Chickens Revenge (Moby: Disco Lies)

The following Moby essay was taken from the Vegetarian Network Victoria ( website. And is in no way intended to usurp Moby’s copyright. Several sites that I looked for this essay were dead links.It is an important essay, that I think deserves to be read widely by as many people as possible.

“Fundamentalism (of any kind) troubles me. The world is too big and too intricate to conform to our ideas of what it should be like. In my experience I’ve found that most fundamentalists aren’t so much attached to their professed ideologies as they are to the way in which these ideologies try to make sense of a confusing world. But the world is confusing, and just because we invent myths and theories to explain away the chaos we’re still going to live in a world that’s older and more complicated than we’ll ever understand. So many religious and political and scientific and social systems fail in that they try to impose a rigid structure onto what is an inherently ambiguous world. I’m not suggesting that we stop trying to understand things. Trying to understand the world can be fun and, at times, helpful. But if we base our belief systems on the humble assumption that the complexities of the world are ontologically beyond our belief systems it will make more sense and end up causing less suffering.”

One way to solve the worlds, hunger, worker, environmental, cruelty, resources situations is to go VEGAN

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