“Sport”: The slaughter of Canadian Wildlife

Canned-hunts or trophy hunts are where animals are rounded up in an area, increasing the likelihood of the hunter obtaining a kill. This is happening to the bears of West Canada for the privilege of the elitist USAmerican and European hunters, perhaps because the weather is so much nicer than in the African canned hunts which they usually take part in.

After slaughtering the large mammals in their own countries, they are moving on, slaughtering as many animals as they can in everyone else’s country.

Hunting is not “sport”, hunting is not about “conservation”, hunting is not about “protecting the environment from over-population”.

And when hunters say they are supported by Animal Rights groups, such as WWF (World Wildlife Fund for nature), they give legitimacy to what they do when they callously and with total disregard slaughter endangered and threatened species.

As WWF, themselves, have been quoted as saying:

WWF is not an animal welfare organization. We support the hunting and consumption of wild animals provided the harvesting does not threaten the long-term survival of wildlife populations. WWF has never opposed a sustainable seal hunt in northern or eastern Canada.


Why do governments continue to allow this?

Feedback welcome.

2 Comments to ““Sport”: The slaughter of Canadian Wildlife”

  1. As Kelly Carson, a long-time Canadian Animal Rights activist says:

    “Government not only allows this, the BC government promotes it. A change in the political wind will do little to end this barbarism when the average American will pay $4000 to bag a black bear. This atrocity will end only when locals rise up and make their voices heard. It’s incumbent on individuals when government is complacent.”

  2. Thank you, wise woman, Kelly Carson. and true – money talks and everyone listens

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