I Don’t Mind Stealing Bread from the mouths of decadence

Hunger Strike

Hunger Strike performed by Temple Of The Dog (vocals by Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam)

A song that Cornell describes as “the lyrics are somewhat of a political, socialist statement“.

“I don’t mind stealing bread, from the mouths of decadence”.

Is this song a tribute to civil disobedience? The millions are dying of being overfed while most of the world’s population are starving, this injustice in food distribution between nations and communities – “blood is on the table” is the blood of the slaves who make the food but can’t afford to eat it themselves.. That to steal bread from the “mouths of decadence” in order to feed the starving should be seen as a good thing, and not a criminal act.

This song is suggesting that the Hunger Strike is in solidarity with the starving “I’m going hungry”.

USAmerica throws away half of its food, the United Kingdom throws away a third of its food, New South Wales, Australia that figure is thirty percent of its food thrown away, Toronto Canada throws away 17.5 million kilograms of food per month.

And yet, in many places in the world, people are dying from lack of food.

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