Why Do People Eat Animals? (plus Earthlings pt.1)

Poor animals! How jealously they guard their pathetic bodies … that which to us is merely an evening’s meal, but to them is life itself.
T.Casey Brennan

As a vegan, it seems strange to me that people eat meat, dairy, eggs, honey and other animal products. It seems vaguely cannibalistic, it stuns me sometimes that people murder animals every single day of their lives to to put something in their mouths, for a couple of minutes of boredom-killing, face-stuffing.

It is unsettling that about 6 billion people on the planet have no comprehension that they, personally, are responsible for killing a living, breathing, thinking, feeling animal and then eat the rotting, decaying corpse.

And this isn’t even getting to those mad, Mengeler-sytle “scientists” who torture animals for their own sick pleasures and call it “medical research”, this is about every day people, our loved ones, our friends, neighbours, community who are responsible for the murder and slaughter of approximately 65 billion lives* every year.

These are not ‘things”, they are living beings.

So why are vegans, (people who choose to avoid using animals products for all and any reason) still a minority on this planet?

Sometimes I wish people would really think about WHO their meat was before she/he became an IT and IT became their dinner.

I wish I understood why people cannot make the connection between what they eat and what must die for them to eat it.

I wish I knew how people could know the truth about who their food was and not care, ignore it, pretend it does not matter that someone died for their dinner.

Earthlings (watch the full video here – http://www.earthlings.com/earthlings/video-full.php) shows this.

“This is the most powerful and informative movie about society’s treatment of animals. A must-see film for anyone that cares enough to know.”
Woody Harrelson

Part One

You can also watch the entire Shaun Monsoon directed film on Google: CLICK HERE

The producers have offered the film for free in a lower quality film format, as in the above Google link. For the upgraded version, visit Earthling’s website to buy the higher quality DVD.

The figure 60-70 billion is arrived at by an estimate, the most recent figures I could find was for the year 2000 which was 45 billion.
Since then the population of the world has increased, the westernisation of countries such as China and India has seen an increase in meat eating, the original FAO figure does not include aquatic animals (10 billion aquatic animals in 2000 with an increase on that figure of 2% a year (compounded) to apporximately 12 billion in 2009) or those killed by home hunters, or those who died before slaughter (example, at birth, illness, extreme weather) plus some countries do not report figures. The FAO estimates a 2% year increase (if the 2000 numbers are 45 billion, a 2% increase per year for 9 years would bring that up to 53 billion) plus aquatic animals plus those not included in the figures, provides an estimate of 66 billion.

Feedback welcome.


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