Is Animal Rights a Sham Movement?

Ojore N. Lutalo: “any movement that does not support their political internees … is a sham movement

Within the fight for animal rights, there are two types of prisoners. The animals are prisoners of a system that puts a higher price on their death than value on their life. There is also the activists themselves who are at the mercy of the leaders of the “movement” and the State who punishes them for daring to be different.

Firstly, the animals can be considered political detainees. They are locked up, chained up, enslaved, tortured and mutilated all because they were born another species. Not because of anything they have done wrong, but because they were born to the wrong parents. That is where the fight should be.

Too often animal rights advocates get distracted, by people who place a higher importance on their own popularity than the fight for rights. They want to be leaders, they say they are leaders, but the only they are concerned with is how many followers they have, how many blog hits and how many book sales.

Leaders should lead from the front and bring people along with them by the example they set. Instead animal rights is plagued with leaders who prefer to hide behind front groups, secretly writing for blogs in other activists names so they can sit back like they are above it all. They encourage the petty infighting because it does their reputation good when people align behind one leader or another but it IS NOT GOOD for the animal rights and animal liberation movement.

Leaders lead from the front, the don’t push from behind. They make sure everyone who is willing to sacrifice for them, (be it time, energy, work, money, thoughts) is not doing so for the wrong reasons.

Anyone who would put their ego above their animals, above on-the-ground activists is a sham leader.

photo credit, source and disclaimer:
By johnmuk (John Morris)
Photo is used here is unchanged and unmodified, and the use of this picture is because I think it is a good photo and is in no way to suggest that the owner of this endorses either my use of their work, me or the context.
(disclaimer via Flickr)

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