Do not attempt to think or depression will follow

Shut up, be happy – a message from our sponsors

Jello Biafra’s “message from our sponsors

The number one enemy of progress is questions.

National security is more important than individual rights.

Shut up, be happy, consume, the comfort you’ve demanded is now mandatory.

Jello Biafra, made famous the slogan “Don’t hate the media, become the media”, has also spoken extensively on how to “monkey wrench the new world order” which contains ideas of how other people have participated in creative acts of civil disobedience, conformity sabotage, direct action, pranking, and culture jamming.

Cover of "Become the Media"

Cover of Become the Media

When you know what you want and begin to fight for it, you realise that the media is not just a big conglomerate, with one-way interaction, telling a captive audience what to do and what to think. New media, the information exchange goes in both ways, you create the media, you create the message that you want to get out there.

If you don’t like what the media has to say, don’t just hate it, re-create it.

Feedback welcome.


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