of the dog kept in a cage its whole life until one day it has its skin cut off its back while it is still alive, feeling every stroke of the knife.

Think of the animal that will never know sunlight or peace or grass and dirt beneath its feet or clean air to breathe or know its mothers love.

Think of the animal as it takes its last breath in agony and wonders “why me?”

And to fight this is called EXTREMIST?
To be vegan is extremist?
To believe in animal liberation is extremist?


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2 Comments to “Vegan Extremism”

  1. This is so moving, I’m vegetarian and it’s so hard trying to get people understand how I feel, but I will just show them this from now on.
    Thank You.

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